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other way

We always say that the best way to learn a language is to live in a country where they speak it or marry one. After following an 8 months course in Alliance Française I learned a lot but the 8 month lesson was not enough. I stopped because I was near delivery with my first born child. I did not continue because I was into breastfeeding. The need to hire someone to look after my baby if ever I will be at class was difficult so I ended up staying at home. Since the first day I started my French classes I told husband not to talk to me in English and he did (now my English suffers). Most of the time I am alone at home since kids are at school so I don't practice my speaking ability. It's also one of the reasons why I blog to write in English, French and Tagalog. One simple way to ascertain how well I could progress my French speaking are through reading, watching television, listening to radio, surfing on the internet, keeping my dictionary with me, socializing with neighbours an…

On EB's and its story

I surf, chat, send mails and I know how Microsoft office works. But blogging? If JOANNE calls herself “the late blogger” I also consider myself as one. Honestly, at that time I was never up to date about the new effects going on in the Web world. Until I exchanged emails and chatted with an expert on web design and html's things. How did we meet? Now here's the story behind EB (eyeball) happened sometime year 2005. One night we were invited by honey's officemate over her place for appetizers with some of her chosen colleagues. It was the first time I met other officemates including the French-German couples who happened to be her neighbour and a good friend of hers. While exchanging conversation here and there they confirmed having a Filipina friend and she just live next door. Sylvain told me her name is KALA which I thought an origin of Baguio! Really it was my first time to stumble upon such an original name. I gave them my email address to be given to her so she could …

The Patient

I remember liking Psychology subject when I was still in college. I am very much curious about studying human behavior and mind which are quite complex and ambiguous. Debating with my Atheist Professor was interesting, intense and sometimes thought provoking. Especially when it comes to religion he never stopped throwing challenging and yet annoying subjects but thatdidn't irk me otherwise I will look like a loser without fighting for what I believe! Perhaps without Sigmund Freud Psychology will not be that sensational. Upon watching the television yesterday I learned that there is still the last living patient of Austrian Neurologist and Father of Psychology Sigmund Freud's. Under the name of Margarethe Walter, a sculptor herself who is now 89 years old. She had a 45 minute seance with Freud that changed her life. This is the story behind how Freud saved her life. Can Psychology save the world ? Or one's life like Freud did ?

Freud, as recalled by last living patient
By …


Winter vacation is likely strenuous even if I am not skiing but a lot of activities are really enticing. My last 3 days were spent in learning how to snowboard all by myself. I am determined even it will cause me falling. And YES I looked ridiculous beside the surf board and small children who looks professional skier themselves. Speeding up and down, taking aerial lift, ski tow etcetera and me trying to convince myself that I will succeed. Snowboarding is not easy and I should have taken lessons Honey insisted but I personally taken it for granted. Learning just all by myself is not adequate. Next time for sure taking course is indispensable. Though, I am proud to say that I went as far as 150 to 200 meters not bad for a beginner…take note from an ascending point!

I thought I was just exhausted from our vacation in the Alps. Since my body is weak caused by snowboarding it is much more vulnerable to viruses. Tssk..tsssk. Aside from the plague roaming around the region Gastro, Rhinophar…