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My other ME

I don’t know if you have some difficulties in pronouncing my name HAZEL (Hey-zhul). On the other hand, when I arrived in France my name became AZEL (ah-zel) some would call me ASSEL (but I am not one & I assure you I don’t create hassle) and because French doesn’t pronounce the letter H! I didn’t know that French and Kapangpangan’s have in common. In Pampangga they don’t pronounce the letter H until I became friends with my friend C who is an origin of Pampangga (we’re both working in the Hotel Industry). One night, we were watching a film at home and in that particular scene there was a snake and she was screaming really hard while watching and pointing her finger on the television to warn the actors as if she could be heared by them “ Naku ingat ka sa a-as!!” (Oh be careful with the???). At that time I didn’t get it and inquisitively asked her what was about a-as after all? She smilingly told me that in Pampangga they don’t pronounce the H so she was referring about Ahas (snake)…

Should I or shouldn't I ?

I don’t know and I don’t care of what my neighbours will think everytime they see me clean our car inside the residence. Well, I know that vacuum creates an irritating sound however I don’t wash the car early in the morning or during nap time. I am not that insensitive on others wanting to have a quite environment. Knowing that Frenchies often complains because of the LITTLE noise a person could create nevertheless I still insist on cleaning our car. I have kids who eat inside the car obviously the presence of bread crumbs is frequently visible. I clean the car once a week and I think there’s nothing ghastly about washing a car even inside the property. There are some neighbours who would joke and ask me to clean their car “un coup de chiffon suffit et je serai content!” (One touch of sponge and I will be happy!). Or they will tell me that husband is quite lucky that I do the cleaning. While the truth is they wanted to pass a message on me that they want their wife to do the same (and…


Just got back from a 7 hours travel from the Region of Bourgogne and stayed two days there for the wedding celebration of our friends. It was a great wedding and will tell you more about it. For the meantime we are re-charging the car to put our stuffs and by the time you read this we will be boarding on the ship heading to Corsica. And yes we didn't have much sleep for 2 days but then tonight finally we will surely sleep well since it is a night travel. See you soon and happy vacation to everyone.

Everyone meets everyone

It’s been four months since my last EB with Hilda and daughter Mayumi and I was talking about wondering who will be the next. Eventually a long-time plan of an EB between Makis and Hilda took place. Moreover, we also met another blogger Lynneth and family who apparently spending a grandiose vacation in the South. Makis had a good idea of proposing Lynneth to meet up with everyone. After my first encounter with Hilda this time will be Makis meets Hilda, Hazel meets Lynneth and Hilda meets Lynneth(just to be giving you the exact details) . I live in Marseille, Makis lives in Carry, Hilda lives in Lambesc and Lynneth will be coming from Frejus thus we decided to meet halfway. Typically an EB take place in restaurants, bars/ cafes or someone’s place but this time is just wonderful. Hilda proposed a picnic at the park in Aix-en Provence for a change out of the ordinary.

We went to Parc Jourdanand it was already 1:00 in the afternoon that our growling stomach started to whine. And looking a…

Le permis ça se mérite!

Ca ferra un an j’ai eu mon permis de conduire plus exactement depuis le 13 Février 2007 (17 mois). Eh oui les temps passe vite! Tous les jours je me sens de plus en plus à laisse mais parfois je ressens des petites appréhensions. Disons conduire ce n’est pas facile surtout lorsque nous sommes confrontés avec des gens qui conduisent mal, qui n'obéissent pas la code de la route pourtant qu’ils connaissent les règles. Mais personnellement, avec toutes ces expériences ils sont vraiment utiles vu que j’apprends d’avoir :

La confiance en soi : Elle est très important de prends confiance dans ma capacité disons avoir ’La Positive Attitude’. Assurez vous tout le monde peut apprend à conduire et d’être confiant peuvent nous aider à s'en sortir. D’être pessimiste n'a jamais acquis une bataille !

Le réflexe : L’expérience de la route se procure en conduisant constamment. Sans parler de mettre la ceinture et les clignotants…c’est automatique !

La prise de décision : Sans la moindre d’hés…

Koh-Lanta season 8

I have talked about in my previous post just last year about the TV reality in France. The one I was religiously watching was La Nouvelle Starwhich ended last month. I was actually rooting for Benjamin because I like the way he performs unfortunately he did not make it to the finals . I find the regulations of the game a bit peculiar. The contestants perform and will be judged according to their performance. There are professional judges (i.e. singers, composer etc) but their judgment does not count because in the end the crowd will have the final say. Unfortunately, it’s the name of the game! In fairness to Amandine she also sings very well and I think the crowd preferred that a lady wins this time because in the last two consecutive shows winners were both men. But I still go for Benjamin, a true artist himself.

Summer is equivalent to TV Reality in France and they are budding like flowers but quite non-sense like Secret Story (equivalent to Pinoy Big Brothers ) and L’Ile de la Tent…