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Back from hibernation

When was the last post I did ? Oh my, it was last year and it's a shame because I promised to update this blog but I failed....SORRY :(  !  I know I was out from blogging for a very long period of time. I wasn't very active it's not that I don't have things to say but I don't have enough time to write what I have been doing. 

This year was quite  very hectic as my eldest went to secondary school so I needed to organize myself. Picking up my girls and son from two different schools, working part time with shifting hours plus doing the mommy/wife job make it really frantic. An inner voice asked me to visit my blog telling me YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF ME !  This reminded me to write something even the non sense happening in my life.

I wouldn't bore you with my blah blah about my kids. I would like to share you my job experience lately. I was hired to work as "Conseillère de vente" (sales lady) in Tape à l'oeil. I didn't have any  experience in this field but I grabbed the opportunity to work by contractual since it is very hard to find a job in France. I was like, what the heck ? I know that I don’t have any directly related work experience, but I have done various quite identical jobs from the past and would love a chance to learn.

And I said, peanuts ! But I was wrong, it's not just about recommending clients what to buy but it requires the disposal of products wtih good sales approach which is paramount. Indeed, the aim is to encourage the customer to purchase minimum articles when leaving the boutique. In addition, following the structure of the shop, to manage inventory or sales of products, oversee internet orders and deal with cash register functions....meaning multi-tasking ! I didn't have a problem with that but the thing is I do not like their sales approach. They are convinced that being totally at the back of every clients is normal. I don't call it convincing.....I call it manipulation to the point of pressuring and harrassing the clients to buy own point of view I didn't grew up with that company culture.

I remember asking my Supervisor what if clients leave without buying something ? Told her there are clients, at first, they would just look on the products and buy them later. Clients tend to be careful on their budget since there is still consumer crisis. I was expecting that she will tell me something encouraging but to my dismay she told me that I am not an effective sales person ! Whoa, I never heard a good manager tells me this. So I realized she is a supervisor by title not by deeds. I was expecting she will be an efficient communicator, problem-solver and employee motivator. So I decided to leave the company because I am not happy.  Besides they are not very organized because there are things that I don't agree which is too much to ask. As an ex-employee I should not divulge information so I will keep it to myself as a respect to the company. However, my experience has enhanced my skills, even if it is in a minor way.

Culture matters, culture is a great tool when applied. 


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