Thursday, April 19, 2007

clock ticks

Countdown begins and three more days to go...Sunday, April 22 will be the 2007 French Presidential Election! It will be the preliminary voting day for the 12 candidates. If there would be a tie breaker between the 12 parties the first 2 leading candidates will have a second round voting that will be held on May 6. Pick your choice !


1. Olivier Besancenot Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue communiste révolutionnaire)

2. Marie-George Buffet Popular and anti-liberal Left, supported by the French Communist Party (Parti communiste français)

3. Gérard Schivardi Workers' Party (Parti des travailleurs)

4. François Bayrou Union for French Democracy (Union pour la démocratie française)

5. José Bové Alter- Globalization activist

6. Dominique Voynet The Greens (Les Verts)

7. Philippe de Villiers Movement for France (Mouvement pour la France)

8. Ségolène Royal Socialist Party (Parti socialiste)

9. Frédéric Nihous Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition (Chasse, pêche, nature, traditions)

10. Jean-Marie Le Pen National Front (Front national)

11. Arlette Laguiller Workers' Struggle (Lutte ouvrière)

12. Nicolas Sarkozy Union for a Popular Movement (Union pour un mouvement populaire)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

slide and glide

According to my internet research on the origins of ski, the word 'ski' (pronounced 'shee' in Norwegian) is derived from the old Norsk word 'skith' meaning to split a piece of firewood." Skiing is actually the act of sliding with the use of two wooden planks. Since technologies have advanced, ski boards are now usually fabricated with fiberglass or other related compounds instead of wood. Primitively used for transportation, snow skiing started to be an amusement recreational activity and later became a sports for competition. It consists of many variations - the alpine skiing, the Nordic skiing, or telemark skiing.

On our way to the Alps, I was happy adoring the landscape! It made me think about my family. How I wish they could also see it because they haven't seen snow all their lives (Mom and Sister came during the Spring season only). Next time that would be my goal. Children enjoyed watching the DVD film during the travel that kept them calm and occupied. Honey and I were discussing different things... souvenirs of his childhood spent in Meribel, how he cried when he had his first ski lesson at the age of 6 and all the competitions he participated in and medals he won (Ssshhh ... he's keeping all his medals and he's proud but he's very discreet about it), the accidents and silly things he did. But the most memorable was that of working as a volunteer for 15 days during the 1992 Olympic Winter Sports in Albertville and was happy to see those great athletes who came from all parts of the world.

Growing up in a tropical country where we don't have snow, I have always been fascinated by snow and the sports which go with it, skiing and snowboarding ! And living in Marseille wherein snow is not a common view, it makes me very excited everytime we go to the Alps. In my five years in France it was my third year to spend vacation in the Alps so I tried to enjoy it as much as I could ! We were afraid that we might not have a lot of snow this year considering it's warmer today than the previous years. Surprisingly, that's not the case. We thought of you Kala and Julien. It's just so sad that you left for Qatar. A pity too that Makis and Alex were not able to come because of Alex's hectic work schedule. Anyway, there will always be next time.

We have spent a great winter vacation in the Alps of Meribel ! Husband's grandfather owns a three bedroom apartment otherwise we could not afford renting a chalet because it's too expensive. With friends to share the rent would be another solution. To tell you more, our son worked hard for his first ski lesson whereas Mayumi was contented to be in her ski stroller, playing in the snow and do the slide. We went strolling in the mountains, taking pictures, and chit chatting with friend Sarah while children and honey are out skiing the whole day (we were with Family Marotta because they lived 2 hrs from there) it's always nice to spend with friends right! To complete, vacation is not a vacation if food doesn't go with it , lots and lots of food.....a way to reconnect friends !

Thursday, April 05, 2007

saang sulok man ng mundo


Ako lamang ay nagtataka at nagmumuni - muni na kung bakit ang pagdating ng Mahal na araw ay nag "egg hunting" karamihan sa atin! Dahil sa aking pagkakaalam tuwing sasapit ang araw na ito ang kaugalian nating mga Pilipino ay ang mga sumusunod:

Holy Week : Cuaresma o kaya Semana Santa ngunit ito ay salitang espanyol ngunit kung bibigkasin mo sa ating sariling wika Banal na Linggo o Mahal na Araw.

Palm Sunday : Lunes Santo- April 1. Ang unang araw ng Cuaresma. Ang mga katoliko ay nagdadasal ng taimtim ng kanilang malakas na pananampalataya. Nagkakaroon tayo ng bendisyon ng PALASPAS. Tayo ay nagdiriwang sa matagumpay na pagpasok ni Kristo sa Herusalem at ang pagbabalik at muling pagkabuhay nya sa lupa.

April 2. Martes Santo - Sa araw na ito ang bendisyon ng banal na langis ng buhay. Ito ay ginagamit sa mga may sakit, ang langis sa "catechumens". Ang banal na langis ay inilalagay sa simbahan upang ang lahat ng katolikong nagsisipunta don ay gumagamit at naniniwala rito.

April 3. Miyerkoles Santo - Araw ng pangungumpisal .

Holy or Maundy Thursday: Huwebes Santo - Ang misa ng hapunan ng ating Panginoong Hesukristo at ang pagdiriwang ng Eukaristiya at ng pagpapari. Kung saan dito rin tayo nakakakita ng isang maliit na dula ng paghihirap ni Kristo. Sa dulang ito ay ipinakikita ang paghuhugas ng paghuhugas ni Kristo ng paa sa kanyang mga disipolo. Ang pagsisindi ng banal na kandila. Ang banal na eukaristiya at inaalis s tabernakulo at nilalagay at ginagamit sa adorasyon o pagsamba.

Good Friday: Biyernes Santo - Ang araw pag-aayuno, o ang di pagkain ng karne. Dito rin natin ginaganap ang Salubong . Walang misa na ginaganap sa araw na ito.

Black Saturday : Sadabo de Gloria - Walang ring misa sa araw na ito at ang simbahan ay dinedekorasyon ng kulay "violet". Araw ng pagkamatay ni Kristo. Naalala ko pa noong maliliit kami na bawal ang makinig ng radyo or manood ng telebisyon isang simbolo ng pag aayuno.

Easter Sunday: Pasko ng Pagkabuhay- April 8. Ang Araw ng Pagkabuhay ito ay nagaganap pagkatapos ng Santo Santo. Kalimitan sa mga kalapit probinsya nagkakaroon ng misa ng 12 ng gabi at ipinakikita rin dito ang bendita ng apoy at tubi. May mga prusisyon nagaganap upang salubungin ang imahen ng Birhen at ni Kristo. At dito ang araw na tayong mga Pilipino ay nagdririwang sa pamamagitan ng pagpunta sa dagat dahil iyon daw ay nagpapasimbolo na tayo ay naghuhugas ng ating mga kasalanan.

Ang katotohanan hindi ko makita dito sa ating mga kinaugalian ang egg hunting kaya ako ay nag surf upang mas lalo kong maintindihan. Kaya kahit ano man ang relihiyon o kaugalian mo hindi na mahalaga iyon. Kahit saan mang sulok ng mundo ang mahalaga ay ang paniniwala at pananampalataya ng bawat isa sa atin. Iiwanan ko kayo ng mensaheng ito sapagkat simula bukas ako ay mag aayuno. Bibisitahin ko kayo sa araw ng pagkabuhay.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Les deux années précédentes m'a beaucoup apporté, la naissance de ma petite fille Mayumi, ma mère est venu pour la première fois en France et restée pendant 3 mois. C'est rigolo, comme nous avons toujours dis "What a small world" j'ai eu l'occasion de voir mon cousin et mes oncles qui travaillent sur les croisièrs et se mettre à quai en particulier à Marseille. Mon frére s'est marié et le mois de Janvier 2006 ils ont eu une merviellieuse petite fille. Egalement, ma souer à eu un petit garç famille s'agrandit. Mes parents sont toujours en bonne santé, c'est l'essentiel. L'etude de mon petit frère sera bientôt terminer, je suis contente c'est sa dernière année et espérons qu'il aura les meilleures résultats. Après 2 ans de travaille j'ai enfin reussi le permis...quel bonheur! Il y a tellement des belles événements dans ma vie que je suis très reconnaissante.

Aujhourd'hui est une nouvelle étape qui commence. Après 4 ans en France j'ai eu ma nationalité Française (bien evidemment mon passeport Philippin est expiré ) donc il va falloir commencer le demarche pour ma double nationalité ! Voilà le 2007, c'est
l'election presidentielles dans 18 jours !!! Quest-ce que la vie nous réserve cette fois-ci ? Je pose toujours des questions. D'idées vadrouillaient plutôt dans ma tête avec plein d'inquiétude . Est-ce que mon mari resteras toujours dans cette boite qui appartient au gouvernement ? En fait, ça été souvent un sujet de notre converstation parce qu'il y aura beaucoup de changements quand nous aurons le nouveau président. Si c'est le cas, l'idée de l'expatriation est toujours ouverte. Nous avons pas mal réfléchi à ce sujet car mon mari ne voulait pas vraiment rester dans son propre pays après tous quest-ce passe politiquement. Il me disait souvent s'il pourrait seulement trouver un travail bien payé aux Philippines il ne pensera pas million de fois.....c'est le déménagement tout de suite! L'idée semble intéressante !

En tant que Française maintenant, je ne sais pas si je dois vraiment exercer le droits de voter? Ma réticence est justifiée par le comportement des politicians ! Tous ce que je sais que les politiciens sont tous les mêmes! Pendant la campagne ils ont tous leurs promesses et leurs projets pour le peuple et pour le pays mais dès que quelqu'un sera élu la promesse sont oubliés ! Mais ça reste toujours des questions, je ne pouvais pas avoir des reponse car la vie ne depends que moi mais aussi sur le system dans lequel nous nous vivons ! Tous ce que je sais et donner plus d'objectifs dans ma vie quotidienne en tant que citoyen, une femme et une mère. Plus de l'organisation et d'apporter ma modeste contribution et tout mes energie de donner la meilleure en moi.

Comment le statut politique va-t-il dans votre pays ? Êtes-vous satisfaits de votre gouvernement ? Vous croyez toujours dans la démocratie ?

Note : Please click link for French Electoral Candidates

Translation :

The two previous years brought to me a lot, the coming of my daughter, my mother came for the first time to France and remained for 3 months. It is funny, as we always say “What a small world” I had the occasion to see my cousin and my uncles who work on the cruise ship where they particularly dock in Marseille. My brother got married and on January 2006 they had marvelous a baby girl. Also, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy… the family increases. My parents are always in good health, it's what important . The study of my youngest brother will be over soon, I am happy it is his last year and hope that he will have best results. After 2 years of working finally got the licence… what a joy ! There are so much beautiful events in my life which I am very grateful of.

Today is a new stage that starts. After 4 years in France I had my French nationality (obviously my Filipino passport is expired) thus it is necessary to begin working on my dual nationality! Here's 2007, it is the presidential election in 18 days!!! This time what life holds for us? It has been always unanswered questions. Ideas ramble in my head with full of concern. Will my husband always remain in the company that belongs to the government? In fact, that is often a subject of our conversation because there will be many changes when we will have the new president. If it is the case, the idea of the expatriation is always open. We often thought of this subject because my husband did not want to really stay in his own country after all what is happening politically. He oftens said to me if he could only find a well paid job in the Philippines he will not think a million times ..... we will immediately move! The idea seems interesting!

Being a naturalised French nationality now, I don't know if I need to really exercise the right to vote ? My reluctancy is justified by the behavior of the politicians! All I know politicians are the same ! During the campaign they have all their promises and their projects for the people and the country but as soon as somebody is elected the promise are all forgotten! But that always remain a question, I could not have the answers because the life depends not on me alone but also on the system in which we live ourselves! All what I know is to give more objectives in my everyday life as a citizen, a wife and a mother. More organization and bring my humble contributions and all my energy to give out best in me.

How's the political status in your country? Are you satisfied with your government? Do you still believe in democracy ?