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My good samaritan

This morning I went to grocery store to buy some things and ingredients that are missing in the kitchen cabinets. I went to my car and discharged the items in the compartment when suddenly a thin, ragged looking guy approached me asking for money. I was surprise to see him because the my thinking busy mind was gazing to my grocery items if I didn’t forget something. I told him I didn’t have money which is true because I am using a card or cheque everytime I pay the bills. He didn’t insist instead he went away talking alone. Apparently he’s a mentally bothered guy. Just a few seconds later another man came near me aging around 45 to 50 year old wearing khaki slacks and neatly tucked chequered short sleeved shirt with his cellphone. He then started talking to me that the moment he saw the guy came towards me he was alerted if in case the guy harasses me. I was thankful it was not the case. However I was still grateful of his good intention and his presence of mind. Exchange of words sta…

"Fish Mucus and Foot Fungus"

I am sure you are probably thinking what is this title all about. After talking about talented Filipinos on my previous post I will talk about the intelligent students from the Philippines. After the Blond and Blue Eyes of Patricia Evangelista, an 18-year-old communications sophomore at UP Diliman who bested the 2004 Best Speaker award in the International Public Speaking competition conducted yearly by the English-Speaking Union (ESU) in London. Now here is another Philippine's pride under the name of Gian Carlo Dapula 16 year old an incoming senior student at the Philippine Science School who recently won as the Best Speaker last May 9 held in the United Kingdom in this prestigious yearly competition of ESU. Gian Karlo Dapul vanquished other participants, as well as college rank students, from 30 countries of almost 60 contestants at the ESU’s head office in London. His five-minute dialogue entitled, “Fish mucus and Foot Fungus” centred on how scientific study could provide a cu…

Happy Mother's Day !

Just got back from Paris with Makisand we finally got our double nationality. Now I have all the reasons to be merry! In France we are celebrating this wonderful occasion of Mother's Day. These are the surprise gifts that are just waiting for me until I get home. A gift offered by my children which they made at school long before mother's day. Those are very precious because they made it by themselves with a little help from their teachers. Of course, I understood when my son told me that he has a secret for me but he won't tell it because it is a surprise and his teacher told him not to do so.

This is a heart shape made out from flour or we call it here pâte a sel "salted dough" offered by Sébastien with his beautiful little right hand engraved on it.

While Mayumi gave me this beautiful Tissue dispenser made out of wood with flowers and butterflies to complete the decoration.

I just love them. Simple and yet PRICELESS, aren't they ? To all the Mother's in …

Where in the world are we going ?

When I look at the journal I feel sometimes terrified. We are all witnesses in the happenings around the world. The cyclone happened in Myanmar which killed thousands of people. China’s earthquake buried thousands of Chinese. Recently, a tropical storm “Cosme” (international name ‘Halong’) hit northern Philippines with 130 kilometres west of Iba (capital of northern Luzon).

Between the natural catastrophes and human havoc, I am quite skeptic. When I heard what had happened regarding the scandal in Austria about the devilish act of Josephe Frizl to her daughter. An act that is unimaginable. Her daughter imprisonment in a cellar with an incest case. Please click for the full story. This happened moths ago but I will let you read the full article. After this I was contemplating on how we will be able to escape from this human made tragedy?

I will talk about this shocking case in France. The incident happened between adolescents. It's quite unbelievable but it happened. This is really…

Joke of the day!

Honey was looking at our old pictures with the kids this morning. I remember when I was pregnant with Mayumi Honey took a picture of me while I was taking a bath. So can you imagine a nude woman with a big belly? Of course, when I saw him taking a video I was embarrassed even if we are already a couple. He showed some of my pregnancy photos and videos to the kids. He looked at Mayumi saying that it was her inside my big belly. Mayumi caught by surprise and the conversation went like this :

Mayumi : with a raising voice looking his Papa with her two big eyes. "Maman m'a avalée!" (Maman swallowed me! )

Sébastien : (confirming) "Eh oui Maman t'as avalée" (Oh yes Maman swallowed you).

That was a big laugh afterwards he explained that I was not a monster!

Another one is when we were watching a documentary film about animals. Mayumi saw a mother pig nursing her 10 piglets. And I told her :

Me : Regarde Mimi tu as vu la maman cochonne, et cochonettes qui tété ? Ils o…

Talented Filipinos!

It's the season of reality show in France. I am not a fan of reality shows but I like watching this star search program of La Nouvelle Star (The New Star) and yes they can sing too. They have also created this portion Les Inoubliables(The Unforgettables) suddenly when hubby saw some videos he told me "On est vraiment nuls, on ne sait pas chanter" ! (We are really hopeless, we don't know how to sing). Telling him that some could sing but you see this segment is done on purpose. And here I am bragging about talented Filipinos who are really exceptional. It's in the blood. We love singing and it's really a part of our culture.

I even went to You Tube just to prove him that we are really good! I showed him all the videos of my favorite singer Josephine "Banig" Roberto and explaining the history of her fame! In fact, in my own time it started with Regine Velasquez singing her winning piece in your eyes in Bagong Kampeon a Singing Contest way back in 198…

When $ drops

When this happens this will have an automatic economic implications to all of us. Previous months up to present are undeniably difficult for each country. Prices are drastically escalating for obvious reasons. As gas and oil increase other essential products will be seriously and unwantedly affected. Wheat, rice, maize and all milk made products are the major commodities which are really affected. I heard over the radio that there are few American tourists in France according to radio announcers and they tried to justify why. One of the announcers called a hotel asking hotel room rates. The announcers tried their best to speak in English (with a French accent) and they were giggling with each other because of their accent. They didn’t mention what hotel it was but the receptionist gave them the tariffs for 525 euros with two options, a terrace with view from the beach and view from the other side of the suite. The explanation of the receptionist was quite fast because she noticed tha…

A boy or a girl ?

I am not pregnant, I just want to rant !

It was a sun drenched Saturday and we went strolling at Parc Borely as we would like to profit the spring. My daughter is dressed up with dark blue jogging attire with a Mickey and Mini Mouse drawing on it. She was wearing a pink ballerina shoes (sporty type) with a flower design and a simple hat. Suddenly, she went sliding and there was a little boy with his Mom. The boy is obviously older than Mayumi. When the Mom saw Mayumi she said to his young boy “Tu fais attention avec le petit garcon”! (You be careful with the little boy). I told her immediately “ C’est une petite fille Madame”! (She’s one little girl Ma’am). The mother excused herself!

Prior to this I pay no attention every time when people ALWAYS mistaken Mayumi for a boy! Contrary to Joanne she had compliments with her girl who is a boy with long hair LOL ! Trying to be NICE at all time I respond people “Oh it’s nothing! Or no harm about it” etc.etc! Honestly, it’s not a big question, …