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I thought it was....

Two years ago, it was Christmas time when I got a call from a company of remittance agency  for an interview. I was so happy they contacted me for the position as a teller. I passed the interview and started my training right away at the agency. They asked me to go to Paris to meet the team and signed my contract and welcomed me with an open arms. Went back to Marseille and started working 5 days a week. Sometimes I worked on Saturdays but it was not a problem because I was motivated since finding a job in France is quite difficult.
As days passed by, I started to understand the system. There were only 3 of us working at the agency including the supervisor. We have many clients because it is the only agency that offers money remittance with small charges so clients take advantage of it. The agency is always jampacked and it's quite hard to work especially when one person is on day off. Then, only 2 tellers left, during lunchbreak 1 teller is on work. What I was doing is not really…

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