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I have the reason to rant !

My kids are in the same school since year 2005 and I admit that parking is not easy as the roads are narrow. But this is not a good reason to park your car in the handicap space. There are streets wherein parents could easily park their cars which is probably 5 minutes away from the school.  Seriously, a five minute walk isn't long and not bad for the health. I've seen many parents who has only one child to take care of but are not ashamed to park in the handicap area. This is killing me ! Signs clearly shows that the only cars allowed to park are persons with handicap! Everytime, I see those parents who ignore the car panel I cannot help but comment. They park the car just to pick up their kids to make things easier for them....the nerve ! There are some cases, that parents park as close to the entrance so they won‘t even bother to walk. But wait sidewalks are for pedestrians right ? We need to walk safely against fast cars and busy streets but how can we do that if there are…

Getting started

I am not an artist, neither a photographer.... how I wish I am but I've got  myself a new camera ! It's not as professional as you expected but I am happy to explore with my new baby. I really wanted to get one when DSLR started to break the world. According to my research, it began year 1999 when Nikon started it all with the D1 of 1999 and continues in 2008 with the D40. But it was too expensive for me, so I have waited many years to get one. Today, I take the pleasure to scrutinize this new tool.  

I didn't really buy one but I have used my grocery shop's fidelity card which is potentially beneficial to me. I've been gaining points in my card every groceries I make which is equivalent to euros. In which an allotment of points are saved and could be used for my future purchases. I have accumulated and reached almost 300€ in it so I only added some euros to have this camera. So I have decided to buy a DSLR Camera since I started to get interested in photography. My…

A scene that depicts a happy life !

Since it's summer the family have been very busy with all the invites and out of town escapades. I have so little time to update this blog. To forgive me from my long absence, I would like to share with you such a wonderful, touching and such a happy video about my country. Absolutely, wonderful to watch with loving spirit to share!,87058111.html

shades of comfort

It seems that spring is just playing hide and seek !  Then, I  heard the birds let out a high pitched squeak  Sprouting all new colors and flowers are blooming in the spring.  The nature is full of magical things, waiting patiently and then, Oh well, I understand why I am waiting.....Spring is here once again !


Happy birthday to A True Positive Mind, this is my 201 post since September of  2005.  I am glad to have maintained my blog until this time. Even though, I couldn't write more articles like before but I try to manage to update this once a month. Life is very busy but it's unfortunate to neglect this blog. It's a part of my life, YOU are a part of my life, some people became my virtual friends, others became an enemy (maybe) but I am still thankful because I have learned many things from your blogs. And I have shared a little part of me and if I have touched your heart in some way I am glad to have put a smile on your face during the toughest situation in your life !

learning to be in whatever state

One Monday, I found myself cutting 30 kilos of white chicken and beef, peeling 30 kilos of carrots, onions, bell peppers of any colours. In between, serving clients and washing dishes and kitchen stuffs (of course with the use of machine) manual washing would be impossible. Plus, cashiering on the side...quite a tough job to do everything at the same time. Good thing, being a Mom of three have trained me through the years to learn multitasking and to be well organized. Accordingly, my 2 months experience helping a friend in her restaurant business have contributed a lot to my daily learning since I am not trained for this. It's something different I used to do in my past life. Even though the last 7 years I was working in the hotel industry I never had the chance to work in the F & B Department. 

During my first years in France, I had interviews but I had my first baby, so working right away in France didn't materialised. Then had my 2 daughters in the following years after…

head scratcher

One night, during our family dinner I have announced to my kids that I found a job and  will be working part time. I will only be working every Mondays but with long hours from 9 in the morning until 10 in the evening. My employers need me during Mondays only. So I grabbed the opportunity right away since I still have my youngest with me. It's a good compromise as husband gets to change his day off from Wednesday to Monday. Working 13 hour straight will be definitely exhausting but I am happy to work and to finally re-gain experience. Besides, I will work one day a week and the rest of the week will be my rest day. Where can you find a job like that ?!! I still have ample time to look after the family. Eleven years of being a SAHM is great, really great !!!......but I miss working so I am using this as an opportunity to better MYSELF ! Re-enter the workforce can be daunting, exciting, overwhelming rolled into one. Sometimes, I fell unconfident that I wouldn't be able to cope u…