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Christmas Spirit

As soon as we arrived from our vacation the first thing my kids asked me is our Christmas tree. They kept on bugging me to start decorating as they are eager to help me put the ornaments and Christmas lights. They are really waiting for this moment as they've seen Christmas decorations during our Philippine trip. I decided to get them in the garage. Voila, finally it's up after our 2 days arrival from the Philippines. But this photo you are looking at was taken only today that's why there are already wrapped gifts.

Our Christmas tree with presents already

This ornament is made by Mayumi from their school artwork

These 2 ones are their little stuff toys that they would like to be a part of decorations

At the bottom of our Christmas tree I have put the artwork of Sébastien that you see from your left (a candle shape green and silver color) and the red card with the star that goes with. The Christmas card with a silver Christmas tree was made by Mayumi together with the green …

It's not all about gifts

My husband attended a two days seminar. There were among other 25 Cadres (25 Managers) who were present. This time he was on his best suit made by my Uncle especially for him. When suddenly, all his colleagues gazed at him as if it was their first time to see husband wearing a suit. Suddenly, colleagues started to praise him. Wohoa, t’es bien là dedans! (You are good in that suit). J’adore ton costume ! (I love your suit). Superb ton costume! (Your suit is excellent.) Then it was pretty awkward for him with all the compliments thus, he smiled at them and said , “Arrêtez,.vous me mettre mal à l'aise!” Stop, that’s enough you make me feel uneasy.

Well, I am not surprised since he has few suits that he bought many years ago and the style starts to get old-fashioned. Just to give you recap from our Philippine trip. I asked my uncle who has a tailoring shop that makes especially made suit only for men. We personally chose the fabrics and colours. We had 2 suits and 1 Barong for husband …

The Trip - Part 2

Who says there’s nothing interesting to see in Manila. I am not talking about the big malls which is the easiest place to go. And because my husband does not support to stay in Manila our plan to hang out for 2 days was religiously followed. Morning of our arrival we went directly to my parent’s house before going to the hotel near their place for easy access. My father passed by Fort Bonifacio Global City and I remember this place late 1987. Fort Bonifacio used to be a part of armed forces base camps where Ferdinand Marcos incarcerated hundreds of his opponents. My vivid memory from many years ago of Fort Bonifacio was the military headquarters, the detention hub, barracks, army bureaus and training fields which are now long gone. At present, it turns out to be the location of an expansion of the economic quarter. The rapid construction of residential buildings, offices, trading businesses and a dozen schools are rising in hasty progression. I observed that in spite of global crisis …

The trip

I know it’s been a while that I have not updated my blog. It’s not that I disregard the existence of this blog, it’s just difficult to beat the jet lag. And still thinking where to start what we have left at home. The house is in a terrible muddle. Nevertheless, all are now in place and I have some time to write about our trip to the Philippines.

We supposed to leave April but since we have had a lot of renovation made the last time it is necessary to checked out on the budget. So we decided to pushed through theoretically December but it is out of question that we pay 5,000€ for the ticket . It was a way too expensive for us. Good thing, husband has a lot of benefits from work and fare ticket is one of them. The company has a list of agencies in which all employees are entitled to have a less 30% from the ticket valid every after 2 years travel anywhere. I would say, not bad after all. We have checked around 4 agencies and compared the ticket fare. We were able to get the less …