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Nakakatuwang isipin na sa Pilipinas pagsapit ni "BER" andiyang nagmamadali ang mga tao. Anong bang meron ? Pasko na daw, pag tumingin ka sa kalendaryo teka September pa lang ! Pero makikita mong nagsisimula ng magdekorasyon ng bahay, mamili ng mga pang regalo sa kanilang sangkatutak na inaanak, sa mga kaibigan, kamag-anak at pamilya. Eto kaya ang dahilang kung bakit September pa lang eh nagkrismas shopping na :D ! Tuwing sasapit ang pasko laging naming naalala ang conversation ng aking ka officemate noon sa aming Sales Manager na Expat (na asawa ko na ngayon). Hindi puedeng hindi namin pag usapan sa bahay dahil hannggang ngayon eh puzzled pa rin ang aking mister.

Eto ang kanilang conversation :

Sales Manager : What are you doing Jocy (secretary) ? Did I disturb you ?

Secretary : Oh no ! hi Bernard, it's almost Christmas! (naglilista ng mga kakailanganin sa Christmas Decorations at Christmas Party at mga pang regalo sa mga kliyente).

Sales Manager : What are you talking ab…

Happy Holidays to all !

The French Version

The English Version


Plain housewife ?

I know that I've been absent for a long time but I have a valid reason to be. Sorry for not updating. I've been into one of my difficult moments these past weeks. I was thinking why do things go wrong when everything's almost perfect ? We're almost done with our kitchen renovation suddenly my son got sick. At first, I thought it was just a simple cough and colds. I gave him necessary medications but it wasn't enough when he complained that his stomach was painful. I again presumed that it was just his muscle aching. Call it a mother's instinct, I hurriedly then called the pediatrician with no hesitation. Told her about my son and he's hurt somewhere in the stomach when he coughs. The doctor was good enough to accept us on that same day at 6PM. I went to her clinic then she asked me to do an x-ray right away to make sure of her diagnosis of pneumonia. The X-ray result came and my son suffers from pulmonary infection or commonly known as pneumonia (doctor …


during the day

the sunset

I grew up looking at this landscape. Half of my origin, my childhood souvenirs, the family, friends, neighbors .....I just miss HOME !


Ca fait 9 mois j'ai eu mon permis conduire et j'avoue que le premier 3 mois ont été un peu stressants pour un néophyte conductrice surexciter comme je suis. Après avoir l'habitude de conduire quotidiennement surtout à Marseille je deviens de plus en plus confiante sur la route. J'ai des reflexes que je ne jamais eu auparavant. En tant que nouvelle conductrice j'avais des bon et mauvais experience sur les regardes des autres. Pourquoi ? Parce que le "A" est toujours visible sur ma voiture. C'est obligatoire et quelque fois un cauchemar! Je me souviens le post de Makis et elle a tout a fait raison. C'est une réalité que la conduite est une source de stress en soi. Nos comportements sont en quelque sorte est véritablement tester quand nous croisons tous genres de conducteurs (les brutes, les pilotes de course automobile, les Dimanches, les Roi de la route) . Nous sommes faire face aux événements stressants de tous les jours.

Voila un bon exemple, je s…

new things

I am finally back to circulation but I still need to re-arrange and clean non-stop the mess at home. Kitchen's renovation is over but the expected installation of kitchen furnitures and kitchen equipements (washing machine, dish washer, gas stove & microwave) would be at the end of the month. Meaning, I have to live without the sink, gas stove and washing machine for another 3 more weeks. Anyhow, these are the renovated toilet and bathroom.

New bathroom & New toilet (sorry unavailable)

Sorry I haven't got a pictures of my old bathroom and toilet (need re-decorate the toilet). As soon as the kitchen furnitures are completely installed I will share them to you.

I feel good !

The last time it was the renovation of our bathroom now it's the kitchen. Since I could not access to my kitchen my children eat at the school canteen. Normally, everday I bring them at 9AM and pick them up before 11:30 for lunch and bring Sébastien back before 1:30 PM Mayumi stays with me. Since the kitchen is under renovation I will pick them up by 4:30 PM. In this case, I have 7 and 1/2 hours all by kill the time. Of course, even if we have the renovation I still do the chores, chat and blog.

This is my old kitchen. If you will notice the black on the ceiling it was my fault. I almost burn down the kitchen :( but it's not the reason of renovation but because when we bought the apartment it's already the kitchen. We just wanted to change this old kitchen.

It's true that becoming a mother has a lot of responsibilities and things to prioritize. But on the other hand, responsibilities should not hinder us the need to go out and unwind without the childre…

the real version

Last weekend we went out to have a little walk in the forest of Luminy. Since summer is really over the central massif are now open for hiking. It's true that we are at the beginning of Autumn season but we are very much surprise to have such agreeable and sunnyweather in Marseille.Normally, the minimum temperature of Autumn in the morning is about 10-13°C but we are still experiencing 15-19°C this year! I went out at exactly 15:28 in the afternoon (French time) to check our thermometer and found out a 25°C under a shaded light condition. We still haven't experience rain this year. We experienced a little bit or rain shower but it was not enough to water the mountains and plants. Not even a bit of fresher environment.There are times in the morning, it's a bit cold but when the clock ticks at 10:00 AM there you go the sun shinning. Sometimes we are confused by these changes because we don't know what to wear either we should keep our summer clothes or bring out from t…

tagged by twos

So Pining is curious to find out what's on my desktop! Like all are the center of my computer screen. This photo was taken when we were in Corsica. So simple eh ! My son Sébastien who is turning 5 years old next January and my naughty daughter Mayumi who's 2 years and 6 months.

I don't know why but I like to be tagged. Now here is for Niceheart. Just to know me a little bit more.

• Where is your cellphone? On the bar
• Relationship? Two way
• Your hair? Wavy :) !
• Work? Still searching
• Your sister? My bestfriend !
• Your favorite thing(s) ? Computer, digicam & DVD collections
• Your dream last night? I don't remember....
• Your favorite drink? Mango juice
• Your dream car? It's not my thing as long as I have one !
• The room you’re in? Computer table
• Your shoes? comfy
• Your fears? losing a love one
• What do you want to be in 10 years? to have my Taekwondo black belt
• Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family out on hiking
• What are you not …

conquering the blacks!

Yesterday night we went out to watch the Rugby Match between France against New Zealand (known as the Blacks). Hubby had an invitation at La Place de La Joliette where they installed a big screen. There are bars, pizzeria and moroccan delicacies to enjoy with while having dinner in front of this giant screen. Surprised about the ambiance brought by the game. There were people tatoed on their face and costumed with white, red and blue color! The television station have shown history of previous games by the French team.

The show started and French people were proud to sing the French hymn trying to embraced the game. While the camera focused a candid shot to President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Fillon, the spectators from the room were boooing them, shouting & whistling! That I couldn't explain, why? Game started and after a few minutes one of the french team got injured. We were devastated ! I was shouting, complaining, and doing non-stop stressful gestures. The black score…

Thankful Thoughts for Toe

This is to thank TOE as I was awarded as a rockin' girl blogger. As my gratitude, would like to share this recipe to you. I guess everyone knows me that I am a good cook (kabaligtaran-the opposite). I have learned this from a Filipino friend who lives in Italy. A very simple recipe since Toe and Honey love cooking :) !

Ingredients :

Pasta (depends on your preference)
smoke bacon
3 branches of leeks
3 branches of celery
shitake mushroom (depends on the quantity you would like to have)
chicken bouillon (instead of salt)
good olive oil

Preparation :

Cut the leeks into round 5 cm (1-2 inch) and and the celery into cubes. Sauté the smoked bacon into a pan at medium heat with an olive oil of your preference. Add the cut leeks, celery and mushroom shitake. Add the chicken bouillon and pepper to taste. Mix well. When the leeks, celery and mushroom shitake are soft enough and is juicy it is cook already. Set aside.

Meanwhile, boil water and cook about 250 g of pasta al dente. Mix th…

Relax na relax ako !

My friend ask me to checkhis blog and I did. I guess, I should also post this as a response. ACCEPTED without a bit of hesitation. Others may say that I am being sensitive but I am not, I just needed fair assessment and because I give so much VALUE for blog perse!

NO CENSORING, the truth is this is what they're hiding behind those carboards !

never imagine I am capable

This is a typical street inMarseille.This narrow street is a two-way and I am always confronted with the plight of everyday driving. I am becoming more and more confident in driving. This is the way going to school !

This is a one-way and narrow street. Driver should be very careful when passing because of pedestrian traversing this way should be 30km/hr.

Another one-way street where the school is located. Parents and or guardians stay inside these steel barriers when picking up the kids.

I found a great site for your virtual visit ! Do check this out !

The Beauty continues.....

Now, back to my normal post.....all comments on my previous post are greatly appreciated, thank you!

After all the reparations, cleaning and maintenance the house is ready to receive friends to our humble place. I am talking of French-Filipina and French-German couples, yes we are going International in the village. A Filipina who arrived in France barely two years ago and who's also adapting to the French way of life. Her outlook on adjusting to her new environment had impressed me. I would say, she easily surpasses all the sentiments and differences between the two countries . Nonetheless, every foreigners need to undergo changes but it's depends on how we will be able to overcome them.

To start with, we welcomed our Franco-Filipino couple friends who supposed to arrive earlier but since there was a technical problem during the trip they arrived later at night than expected. Arriving at the Port of Bastia it was annoying that car rental shop was close because they needed to pi…

not even a sweet revenge !

I made a tagalog poem to thank my family, friends and those who are close to me in remembering me on the day of my birthday. In common perception, Tagalog is an easy language for us Filipinos because we speak it everyday. But I can tell you that it's the contrary. I took an effort thinking of all the vocabulary words I learned from high school. The perfect words that rhyme but most especially it is what I honeslty feel about them. I love blogging, blogger friends and the strangers who visit my blog. I blog because I want to make friends, to learn from their experiences, to have their point of view, to have a subject of conversation and everything that concerns blogging which are profitable. Mainly, I am open to constructive criticism and most of all I don't like to have enemies ! This morning I had a visitor and he surprised me with his comment on my previous post (which I already erased). His exact comment was "Parang suicide note...." ("Seems to be a suicide no…

Paglipas ng panahon

Tatlongpu't limang taong nagdaan hanggang ngayon
Ako’y nagpapasalamat ng walang hanggan.
Mula sa aking pagkabata isip ay namulat
Magandang pag uugali, maayos na pakikisama sa lahat .

Mga magulang na umaantabay
Aking mga gawain sila'y tanging gabay.
Sa kanilang mga mata kasiyahay nasisilayan
Tuwing ako'y nagtatagumpay.

Kasiyahan, kalungkutan, tagumpay man o kabiguan
Nandiyan pa rin silang ako'y parangalan.
Lingid sa mga nagawang pagkakamali
Hatid nila'y walang sawang pagsusulsi.

Sa aking mga kapatid na umaagapay
Kasagutan ko ay malaking pagpupugay.
Mga pagsubok sa buhay, hirap man o ginhawa
Kaakiba't ko pa rin silang nagtitiyaga.

Para sa aking kabiyak sa buhay
Ako'y minamahal ng walang kapantay.
Iba man ang ating pinagmulan
Respeto at pagmamahal ang ating timbulan.

Mga anak kong nagbibigay ng ligaya
Sa bawat mahigpit na yakap at halik
Pagod ay mabilis na nawawaglit
Nabibigay lakas sa bawat paghihinagpis.

Maari ko bang kalimutan mga kaibigang walang sawâ
Bawat pagdurugo ng puso ko…

Les 3 Mousquetaires

Family day at Park Borely. I am proud of how I took this photo co'z I am not really good when it comes to picture taking ! Any suggestions on how to take pictures ? I mean good one even if I don't have professional camera equipment. I am just using a simple digital cam.

Les astuces du jardin

Ca faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas deployer sur mon blog pas un seul mots en Français ! La raison, je n'ai même pas pu en placer une. Je suis une grande paresseuse! Ce n'est pas grave c'est les vacances donc je mets les pieds dans la pédale! Alors là, le moment est venu de me commencerai donc par une histoire légère !

Tout l'été le parc près d'où nous vivons est presque tous les jours fermer pour eviter l'incendie. Mais hier aprés-midi c'était exceptionnel car il était ouvert tout la journée. Malgré les vents un peu frais qui m'a fait frissonner je suis sorti avec les enfants. Au lieu d'aller ailleurs se promener je me suis dis pourquoi pas sortir un moment privilégier pour s'aérer juste à côté de chez nous. Bonne chose, je ne conduirerai pas!

Nous étions sorti avec la voisine et avec sa chienne au parc. C'est toujours sympa de discuter avec les gens parce que je continue à découvrir tant chose sur la France pendant que les…

Corsica and its beauty

After celebrating Mayumi's baptism , that night of the same day we boarded at 9:30 PM heading off to Corsicaarriving the next day at 6:30 AM. Each year we spend summer holidays in the mountain to escape from the polluted, noisy, stressing, and congested city of Marseille. Corsica is an island and region of France and is the 4th largest island in Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily, Sardinia which is 7-mile (11-km) a short strait from Bonifacio 56 miles (90 km) from northwestern Italy, and Cyprus) . It is also known as "L'île de Beauté" (Island of Beauty) because of its enchanting mountainous green environment, the wildlife animals, rocky cliffs, pure and crystal clear lakes and rivers, mutli colored sea, white fine beaches, the Corsican typical houses and gastronomy. Inhabitants of Corsica are mostly from Marseilles and they consider it as their second home.

Arriving early in the morning at the port ofPropriano I didn't expect that travelling from there would be stren…

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Got tagged byAnalyse! Now, the question is what were you thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

Working in shifting hours is quite exhausting, the young woman was just starting her day while everyone's ready to put their pajamas on. She was well paid, she enjoyed entertaining clients, she was good in pacifying an angry client, she could be tough with her subordinates. After working for 5 years and 3 months in the Hotel Business to be exact the young woman was contented to end her career working night and day, day and night. So then she definitely wants CHANGE !

A friend (who's an ex employee of hotel) asked the young woman if she wanted to apply at their international office. This friend has been asking her many times and long time ago but she refuses to apply. This time proposition was granted. To make the story short, the young woman applied, had undergone interviews and later on …

moving forward....

June has been a busy month for me. I had two interviews the first one with Alinéa as a Service Quality Assistant. By the way, it was my second interview with them ! I've posted my first interview with the same enterprise and unfortunately didn't get the job because they needed someone who speaks Chinese ! This time was not a success either!

Job description : To work within the service Quality and Design, you intervene in the chain of provisioning of our products importation (Asia zone). You ensure the organization and the follow-up of the good course of the quality controls realized in our suppliers by our offices of control. You are in load of the planning of these controls, of the follow-up of the costs, alert on nonconformities, take part in the life of the products of the sign while intervening in the drafting and the update of technical documents. Coordinator of this activity, you work with the offices of control, Alinéa suppliers and central merchandisings. You maintain a…