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my christmas souvenirs

Misa De Gallo - This is originated from Spain meaning "Mass of the Rooster" when we were colonized by Spain they bought us Religious pratices and before people speak Spanish language and until now we are still using a lot of them. I guess, I find it easier to learn Spanish than French.

For us Filipinos we call it "Simbang Gabi" the mass is celebrated for 9 days until Christmas Eve. The mass starts at 4 in the morning before the sunrise. There are also people who sell in front of the church of their homemaid puto-bumbong, palitaw, biko, palamig atbp.

Parol - (Lanterns) This is our major Christmas decoration in every houses, schools, public transportations, stores and some other establishments. Parol is a handmade star-shaped made from bamboo stick and crepe paper (papel de hapon or a glossy plastic paper of any color). But todays generation our parol is more beautiful and iluminated ones because they have put more innovation on it! Laboriously decorated.

Belen - This i…

ma vie en défi

Il faut dire que ces derniers jours je suis un peu stressée ! Comme j'ai dit sur mon blog précedent. La raison ? Jeudi dernier je devrais repasser mon permis conduire mais malheureusement il a été annulé parce que l'inspectrice été tombé malade et aucune personne ne pourrait pas la remplacer. C'est dommage eh oui! Tant pis j'attends toujours les dates de l'examen et j'esperai je l'aurai un jour. Avant ceci, L'ECF (mon auto école) ou je suis m'ont appellé (une semaine avant de jour J) pour me dire qu'il y a une possibilité de repasser mon examen le Jeudi, 30 Novembre à 9 heure du matin. Donc, je sais c'était un peu precipité ( (en fait j'ai été programmé de repasser pour Février l'année prochaine alors ils ont pensé à moi) mais je voudrais tenter ma chance encore une fois. Je me suis beaucoup mis à cet examen. J'ai même pris deux jours (Lundi et Mardi) de une heure et démi de conduite pour m'encadré. Résultat, je suis présenta…

please tell me why?

When I was young I am overjoyed when someone offered me with toys...lots of toys!! Even simple ones. I really keep them so as not to damaged them. I even take care of them preciously. With my kids I don't see if it's the same case. I never really understand children, even my own kids if we talk about playing! We buy toys so they can play whenever they want but not to the point of spoiling them. Not to mention the gifts from family, relatives and friends who offer them every birthdays, christmases and in some other occasions. I remember my eldest Sébastien whenever he receives gifts he will open the gift but he wouldn't even care what's inside instead he will play with the carton. He would be very simply happy about it. I don't know what the carton has but he just wanted it tsk tsk tsk ! Strange !
Now that I have my baby girl it's the same thing. I have always been searching for answers but I have given up because I never really found them. Just look at these pho…

I am not this !

I'ts been a stressing days lately on my part....I will try to tell you more of it if things will turn just like I wanted it to happen. Nothing serious, for the meantime, I do not have something to post because I cannot concentrate but I will visit your site and that's a promise! Wish me goodluck...

il se prends pour qui ?

Comme tout les jours je pars vers 4:15 de l'après-midi pour aller checher Sébastien à l'école bien sûr avec Mayumi dans la pousette. Au moment donner il y avait un jeune homme environ (25-28 ans) que j'ai croisé sur le chemin. Au début je croyais qu'il lui ai dit bonjour à Mayumi car il a trouvé mignone. Notre conversation ça s'est passé comme ça.....

Jeune homme : Bonjour, ça va la petite!

Mayumi : Coucou ! (Mayumi qui as fait une signe de la main)
Moi : Bonjour !
Jeune homme : Alors, c'est quoi ton telephone ?

Moi : Excusez-moi ?

Jeune homme : Tu m'appelles ? (il m'a fais une signe de lui telephoner)

Moi : Désolé, je suis bien mariée!

En lui montrant ma bague. Je suis surprise, pourtant j'ai porté un jean et simple t-shirt et je ne me maquille pas.

Jeune homme : Ben, moi aussi !

Moi : Beh, alors pourquoi demander mon telephone? Il faut rester fidele vous ne croyez pas ?

Est-ce que vous avez remarquer qu'avant l'exchange des parole il me tutoyer quan…

bilib ako !

Ang larawang ito ay sa probinsya ng Quezon sa may likod bahay namin ! Habang tinatapos ko ang aking ibang mga sulatin nais kong ipamahagi sa inyong lahat ang napakagandang tugtuging ito! Nang aking mapakinggan bigla tuloy akong nangulila na naman .... Salamat sa iyo Jhona sa pagbigay mo ng "link" na ito. Ako'y napag muni-muni kung ano-ano ang mga na miss ko sa atin. Unang una ang aking pamilya at mga kaibigan, mga magandang tanawin, mga masasarap na pagkain, at ang mga kasayahang pinagsasaluhan namin kahit saan man kami mapagawi. Lalo na ng mapanuod ko ang isang pelikulang tagalog kagabi na pinamagatang Got to believe in Magicng yumaong Rico Yan at Claudine Barreto salamat sa iyo Makis sa pagbahagi mo sa aking ng DVD na ito....para nga akong loka loka dahil nandiyang tatawa ako, tapos bigla na lang iiyak ! Ang totoo noong nasa Pilipinas hindi ako masyadong nanunood ng mga pelikulang tagalog (namimili lang ako ng mga panunoorin ) sapagkat minsan may pagka korni o baduy an…

tag world

I was tagged by two co-blogger friends Leah and Sistah Nao . Here's the 4 for Friday Leah !

Q1 - Faith: What do you think? Does God exist, and if so, do you think God has control over events?

Yes HE exists and controls everything but HE let us do the job too therefore we will learn how to live and fight under any circumstances.

Q2 - Work: Do you socialize with co-workers outside of the office?

When I was working back home, I do socialized it's fun and a way of discovering one's personality.

Q3 - Holiday Travel: Are you traveling for the upcoming holidays or are you expecting family and friends to come to your home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

We plan to spend Christmas in the north of France because almost of my husband's family live their and we will try to visit Paris too !

Q4 - You Choose: Which would you rather have...a personal assistant or a personal trainer?

Since I am a stay at home Mom, I don't need a personal assistant I would prefer to have a gym trainer t…

fall in Marseille

Yes, it's the season of fall but I never imagine that it can be as hot like summer. The reason why I like to stay and live in the South, its because of it's temperature....the sunny mediterranian part of France . Specifically the capital of Provence, Marseille basks to have a dandy temperature where the sun adds life to the whole city and tourists enjoy their every visit . Though Marseille known to have "Le Mistral" (a wind from the northeast) the sun is always in it's exsistence the temperature stays to be favorable and exceptionally good. It is sometimes very unpleasant to have the windstorm but we cannot have everything we wanted, right !

Just like today, I decided to take some shots....the sunny side of our terraces ! This is Parc des Bruyeres during weekends I can't imagine the people who come and's always full and no place to park !

The entrance going to the park. Left side shot facing the terraces.
This is the view on my right side facing out…

aware and agree ?

Ok fine ! New techonologies are great but I don't think this is one of them. Having new cell phone with two sim cards right in your cell phones ??? To have the normal sim card and wait until you see it with your own eyes the new advance high technology cell phone is having a sim card which actually serves as your "carte bancaire" bank card or payment by card (whatever purchase) thru the use of your cell phone. I have actually seen tonight from the news regarding this new discovery of cell phone . With this new technology, I myself is aware of the many risks of danger in having this new technology in our possession regardless of stuffs you have MP3 , cell phone , (GPS) Global Positioning System . Alright, I consider the practicality and convenience side of it and I agree! But you guys have witnessed and heard a lot of hold ups and victims of aggression because of these new things. Oh and having this new technology will expose us in real hazard (pera na pinag uusapan dito)…

september brides Part II

After watching the final season of Grey's Anatomy I needed to look after the tons of laundry and ironing at home, good thing I'm done ! Finally, I would be able to vent into words about the happenings of the two wedding celebrations on how it went out perfectly. Since I have already shared some spectacular moments of Paris celebrations I still wanted to share more. Paris wedding was actually a very simple celebration and yet prepared with an exquisite taste. Invited people were family and really close friends of the couple and I am happy to witness the exchange of I Do's and rings, the chance to have met the groom's family was really a pleasure, they were really simple and nice people (groom is the ex-boss of my sister in the Philippines) . Got the chance to see Jenni (bride's sister) she usually visit us every summer in Marseille but this time was just too hectic so I hope next year she'll visit us once again. There was also Cleo (cousin's bride) present a…

september brides

June has always been a traditional month of wedding celebration we oftenly call them June Bride "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" as the saying goes. While in most European countries like in France month of September is I guess, most people get married (I got married too in September) it's because it's the end of summer and start of autumn season which and people are back from a long vacations (month of july & august people are off for holidays) . This time of the month, I have noticed that hotels & resturants, halls or any kind or receptions are fully booked. In fact, the wedding of my hubby's cousin should have been lieu earlier but the golf hall was inaccessible therefore they needed to move the wedding date.

Two consecutive weekends were consecrated for a wedding celebrations one in Paris (Francofil wedding) and in Pays Basque (the bride is the cousin of my husband). After bringing Sébastien to school Mayumi and I were accompanied by f…

the twin

I thought my life drastically changed when I arrived 2001 in France because marrying a foreigner would definitely change almost everything in me...But compared to what happened to the twin tower and to the people of America is what I call radical change. Mine was a small alterations or perhaps it was NOTHING.

Though that moment happened so fast but my memory is still lucid. It was when Americas changed it's pace in a split of seconds! Though, I haven't been to USA but since learning geography at school makes me learn about United States of America. It is obviously one of the most busiest and powerful country on earth. Life is fast forward.

Month of September (last month of wedding provision), I was busy preparing for our wedding details. Suddenly, the happiness I felt turned to melancholy and shocked at the same time. It was September 11, 2001 that French televison diclose on direct the worst attack happened ever listed in the history. Who cannot forget the horrible and the sadd…

ignorance has no place

It was Friday that we wanted to make a bank to bank transfer to Philippines. From our account to my sister's account since doing a withdrawal from ATM using our Visa Card is impossible because it is quite an important sum. That day, heading to our bank we were given a form to fill up. There were a lot of details asked and the only informations I have is the account number of my sister, the incomplete bank address (without zip code or postal code) and her house address. Therefore, the transfer was cancelled because they refused to accept an incomplete information. Out of hand, we were disappointed with the person who was accommodating us because service was not rendered as we expected him to do.

Today, my sister emailed me all the details and then finally I was able to make the transfer this afternoon. But the message I'm trying to reiterate here is that knowing our zip code is really consequential. Why ? Because I had the hard time filling up the form because they were asking t…

my secret wonder

I'm sure you recognize what's this white crystal thing is! In short, Tawas , I have been using this for over 21 years until now. I remember when my Mom told me to use tawas to avoid body odor but I didn't even know that this serves a lot of wonder. It can also perfectly whitens skin. I have noticed that after my two pregnancies, I use tawas everyday to get rid of dark skin especially in my armpits (which is normal in women during and after pregnancy). It really works and I can say that pumuti ang kutis ko ;-) ! From time to time I also use other brands of deodorants it's working and prevents wetness and body odor especially after doing sports but I must admit that my underarm starts darkening it's probably because of the chemicals compostion present which can darkens and irritate sensitive skin.

Research says that tawas is proven and effective! Please click this link to know more about this Natural deodorant crystal . Tawas is also use as a therapy of most healersAl…

sur le chemin.........

Depuis quelques temps je suis très rassurée de prendre le petit chemin derriere chez nous, pour aller à l'école de mon fils. C'est tellement rassurant car il n'ya pas des voitures qui passent ni même de motos et je peux le laisser mon fils marcher sans soucis dans la nature.

Sur le chemin j'ai eu toujours des conversations très agreable avec les gens grâce à petit Sébastien

Première Conversation :

Sébastien : Monsieur, Bonjour! ( avec un grand sourir)

Moi : Bonjour Monsieur

Monsieur : (un personne agé) Eh beh alors, si c'est comme ça tous les matin mon petit bon homme nous pouvons commencer la journée très agreablement. Et puis il est poli....c'est une bonne chose! Parce qu'il y a pas beaucoup d'enfants qui ne font pas et ça me fais plaisir de voir ce bon homme. Malheuresement, la generation d'aujhourd'hui a beaucoup changer et ça me rendre triste.

A la fin de conversation nous nous sommes separé.....

Deuxième Conversation :

Sébastien : Bonjour Madame


get back to basic !

This afternoon while cleaning our bookshelves I've come accross to an old gift that I offered to my husband year 2000. It is an English - Tagalog, Tagalog - English Webster Dictionary Copyright 1994. Filipino subject was one of my favorite when I was a student especially during my high school days. A lot of Filipino seem to find it very easy because we speak the language almost everyday but in reality Filipino Language isn't as simple as that. And who says that we don't write like French people do with their accents grave, aigu, circonflexe ? ( é, è, à, â ) Please click on the link The French Accents.

I don't know if you out there can still remember that we also have these accents ( sa tagalog diin o tuldik malumay o banayad,mabilis o masiglá,malumì o banayad na impít,maragsâ o biglâ, o mabilís na impít,mariín o mabagal, malaw-aw o paudlót.) so as to diffentiate a certain word and their meaning. Please click the link to know more about it Balarila Filipino .

( Sa anim na…

merçi les blue

Je ne realise pas qu'on a perdu pourtant c'est la verité! J'esperai que la France serra le champion cet fois ci. Malheuresement, ce n'est pas le cas. La défaite n'est pas la fin....mais ça peut servir un grand défi la prochaine fois. Pour l'equipe de France vous avez été magnifique sur le terrain, vous avez tous essayé de pouvoir importer le trophée et le triumph malgré tous qui s'est passé vous restez toujours le CHAMPION pour MOI !

Merçi Thuram...vous êtes un des meilleur jouer.Zizou, tu était toujours provoquer et avoir un carton rouge c'est d'être humain!Henri, vous êtes inébranlable bravo!Thanks to the official website of FIFA for the photos !

vamos a la casa!

Yesterday it was a big and important match between France and Spain. Before the game started I tuned into TF1 and watched an interesting interview between the supporters of the two teams.

Spain Supporters : Oh well, I know that this time we will win against France! We have a very young players and they are in good form, they have the best techinques compared from the past years. We know that we always lost against FRANCE but this time, it gonna be SPAIN !

**With all the supporters in the background waving, cheering, screaming and showing with pride the flag of Spain...with their make ups in red**

France supporters : We maybe have the old players but they are more experienced! I know that this match will be difficult but we are confident that we will win! Afterall, Spain didn't win even a single match against us! Allez les Blues! Allez les France! ( Go Blue, Go France)

That night, when Ribery marked the first but...I was screaming and Bernard didn't stop running and dancing around …

the best but imperfect

Due to some reasons this is a way too late for Father's Day. Anyway, as the saying goes it is better late than never, right!?

Growing up I've always known my father as a strong person..... I've seen him raging in anger whenever things aren't done correctly or the way it should be. He never fears of anything even to the point of risking his own well being for the sake of his family or for the others.

That he never feels pain....I've seen him on a tough situations but he always stands out courageously facing life's difficulties. He gave us a beautiful gift of seeing humour even in the most difficult circumstances.

That he never cries.... Normally, men don't cry even just for a movie but believe me he did! I've seen him cried which proves of his sensitivity and I always believed that a strong man is never afraid to cry!

And he's always right (even he's not).... A father is always proud of themselves and often called the man of the house. You cannot bre…

weekends recap

If someone would ask me what is my favorite season that would be SPRING ! Not too hot nor too cold. I am imagining already the transient beauty and blooming flowers everywhere, fleeting's season of savorous cherries and strawberries. The goddess sunbathers of David (i call them) one piece, two pieces, topless name it we've got it, they're everywhere. Because of this abrupt transitions there goes the dramatic change of one's tune! La Mode (the fashion), the women and men in their best attire. Women, from pullover and thick leather jackets to sexy and short dresses, from close shoes to tongs (slippers or sandals) and stiletto high helled shoes. Men, in their sports wear, hunky shirts, printed shorts and sunglasses! They seem to enjoy and embrace the SPRING! Although this would also mean we will have MISTRAL in the south of France and our being allergic to pollen. Since the month of May has many long weekends we decided to spend it without wasting any single minute of it!

Hurrraaayyyyy !!!

My youngest brother is taking up Nursing course in Emilio Aguinaldo College knowns as EAC. It was his second year and last March he needed to pass the battery exam (i thought it is obligatory in all nursing schools ) but it actually depends on the schools. It is an aptitude test wherein they need to pass the school standard. And if the students fail the exam they will not be accepted anymore.

I've come to learn from my sister that my Brother had passed the battery exam. Actually, she was telling me that she was a bit afraid for him. Knowing our brother who is a nonchalant type of person and that he takes everything easy like peanuts. I mean he is very confident with himself, he knows what he wants in life and very determined whatever challenges he is into. I really appreciate his positive attitude in every step he makes. I admire him a lot for that. The last two months he was into summer school and it was his recompensation for passing the battery exam and not a punishment for not …

light at the end of the tunnel

1. Mga anak gumawa kayo ng schedule nyo sa paghuhugas ng pinggan!

2. Kayong dalawa Early at Hazel kelangan pagkatapos maligo huwag kayo lalabas ng banyo ng hindi labado ang panty at bra! Huwag ng iaasa pa sa katulong, private thing yan!

3. Maeng pagkagising tiklupin ang kulambo at linisin ang arinola yan, ang task mo everyday.

4. Maeng yung basura kelangan i-dispose na.

5. Hazel punasan ang mga display at siguraduhing walang alikabok.

6. Early yung windows punasan ng maigi.

If I can still remember these were several tasks given to us by Mom when we were kids. Growing up especially in my adoloscent stage, I did not understand her. I was thinking why doesn't she have to ask us to do things at home? What's the use of having a helper who can do the job, anyway she is paid for it! Because of immaturity and lack of comprehension on my part I was sometimes irritated and didn't want to do things at home. The only envy I had were watching television, collecting stationaries, or just mere…