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Christmas Spirit

As soon as we arrived from our vacation the first thing my kids asked me is our Christmas tree. They kept on bugging me to start decorating as they are eager to help me put the ornaments and Christmas lights. They are really waiting for this moment as they've seen Christmas decorations during our Philippine trip. I decided to get them in the garage. Voila, finally it's up after our 2 days arrival from the Philippines. But this photo you are looking at was taken only today that's why there are already wrapped gifts.

Our Christmas tree with presents already

This ornament is made by Mayumi from their school artwork

These 2 ones are their little stuff toys that they would like to be a part of decorations

At the bottom of our Christmas tree I have put the artwork of Sébastien that you see from your left (a candle shape green and silver color) and the red card with the star that goes with. The Christmas card with a silver Christmas tree was made by Mayumi together with the green …

It's not all about gifts

My husband attended a two days seminar. There were among other 25 Cadres (25 Managers) who were present. This time he was on his best suit made by my Uncle especially for him. When suddenly, all his colleagues gazed at him as if it was their first time to see husband wearing a suit. Suddenly, colleagues started to praise him. Wohoa, t’es bien là dedans! (You are good in that suit). J’adore ton costume ! (I love your suit). Superb ton costume! (Your suit is excellent.) Then it was pretty awkward for him with all the compliments thus, he smiled at them and said , “Arrêtez,.vous me mettre mal à l'aise!” Stop, that’s enough you make me feel uneasy.

Well, I am not surprised since he has few suits that he bought many years ago and the style starts to get old-fashioned. Just to give you recap from our Philippine trip. I asked my uncle who has a tailoring shop that makes especially made suit only for men. We personally chose the fabrics and colours. We had 2 suits and 1 Barong for husband …

The Trip - Part 2

Who says there’s nothing interesting to see in Manila. I am not talking about the big malls which is the easiest place to go. And because my husband does not support to stay in Manila our plan to hang out for 2 days was religiously followed. Morning of our arrival we went directly to my parent’s house before going to the hotel near their place for easy access. My father passed by Fort Bonifacio Global City and I remember this place late 1987. Fort Bonifacio used to be a part of armed forces base camps where Ferdinand Marcos incarcerated hundreds of his opponents. My vivid memory from many years ago of Fort Bonifacio was the military headquarters, the detention hub, barracks, army bureaus and training fields which are now long gone. At present, it turns out to be the location of an expansion of the economic quarter. The rapid construction of residential buildings, offices, trading businesses and a dozen schools are rising in hasty progression. I observed that in spite of global crisis …

The trip

I know it’s been a while that I have not updated my blog. It’s not that I disregard the existence of this blog, it’s just difficult to beat the jet lag. And still thinking where to start what we have left at home. The house is in a terrible muddle. Nevertheless, all are now in place and I have some time to write about our trip to the Philippines.

We supposed to leave April but since we have had a lot of renovation made the last time it is necessary to checked out on the budget. So we decided to pushed through theoretically December but it is out of question that we pay 5,000€ for the ticket . It was a way too expensive for us. Good thing, husband has a lot of benefits from work and fare ticket is one of them. The company has a list of agencies in which all employees are entitled to have a less 30% from the ticket valid every after 2 years travel anywhere. I would say, not bad after all. We have checked around 4 agencies and compared the ticket fare. We were able to get the less …

A postcard for all

Dear everyone,

By the time you read this we are boarding on a plane.....destination PHILIPPINES ! I will be away not so long, not too short but enough to enjoy my family, friends and my country. I will soon be back and share our precious moments of HOME ! I won’t be able to read emails or do blog hopping until I return but if I could get a chance I will surely leave a trace ! Until then friends !

I will definitely enjoy the beach, the sun, the sand. Sitting on a hammock while sipping on margaritas and watching the sun set. ...

See you soon,

Tag : 4 things meme

this is Calanques Port-Pin

Another fun tagging from Leah, thanks and sorry for answering it a little bit late.

Here’s the rule:

Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don’t forget to change my answers to the questions with that of yours.

Question # 1. Four places I go over and over
My answer : Calanques of Marseilles, St. Baume, Luminy, Parc Borely

Question # 2. Four people who e-mails me regularly
My answer : Ate, Vic, Bev, Che

Question # 3. Four of my favorite places to eat?
My answer : Leyen (Jap Resto), La Femina (Couscous Restaurant), Miam Miam (Chinese Resto) & KFC Lol with no gravy :(

Question # 4. Four places you’d rather be?
My answer : Philippines, Italy, Australia and Japan

Question #5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over.
My answer : Faites entre l'accuser, DECO, DH, NCIS

Now, I am tagging the lucky 4 Bernadette Anne, Major Tom,Wil& Joanne.

Tag : The Name Game

After those not so good incidents (the Cetelem, the parking, the hacker and the problem of internet connection for 1 week) let’s go to the lighter side of life. That’s how I see my further existence even though I am confronted with exasperating situation I should be able to forget, laugh and go on as if nothing happened. Well, sometimes it is undeniably difficult to overlook what had happened but I am trying my best …my utmost best to be Zen. And because there is a beginning and an ending for all, I can say I am done with it. I am sure that there’s worse out there…I hope not ! Nevertheless, I will surely not let it pass without creating any trouble by having the capacity to solve the issue diplomatically and without stressing toooooo much (but I did, I swear).

Now , I’ll be doing a tag and pardon me for the late response Mahalia, just got busy and with all these unavoidable circumstances on the side, things aren’t just like the way I wanted them to be. It’s all about names and whe…

Internet HIJACK !

After a week, I am quite released after the hacking incident. I was able to talk to my family and friends who have been chatting with the hacker pretending to be me. Good thing, they got my message before they could be trapped. Some got it late but very very few were deceived. And the only thing that hacker wants is a globe prepaid cards. Now, I can conclude that hacker is a Filipino. Probably, a young person who doesn’t have anything to do during the day except spending all the time in front of the computer. Playing games, learning new tricks which includes violating one’s privacy. And once privacy is violated he can get money and information out of it by using one's Yahoo ID.

In the Philippines, loading cellular phone is through prepaid cards. If you do not have a line you can ask someone or a friend to charge your cellular phones through one’s cellular phones. For the benefits of those who live abroad and not familiar with this prepaid. This is how it works :

A P500.00 Globe Pre…


It was Tuesday morning when I chatted with my friend. She buzzed me and ask me “Musta na? “ (How are you?) I answered her with thrill as we haven’t seen nor chat for a long time. I told her “Mabuti naman and you ? (I am fine and you?) And she asked me where my kids are. I told her they are at school. She told me if I want to se her recent photos. I was really enthusiast to see her pictures. Me, thinking that she would really like to surprise me or I made this idea that she is finally pregnant so I was eager to see her. She sent me a file and open it through Flicker and asked me to view my webcam and so I did. She even told me that Yahoo will have a maintenance for 1 hour. And because she also would like to check if her webcam is working. After a few seconds she turned it off and so was I. I felt nothing so strange.

I continued cleaning the house, went out to pick up the kids and got disconnected. When I came back I couldn’t access to my yahoo email and messenger. Probably this is it…

It's just another manic Monday

Everyone says that Monday is not a good start of the week. The fact that the most depressing day falls on Mondays are not premeditated but a stroke of bad luck. And yes it happened to me in this particular day. Today (yesterday) I normally pick up the kids from school at 11:30 and so I leave the house 10 minutes before that time. Where I normally park the car is hardly no spaces and are always full but I luckily found a location and started to do my maneuver. Suddenly, a woman inside a car stopped parallel and facing me. She saw me trying to park the car. Apparently, I parked just in front of her doorstep which I know is really a parking for everyone (it’s actually a sidewalk) but no prohibition of parking. She looked visibly discontented seeing me while she mimicked “putain” (whore) ! That was easy reading her lips from afar. She was talking to me from the inside of her car by a sign language trying to pin point that I need to get off from there and leave the parking because she live…

The secret to being filthy rich

Opting for staggered payment without interest when purchasing big items in France is one of the best way to save money. Many would set out for it since there is 0% interest in most of the items which is financially undemanding. Few would pay cash as they can afford it. However there are big items that we purchase like cars, house and lot, vacation house and the likes we would compare the most excellent offer on credit systems.

We bought our apartment through bank credit with very low interest. And it was 3 ½ years ago when we bought our car payable within 4 years and we have plump for consumer credit. We inquired from Aramis in Aix en Provence as my husband was referred by a friend to check with them (car distributor) of their affordable and interesting tariffs. We got the car and were financed by Cofica-c.u. (a filial of CetelemFrench Company that specializes in consumer credit with reasonable interest).

Husband was double checking our accounts, budgeting, stock markets etc. when he…

Une drôle de reflection...

Les conversations avec nos enfants ça nos donne parfois a réfléchir. Surtout quand nous avons les enfants en bas âge et nous pouvons pas lire ce qui se passe dans leurs têtes. Voilaune simple conversation de la vie quotidienne.

Scène 1 : Les enfants se battent sur un jouet.

Maman : (fatiguée, avoir mal au ventre et mal à la tête) Les enfants s'il vous plait j'ai besoin un peu de calme.

Mayumi : (malade, elle crie et se dispute avec son frère) Non, c'est à moi ce jouet. Tu es mechant, tu n'est plus mon frère. (La verité c'était le jouet de son frère)

Sébastien : (toujours calme et il essaye de récupérer son jouet) Mayumi c'est a moi ce jouet. Tu me le donne, ce n'est pas a toi!

....Pendant ce temps là Maman prepare le dîner avant Papa arrive.

Papa : (arrive de travail) Bonsoir les enfants. Ca va Maman ?

Maman : Ca va mais Mayumi me fatigue ! Elle n'arrête pas de crier. Je me sens pas bien donc je n'ai pas beaucoup de patience. S'il te plaît ça serra b…

Free English courses

This morning France is really making it's way to improve their education system. I heard on the radio that according to the Minister of Education Mr. Xavier Darcos the students will be offered possible rigorous seminars in English-language ability during school vacations in February and summer. Mr. Darcos reiterated that young and old are not proficient in speaking good English is considerably a "handicap" in today's world and for International competition! He tells that while affluent families pay for their children to study English courses abroad, he is offering them for FREE to everyone right here. He proposes as well an English courses for 2 hours at a daily basis accompanying education in high school after 16h.Mr. Darcos comments are extraordinary in a country where politicians and people have often tried to conserve the influence of France. I heard previously that France wanted their Language to be an international form of communication but it will be impo…

Ja ich will !

As promised I will tell you about the wedding ceremony we attended last month. Two days before leaving for Corsica we went to a bridal celebration of mixed races, a French and German couple (thanks to them I met Kala). We left Friday as my Honey is on RTT (réduction de temps de travail) to get ready for the wedding the next day since the celebration was neither in Marseilles nor in Aix-en Provence. So the less haste the better right? Friday was an ideal time to leave home and it took us 7 hours to get to Auberge (An Inn) and not a Hotel. It would be complex to find a good hotel as we were in the middle of nowhere and it sounds as if there is one. As we took our destination the scenery are captivating and totally different from Marseilles. All along the way as we drove we found the environment warmer, with lush green trees, cleaner atmosphere…a heavenly splendid place. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the panorama as we thought we were not on the right track. The GPS lost his way so …

Please keep them away

Accidents happen everyday in just a split of seconds. Where do you usually keep your hair dryer? And how about storing household cleaning products? Some of us, we keep our hairdryers in the bathroom for facility of plugging into the outlets. Others keep them in their drawer’s bedroom which I think is safer. Some households products are in the toilet for accessibility or store cabinets of the kitchen which is really recommended. Parents have many chores to oversee at home and this may seem very little to think of or somehow being taken for granted but we can certainly avoid terrible circumstances.

One time I was watching news and I heard a terrible accident. I will not get into details as it was a horrible incident. A woman was drying her hair while her three kids were taking a bath in the tub. Suddenly the phone rung she ran to answer it immediately and forgot to unplug the hair dryer. One of the kids took the dryer and played with it. Unfortunately, they've got electrocuted and …

The challenges of my mothering in a foreign country

This is a post I made from PMN long time ago and this is my way of advertising that our site Pinoy Moms Network (PMN) is now working! According to our administrators the site had experienced some technical problems and they were able to finally fix it. All is well, BRAVO and thank you for your time and patient in fixing them! We are still in Corsica and while I am busy working out on some things I will leave you with this long post !

I speak from experience that raising kids in a foreign land is a tedious undertaking. I knew from the beginning that I would raise them differently because they had two origins. Therefore, they would have two different cultures, two or more languages, religions and everything that would go with it as a product of mixed marriages.Talking about culture, I believe that as a stay at home mother I play an important role in instilling good values and discipline while husband is at work. This does not necessarily mean that my French husband has nothing to do when…

My other ME

I don’t know if you have some difficulties in pronouncing my name HAZEL (Hey-zhul). On the other hand, when I arrived in France my name became AZEL (ah-zel) some would call me ASSEL (but I am not one & I assure you I don’t create hassle) and because French doesn’t pronounce the letter H! I didn’t know that French and Kapangpangan’s have in common. In Pampangga they don’t pronounce the letter H until I became friends with my friend C who is an origin of Pampangga (we’re both working in the Hotel Industry). One night, we were watching a film at home and in that particular scene there was a snake and she was screaming really hard while watching and pointing her finger on the television to warn the actors as if she could be heared by them “ Naku ingat ka sa a-as!!” (Oh be careful with the???). At that time I didn’t get it and inquisitively asked her what was about a-as after all? She smilingly told me that in Pampangga they don’t pronounce the H so she was referring about Ahas (snake)…

Should I or shouldn't I ?

I don’t know and I don’t care of what my neighbours will think everytime they see me clean our car inside the residence. Well, I know that vacuum creates an irritating sound however I don’t wash the car early in the morning or during nap time. I am not that insensitive on others wanting to have a quite environment. Knowing that Frenchies often complains because of the LITTLE noise a person could create nevertheless I still insist on cleaning our car. I have kids who eat inside the car obviously the presence of bread crumbs is frequently visible. I clean the car once a week and I think there’s nothing ghastly about washing a car even inside the property. There are some neighbours who would joke and ask me to clean their car “un coup de chiffon suffit et je serai content!” (One touch of sponge and I will be happy!). Or they will tell me that husband is quite lucky that I do the cleaning. While the truth is they wanted to pass a message on me that they want their wife to do the same (and…


Just got back from a 7 hours travel from the Region of Bourgogne and stayed two days there for the wedding celebration of our friends. It was a great wedding and will tell you more about it. For the meantime we are re-charging the car to put our stuffs and by the time you read this we will be boarding on the ship heading to Corsica. And yes we didn't have much sleep for 2 days but then tonight finally we will surely sleep well since it is a night travel. See you soon and happy vacation to everyone.

Everyone meets everyone

It’s been four months since my last EB with Hilda and daughter Mayumi and I was talking about wondering who will be the next. Eventually a long-time plan of an EB between Makis and Hilda took place. Moreover, we also met another blogger Lynneth and family who apparently spending a grandiose vacation in the South. Makis had a good idea of proposing Lynneth to meet up with everyone. After my first encounter with Hilda this time will be Makis meets Hilda, Hazel meets Lynneth and Hilda meets Lynneth(just to be giving you the exact details) . I live in Marseille, Makis lives in Carry, Hilda lives in Lambesc and Lynneth will be coming from Frejus thus we decided to meet halfway. Typically an EB take place in restaurants, bars/ cafes or someone’s place but this time is just wonderful. Hilda proposed a picnic at the park in Aix-en Provence for a change out of the ordinary.

We went to Parc Jourdanand it was already 1:00 in the afternoon that our growling stomach started to whine. And looking a…