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clock ticks

Countdown begins and three more days to go...Sunday, April 22 will be the 2007 French Presidential Election! It will be the preliminary voting day for the 12 candidates. If there would be a tie breaker between the 12 parties the first 2 leading candidates will have a second round voting that will be held on May 6. Pick your choice !


1. Olivier Besancenot Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue communiste révolutionnaire)

2. Marie-George Buffet Popular and anti-liberal Left, supported by the French Communist Party (Parti communiste français)

3. Gérard Schivardi Workers' Party (Parti des travailleurs)

4. François BayrouUnion for French Democracy (Union pour la démocratie française)

5. José Bové Alter- Globalization activist

6. Dominique Voynet The Greens (Les Verts)

7. Philippe de VilliersMovement for France (Mouvement pour la France)

8. Ségolène Royal Socialist Party (Parti socialiste)

9. Frédéric Nihous Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition (Chasse, pêche, natu…

slide and glide

According to my internet research on the origins of ski, the word 'ski' (pronounced 'shee' in Norwegian) is derived from the old Norsk word 'skith' meaning to split a piece of firewood." Skiing is actually the act of sliding with the use of two wooden planks. Since technologies have advanced, ski boards are now usually fabricated with fiberglass or other related compounds instead of wood. Primitively used for transportation, snow skiing started to be an amusement recreational activity and later became a sports for competition. It consists of many variations - the alpine skiing, the Nordic skiing, or telemark skiing.

On our way to the Alps, I was happy adoring the landscape! It made me think about my family. How I wish they could also see it because they haven't seen snow all their lives (Mom and Sister came during the Spring season only). Next time that would be my goal. Children enjoyed watching the DVD film during the travel that kept them calm and oc…

saang sulok man ng mundo


Ako lamang ay nagtataka at nagmumuni - muni na kung bakit ang pagdating ng Mahal na araw ay nag "egg hunting" karamihan sa atin! Dahil sa aking pagkakaalam tuwing sasapit ang araw na ito ang kaugalian nating mga Pilipino ay ang mga sumusunod:

Holy Week : Cuaresma o kaya Semana Santa ngunit ito ay salitang espanyol ngunit kung bibigkasin mo sa ating sariling wika Banal na Linggo o Mahal na Araw.

Palm Sunday : Lunes Santo- April 1. Ang unang araw ng Cuaresma. Ang mga katoliko ay nagdadasal ng taimtim ng kanilang malakas na pananampalataya. Nagkakaroon tayo ng bendisyon ng PALASPAS. Tayo ay nagdiriwang sa matagumpay na pagpasok ni Kristo sa Herusalem at ang pagbabalik at muling pagkabuhay nya sa lupa.

April 2. Martes Santo - Sa araw na ito ang bendisyon ng banal na langis ng buhay. Ito ay …


Les deux années précédentes m'a beaucoup apporté, la naissance de ma petite fille Mayumi, ma mère est venu pour la première fois en France et restée pendant 3 mois. C'est rigolo, comme nous avons toujours dis "What a small world" j'ai eu l'occasion de voir mon cousin et mes oncles qui travaillent sur les croisièrs et se mettre à quai en particulier à Marseille. Mon frére s'est marié et le mois de Janvier 2006 ils ont eu une merviellieuse petite fille. Egalement, ma souer à eu un petit garç famille s'agrandit. Mes parents sont toujours en bonne santé, c'est l'essentiel. L'etude de mon petit frère sera bientôt terminer, je suis contente c'est sa dernière année et espérons qu'il aura les meilleures résultats. Après 2 ans de travaille j'ai enfin reussi le permis...quel bonheur! Il y a tellement des belles événements dans ma vie que je suis très reconnaissante.

Aujhourd'hui est une nouvelle étape qui commence. Après 4 ans …