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I feel good !

The last time it was the renovation of our bathroom now it's the kitchen. Since I could not access to my kitchen my children eat at the school canteen. Normally, everday I bring them at 9AM and pick them up before 11:30 for lunch and bring Sébastien back before 1:30 PM Mayumi stays with me. Since the kitchen is under renovation I will pick them up by 4:30 PM. In this case, I have 7 and 1/2 hours all by kill the time. Of course, even if we have the renovation I still do the chores, chat and blog.

This is my old kitchen. If you will notice the black on the ceiling it was my fault. I almost burn down the kitchen :( but it's not the reason of renovation but because when we bought the apartment it's already the kitchen. We just wanted to change this old kitchen.

It's true that becoming a mother has a lot of responsibilities and things to prioritize. But on the other hand, responsibilities should not hinder us the need to go out and unwind without the childre…

the real version

Last weekend we went out to have a little walk in the forest of Luminy. Since summer is really over the central massif are now open for hiking. It's true that we are at the beginning of Autumn season but we are very much surprise to have such agreeable and sunnyweather in Marseille.Normally, the minimum temperature of Autumn in the morning is about 10-13°C but we are still experiencing 15-19°C this year! I went out at exactly 15:28 in the afternoon (French time) to check our thermometer and found out a 25°C under a shaded light condition. We still haven't experience rain this year. We experienced a little bit or rain shower but it was not enough to water the mountains and plants. Not even a bit of fresher environment.There are times in the morning, it's a bit cold but when the clock ticks at 10:00 AM there you go the sun shinning. Sometimes we are confused by these changes because we don't know what to wear either we should keep our summer clothes or bring out from t…

tagged by twos

So Pining is curious to find out what's on my desktop! Like all are the center of my computer screen. This photo was taken when we were in Corsica. So simple eh ! My son Sébastien who is turning 5 years old next January and my naughty daughter Mayumi who's 2 years and 6 months.

I don't know why but I like to be tagged. Now here is for Niceheart. Just to know me a little bit more.

• Where is your cellphone? On the bar
• Relationship? Two way
• Your hair? Wavy :) !
• Work? Still searching
• Your sister? My bestfriend !
• Your favorite thing(s) ? Computer, digicam & DVD collections
• Your dream last night? I don't remember....
• Your favorite drink? Mango juice
• Your dream car? It's not my thing as long as I have one !
• The room you’re in? Computer table
• Your shoes? comfy
• Your fears? losing a love one
• What do you want to be in 10 years? to have my Taekwondo black belt
• Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family out on hiking
• What are you not …

conquering the blacks!

Yesterday night we went out to watch the Rugby Match between France against New Zealand (known as the Blacks). Hubby had an invitation at La Place de La Joliette where they installed a big screen. There are bars, pizzeria and moroccan delicacies to enjoy with while having dinner in front of this giant screen. Surprised about the ambiance brought by the game. There were people tatoed on their face and costumed with white, red and blue color! The television station have shown history of previous games by the French team.

The show started and French people were proud to sing the French hymn trying to embraced the game. While the camera focused a candid shot to President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Fillon, the spectators from the room were boooing them, shouting & whistling! That I couldn't explain, why? Game started and after a few minutes one of the french team got injured. We were devastated ! I was shouting, complaining, and doing non-stop stressful gestures. The black score…

Thankful Thoughts for Toe

This is to thank TOE as I was awarded as a rockin' girl blogger. As my gratitude, would like to share this recipe to you. I guess everyone knows me that I am a good cook (kabaligtaran-the opposite). I have learned this from a Filipino friend who lives in Italy. A very simple recipe since Toe and Honey love cooking :) !

Ingredients :

Pasta (depends on your preference)
smoke bacon
3 branches of leeks
3 branches of celery
shitake mushroom (depends on the quantity you would like to have)
chicken bouillon (instead of salt)
good olive oil

Preparation :

Cut the leeks into round 5 cm (1-2 inch) and and the celery into cubes. Sauté the smoked bacon into a pan at medium heat with an olive oil of your preference. Add the cut leeks, celery and mushroom shitake. Add the chicken bouillon and pepper to taste. Mix well. When the leeks, celery and mushroom shitake are soft enough and is juicy it is cook already. Set aside.

Meanwhile, boil water and cook about 250 g of pasta al dente. Mix th…