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Welcome transition

I would say that 2013 was very fruitful for the family and yet challenging. Fruitful because my kids did well with their studies especially Sébastien. He graduated from primary school with flying colors. Well, in Europe, there are no medals for that only appreciations from teachers. On the other hand, it was challenging and quite difficult to find a school to enter into the secondary education. We have inquired to at least 6 private schools because we were not sure if he will be accepted because of the demands. It's quite tough to choose a school wherein it will be easy for us logistically. Finally, there was a school who called us for an appointment and asked Sébastien for an interview. We were so grateful as the interview went great. 

The time we knew that he was accepted, we get as much information about school. It will give us a better concept of the school. After the interview they asked us to submit all the documents like credentials from last 2 years of schooling, appreciations, certificates and other important records. We have visited the school premises, have read the school prospectuses, study their admissions criteria, read the school rules and regulations. We also met the school director and talked about high school life, his expectations from a student and expressed his message to welcome Sébastien to his stablishment. 

As for my daughters, Mayumi passed from CE 2 to CM 1. Equivalent, from Grade 3 to Grade 4. I am happy because I know that despite of her Dyslexia problem she was able to do well at school. She needs to continue her therapy until she overcomes her learning disabilities. While, Chiara will passed the Kindergarden Middle section, this is not obligatory because she is only 4 yrs old but we prefer she goes to school to learn and socialize.

So before we left for a 3 weeks vacation in Corsica we were really at peace....we found a school for our son and it suits our criteria. Plus, there are 2 schools who contacted us that Sébastien was also accepted but we have already made out choice. This is why, I haven't updated this blog as I have been very busy with my kids, taking care of the house (chores and errands), part time job and sports to keep me fit and decompress after a hard days work !

I still have so many things to say, I won't promise but I will make an effort to write even a short one. Stay positively happy in life !


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