Monday, March 31, 2008

other way

We always say that the best way to learn a language is to live in a country where they speak it or marry one. After following an 8 months course in Alliance Française I learned a lot but the 8 month lesson was not enough. I stopped because I was near delivery with my first born child. I did not continue because I was into breastfeeding. The need to hire someone to look after my baby if ever I will be at class was difficult so I ended up staying at home. Since the first day I started my French classes I told husband not to talk to me in English and he did (now my English suffers). Most of the time I am alone at home since kids are at school so I don't practice my speaking ability. It's also one of the reasons why I blog to write in English, French and Tagalog. One simple way to ascertain how well I could progress my French speaking are through reading, watching television, listening to radio, surfing on the internet, keeping my dictionary with me, socializing with neighbours and through observation. I also found out that a good way to get started (my other way) to learn a certain language is through music. I love singing but that doesn't mean that I can sing hhrrmmm ! I always check you tube or Daily motion in that aspect or other sites to get the lyrics of a song. While surfing I found a song from the versatile and well respected French singer and songwriter Renaud. I was curious and asked husband what was it about this song. To make the story short it is in fact a French guy (who has a limited English knowledge) fell in love with an English woman. To show that he loves the English woman he made an effort to talk in English and came up with a song mixing English and French. The song is well written and funny and everytime I do chores I already have the tendency to sing this song. I can tell you there are words that I don't understand. And searching through the dictionary become an easy way to let me grasp the meaning of the song, that simple !

Song Title : It is not because you are (parenthesis in translation)

When I have rencontred you, (rencontred- met)
You was a jeune fille au pair, (jeune fille au pair-exchanged student who want to learn a certain language)
And I put a spell on you,
And you roule a pelle to me. (
roule a pelle - ride a shovel)

Together we go partout (partout - everywhere)
On my mob it was super (mob-bike)
It was friday on my mind,
It was a story d'amour. (d'amour - love)

It is not because you are,
I love you because I do
C'est pas parc' que you are me qu'I am you.
(c'est pas parc' que - it is not because / qu'I - that )

You was really beautiful
In the middle of the foule. (foule-crowd)
Don't let me misunderstood,
Don't let me sinon I boude. (sinon I boude - otherwise I sulk)

My loving, my marshmallow,
You are belle and I are beau (belle- beautiful, beau-handsome)
You give me all what You have
I say thank you, you are bien brave. (bien brave-well brave)

It is not because you are,
I love you because I do
C'est pas parc'que you are me qu'I am you. (
C'est pas parc'que-it is not because/ qu'I - that )

I wanted marry with you,
And make love very beaucoup, (beaucoup-much/a lot)
To have a max of children, (max-maximum/many)
Just like Stone and Charden. (
The French duo's most popular 1970's)

But one day that must arrive,
Together we disputed. (disputed-quarreled)
For a stupid story of fric, (fric-money)
We decide to divorced.

It is not because you are,
I love you because I do
C'est pas parc' que you are me qu'I am you.
(c'est pas parc'que-it is not because/ qu'I - that )

You chialed comme une madeleine, (
chialed comme une madeleine - you cry like a madeleine)
Not me, I have my dignité. (dignité - dignity)
You tell me : you are a sale mec ! (sale mec - dirty guy/bad guy)
I tell you : poil to the bec ! (poil - hair, bec- beak)

That's comme ça that you thank me (comme ça - like that)
To have learning you english ?
Eh ! That's not you qui m'a appris, (
qui m'a appris - who taught me)
My grand father was rosbeef ! (rosbeef- roast beef/English speakers)

It is not because you are,
I love you because I do
C'est pas parc' que you are me qu'I am you.
(c'est pas parc'que - it is not because/ qu'I - that )


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On EB's and its story

I surf, chat, send mails and I know how Microsoft office works. But blogging? If JOANNE calls herself “the late blogger” I also consider myself as one. Honestly, at that time I was never up to date about the new effects going on in the Web world. Until I exchanged emails and chatted with an expert on web design and html's things. How did we meet? Now here's the story behind EB (eyeball) happened sometime year 2005. One night we were invited by honey's officemate over her place for appetizers with some of her chosen colleagues. It was the first time I met other officemates including the French-German couples who happened to be her neighbour and a good friend of hers. While exchanging conversation here and there they confirmed having a Filipina friend and she just live next door. Sylvain told me her name is KALA which I thought an origin of Baguio! Really it was my first time to stumble upon such an original name. I gave them my email address to be given to her so she could be able contact me. The next day Kala emailed me and we started chatting from then on (until now) and had planned to meet each other.

Before heading off to Corsica I finally met her August of 2005 and I brought along with me my 4 months baby girl Mayumi. Kala tagged along with her is another blogger MAKIS. We all have 3 things in common, being a Filipina who doesn't have a family in France, married to Frenchies and we all live in the beautiful city of South. We then went to a café to get acquainted with each other. From that time on a good amity started between the three of us. The meeting was great and funny, hence thinking that I am the most talkative between us three I was wrong! Makis is babblier that made me feel discreet. What more Kala? To start with an ice breaker, do you know why Makis was smirking here? Okay this is how it went, it was time for picture taking Kala took photo and I sat down beside Makis and her head and my breast collided telling me they were too big, of course I was into breastfeeding then ! And Kala, reminded me of her Mom, don't I ?! Now do you see the picture? I'd like to thank Kala for the final push and introducing me to this wonderful means of expression and communication !

I met another Filipina who is a non-blogger, named Jhona but a Friendster buddy. Thanks to Makis! In fact, she sent an email to Makis that she would like to meet other Filipino living in Marseille (she doesn’t know anyone). We all agreed to meet her over my place and we started going out. I and Jhona often see each other because we both live in Marseille which is more accessible to plan and go out. She sometimes visits me at home and stroll at the park beside our residence, go to the beach at David or I visit her together with my kids over her place.

Makis, Kala, Jhona and Myself

The story continues…..

I’ve also met the blogging sewer writer herself APOL. She lives far from us so I have seen her thrice and chatted with her very rare as she is very busy spinning her ETSY shop and writing short stories. It was Kala’s birthday when I first met her together with her husband and yes I confirm that she’s the most talkative of us all, funny and wacky!

During Kala's birthday bash

Now, the farthest away blogger I’ve met is the famous busy working Mom ANALYSE the Dijonais together with the whole family! Kala gave me few blog sites to visit including hers and Francesca’s. Lurking on their sites and others gave me an idea on how to start off my own blog. I emailed her and later on converted into chatting more or less everyday as she was still pregnant at that time. Meaning, she had more time to blog and chat. We have had interesting and diverse conversation about France, cultural differences, being a new Mom, being a blogger, her being a working Mom and me as a stay at home Mom etcetera! That was a great exchange! When they visited the South of France they never missed to give me a visit. I invited them for lunch. Okay I will not tell you what were the menus….you know it’s my weak point. Though, Laurent (Analyse husband) told me that I make a delicious soup. He was rather expecting to have a Filipino style soup (lots of water with vermicelli pasta). Obviously, I was already advised by Analyse that he’s a very selective eater. If he only knew that I planned the menu greatly ahead of time to avoid embarrassment. Smart move! They brought cake for dessert. So I asked Makis and Jhona to come over too, unluckily Kala just moved to Paris during their visit. We had a great time especially with the kids. Mayumi never let go of Laurent as if he was his own Papa while Louna was tranquilly playing around, she didn’t pay attention at all nonetheless get jealous! Gentille LOUNA!

One fine day

The last but not the least is the very talented blogger HILDA. She commented on my blog and we started emailing each other and eventually turned into chatting. She has a 9 month daughter who happened to be MAYUMI too. She invited me to her FRENCH FOOD BLOG and I often get ideas of great recipes. We’ve been planning to have an EB together with Makis but it was never finalized until Makis needed to urgently leave for Philippines. One day she needed to go to Vaccination Centre before leaving for Philippines but the centre near her place is always unavailable. Thus, she asked me if there’s any here in Marseille, I told her yes! I've proposed to accompany and served as her driver! In return she cooked Pansit for me using Udon (Japenese Noodles) and I can tell you she is indeed a Cordon Bleu. I was so embarras when I had to cut the onion...hehehe it came out as squared onions and not fine chopped onions! Now I know how to cut onions properly, thanks Hilda! The moment was not enough for our first time acquaintance however we are still looking forward to another adventure with Makis when she comes back and that is very soon!

Mayumi meets Mayumi

When I read others EB’s episode it makes me happy because that’s how the magic of technology could reconnect people! I remember WIL saying about his EB experience with co-bloggers back home. I like the last passage he said “Who'd have thought that if it weren't for blogging, we'd all just be going about our lives not even aware of each other's existence?”. SO TRUE! Now, I wonder who will be the next on my EB lists.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Patient

I remember liking Psychology subject when I was still in college. I am very much curious about studying human behavior and mind which are quite complex and ambiguous. Debating with my Atheist Professor was interesting, intense and sometimes thought provoking. Especially when it comes to religion he never stopped throwing challenging and yet annoying subjects but that didn't irk me otherwise I will look like a loser without fighting for what I believe! Perhaps without Sigmund Freud Psychology will not be that sensational. Upon watching the television yesterday I learned that there is still the last living patient of Austrian Neurologist and Father of Psychology Sigmund Freud's. Under the name of Margarethe Walter, a sculptor herself who is now 89 years old. She had a 45 minute seance with Freud that changed her life. This is the story behind how Freud saved her life. Can Psychology save the world ? Or one's life like Freud did ?

Freud, as recalled by last living patient
By Hannah Cleaver in Berlin

Miss Walter told the German newspaper Die Zeit that she was taken to see Dr Freud in the now famous Berggasse 19 in Vienna in 1936, two years before the Anschluss, which would join Germany and Austria, bringing exile or death to the Austrian Jews.

Freud was already aged 80; his work, linking many psychological problems to early childhood and denied or repressed sexuality, had scandalised the establishment and then gradually become accepted.

"He had a small white beard, a grey suit and was a little bent forwards," she said, adding that he filled the room with his quiet confidence.

"He was very frail-looking but full of power. He asked my name but my father answered. He asked about my school and my father answered. What I did in my free time and my father answered. The answer to my ambition for a career also came from my father's mouth. Just like it always was at home.

"I sat there silent like an object that had been brought along."

She said Freud then dismissed her father from the room in a friendly but firm manner.

Miss Walter had been taken to see Freud by her domineering father after the family doctor diagnosed her with "mental suffering".

In a description that echoes Freudian diagnostics, Miss Walter said: "I was the loneliest girl in Vienna. Lonely, over-protected, locked in and pretty certainly not loved." Her mother died while giving birth to her, she described her stepmother as greedy and cold, her grandmother as terribly aged and her father as unapproachable.

"Everything that happened to me was decided behind my back," she said.

The teenager opened her heart to the therapist.

"He looked at me uninterruptedly, and his full participation enveloped me," she added.

She told him of reading erotic books. "At night, next to my snoring grandmother I devoured the spicy books which were hidden behind Grillparzer and Goethe, but she caught me "

Her liberation at the hands of Freud was focused on her father and rebellion against him over - inevitably - sexual matters.

She told Freud how when she and her father were at the cinema, he would insist on leaving when a kissing scene started. "He would tell me, 'such a thing is not for you'," she said. "I wanted to watch a kissing scene to the end."

Freud told her: "Being an adult entails overcoming the difficulties and implementations of that which forms a personality. Fostering your desires. Putting up resistance. Asking why and not silently accepting everything. It is about standing up for that which is really important, with quiet determination.

"When the next kiss scene comes up in the cinema, stay seated, stay seated. I'm telling you explicitly, stay seated. Think of me."

Miss Walter did defy her father on their next cinema visit when he tried to order to leave.

Gradually she gained the self-confidence to detach herself from his rule and eventually pursue her own career, becoming a sculptress.

"He saved my life," she said.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Winter vacation is likely strenuous even if I am not skiing but a lot of activities are really enticing. My last 3 days were spent in learning how to snowboard all by myself. I am determined even it will cause me falling. And YES I looked ridiculous beside the surf board and small children who looks professional skier themselves. Speeding up and down, taking aerial lift, ski tow etcetera and me trying to convince myself that I will succeed. Snowboarding is not easy and I should have taken lessons Honey insisted but I personally taken it for granted. Learning just all by myself is not adequate. Next time for sure taking course is indispensable. Though, I am proud to say that I went as far as 150 to 200 meters not bad for a beginner…take note from an ascending point!

I thought I was just exhausted from our vacation in the Alps. Since my body is weak caused by snowboarding it is much more vulnerable to viruses. Tssk..tsssk. Aside from the plague roaming around the region Gastro, Rhinopharyngitis, Angina, and Bronchitis I was infected by grippe known as Flu or Influenza a transmittable virus which causes high fever, severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, coughing, weakness and all the general body distress. BULLS EYE! I had this image of Influenza being a normal cough and colds but it is more than that. I have this extremely body pains I never had before. I thought I was paralysed for a moment. After a week of sickness I feel a little better. Though I am into recovery mode I am not completely 100% restored to health. Because Influenza drove me to a nightmare we plan to really get the vaccine next year. Furthermore, yesterday I went to our doctor and was recommended to have a blood assessment and to have Radiology analyse. I am into all these and I hope that all the tests will lead to satisfying results.

I have been missing out a lot on blog hopping these days but without you knowing I am visiting you guys from time to time. I just don’t leave comments just for the time being. Hope that I can come back soon. Again take extra careful and stay healthy.