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Transition and self-care

As a mother of two active toddlers I have constantly been observant of the things around them. This is a typical mother’s instinct I would say. My kids are gradually budding and I notice they are apt in coping and becoming more autonomous. One of the essential stages of growth is to learn how to take care of themselves and be aware of their environment. Our role is to prepare them to embark upon a journey of evolution that is full of challenges.

As my kids increase their senses so is their need. They will discover so as their accomplishment of self care:

• Using the toilet: Both of them started potty training at the age of 1 ½ years old. It was not an easy job for me but it was really a demanding stage between child and mother relation as we face the challenge. It could be very tiring and depressing. Afraid of failing, I became impatient. Months passed by they are set off to be completely potty trained free at the age of 2 years old there my qualms and stress are gone. From that age th…

Chère Mimi

Notre petite fille adoré et pleine de vie
Tu fetês ton annivesaire aujhourd'hui
Avec toute la famille nous sommes réuni
Tout le monde si content et épanoui

Au moment de ton arrivée, la foule était illuminée
Petit globule de Papa, tu nous a égaillé
Même si parfois tetû et pénible
Tu reste une fille aimer pleine de joie et d'envies

Une forte personnalité qui vit une toute liberté
Mais ma princesse tu es encore petite
Nous serons là pour t'ecouter, te proteger et te comprendre
Nous sommes là pour t'attendre, ne craint rien
Car la vie est belle tu es une raison de nos existances
De t'avoir a nos côtés est une belle chance
Souviens toi la vie est belle ! Joyeux Anniversaire Mimi !

On t'aime très fort, Maman, Papa et Kuya Basti


Bruges continues….Let me tell you about this wonderful and captivating city of Belgium wherein Dutch, German and French are the official Languages. Since Honey’s grandmother lives just near the doorstep of Bruges (20 kms. away from the French boarder) we decided to stroll one afternoon. We were lucky to have great weather because normally the weather in the North is quiet warmer compared to South. BRUGES is a Flemish region but there are people who speak French. In Dutch Brugge, halt from Bryggja, which presumably used to indicate "landing stage" or "port". An explanation I get from Honey who works in the port and from a grandmother of 88 years old. This place is also called as the "Little Venice of the North" and the second most visited city of Belgium. City is full pack of tourists! Well it's not surprising it's S-P-R-I-N-G! Arriving at the centre we were looking for a parking space. We needed to turn around twice because there were no places av…


I am back ! See you in a short while. More on this....

New Lingo,nakakabobo! New gadget how's the budget?

Philippines is known to be the capital of cellular phones! We have a large quantity of person owning cellular phones even the poor. I can affirm and I am sure some blogger friends who already went vacationing back home will have the same opinion. I remember when I went back to the Philippines after 2 years of living in FranceI saw a lot of vendors possessing their own gadgets. I mean two years are very short when you spot the inflation rate speeding up. This doesn’t imply that they should not have their own however the question is how are they able to own cellular phone with a lousy salary? Furthermore, if an individual is a family person how are they able to pay all the expenses of daily basis consumption? That was really a surprise and the question is left unanswered.

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Now listen, I will speak about lingo since I talk about cellular phones. If gays have lingo, texters do have their own too. Don't you find these messages confusing? …

Nems à la banane et au chocolat

Nope, I did not switch my blog into a food blog. Don’t worry you will not find new recipes here otherwise you will have catastrophe in your kitchen. It’s just the Title of the post that differs.

Okey, I will start from the things that my Honey and I are compatible with! Apart from sports and watching films,we love EATING out! I don’t know when was the last time I went out with my husband as we used to. Like other normal couple we sometimes need to unwind without the kids right? After my 2 pregnancies I don’t have a clear souvenir of a restaurant where we went to. Though, we still go out to watch a film once in a while depending if there are interesting films out in the big screen. I know you will ask me, what about the kids? Of course, before going out we have already planned everything. Luckily, we have a very good baby sitter who later on became the Godfather (Ninong) of my daughter. I thank him because he’s really taking very good care of my kids and treat them like his own siblings…

Couleurs de joie

Tellement de choses à apprendre
Tellement de choses à comprendre
Les couleurs de l'univers gâté
En hiver, l'automne, le printemps et l'été
La subtile beauté de l'hiver
Sol recouvert de flocons dans un écrins de neige pure
Il est clair comme une lumière du ciel
Naturelle et aussi belleDans chaque jardin partout
Voir les couleurs comme arcs-en-ciel
Feuille d'automne de rouge, jaune et orange
Je vois enfin sur mes yeux cette belle image
Voilà arrive le printemps comme tous les ans
Plus de couleurs, fragrance des fleurs ensorcellent
La joie gravée dans mon coeur même si tu me quitte
Je sais tu reviendras avec beaucoup plus du magique
Le sauvage été, tu brilles, tu brûles, la nature s'éveille
Au bord de la mer on s'éclat surtout pour les amoureux
Pleine d'espoir le ciel tout bleu, je ne crois pas mes yeux
On espérant de te voir avec plaisir, à très bientôt !haze