Monday, October 18, 2010


This morning I went to my first appointment at Kinesitherapy for my perineal re-education. While on my way to the clinic, I have witnessed a violent manifestation proximity close to my children’s school. They are probably 100 to 150 hundred students on the street manifesting…I don’t know what they want ? They have put fire in the garbage bins….Alright, there is a strike every week in Marseille, I am aware of what they are protesting for those who “REALLY” know what they are fighting until certain demands have been met by the government. But these students are just there to attract attention and most especially to bother people. Les petits voyous “hooligans” who’s there just to have fun and create a big mess.

Although, there were police officers to secure the area still it was quite stressing as I walked on the street with my 6 month old baby. I wouldn’t be afraid if I am alone…I could run whatever happen. Good thing firemen came rapidly to stop the conflagration made by these morons.

Done with my re-education, I went on my way and an old woman angrily told me “C’est les petits merdeux de la ville qui a fait tout ça ! ”. (It’s the little hooligans of the city who did that” ! I told her I might go on my way as I have a little baby with me. She advised me to leave as it’s dangerous to stay especially for the baby. I went to the car and made a U turn to stay away from them. Took another road, unfortunately they started to leave the area the same time I did ! We met on the grand boulevard, students marching on and so I was driving all along with my 1st gear. They were in the middle of the street marching on as if they are the only person on earth and just won’t let me pass. One of the students looked at me and smiled making a thumbs up sign. I didn’t do anything but I was absolutely furious inside!

As I drove along I was on my guard ! It was my first time to see with my own two eyes delinquent students smashing telephone booths, they broke all the shaded bus stops made of glass, they threw arranged plastic garbage in the middle of the streets….seriously it’s killing me ! They aren’t manifesting at all, they are destroying everything in sight. Fake strikers exist !

I have nothing against strike but I am against their means. To block total mobilization isn’t the best solution…it’s an economic loss ! I am hoping it will end very soon. If not for my husband’s stable job we are absolutely leaving France !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Babies eyeball

Every year we used go to Corsica to spend summer vacation in the mountain house to disconnect ourselves from the demanding life in the city. Unfortunately, this time we’re not going due to personal reason. As for me, it’s not that bad at all as we get to visit friends nearby Marseille. And since the weather is finally getting pleasant, we've been spending more time doing outdoor activities plus our social life is at long last rejuvenated. We are often invited by friends who throw pool parties over their place.

Our first summer escapade was to visit Kala & Lila. Since they are back in France, for a year or so we were able to meet up with her and to see Lila in person. Issirac is where they have stayed together with her very nice in-laws. It’s a region of Languedoc-Roussillon in the South of France in which we never really get to explore. A two hours drive from Marseille which is nothing. I was happy to see lavander fields on the way. Didn't had the chance of taking picture as finding the country house was extremely tedious plus our super GPS shortly after turning it on went down, darn ! I was anxious already as we were lost in the middle of nowhere. Added to that, my Chiara was crying all the way and Mayumi all puked at some point because of that winding road. It was like lost in the Sahara dessert trying to find our way without any clue. Husband started to freak out while I kept my calm to avoid aggravating the situation. Lastly, I kept my spirits up by thinking happy thoughts & objectively dealing with the situation.

Furthermore, on the way there were no signals thus the conversation with Kala were cut off every now and then. We couldn't wait for the last straight line to reach the country house. Finally, we have decided to stop in one of the villages and gave Kala a call. Goodness gracious, we have established the contact and thanks to ubiquitous cellular phones we were lost and found…. just in time! Father in law was nice enough to pick us up where we stopped. Well, those are just details. The best part was the rest of the day was spent with a very nice conversation with Kala and her in-laws over a nice lunch. A long nap for Chiara and a quick one for Lila. While the kids, hubby and Kala’s father in-law enjoyed swimming at the pool. Kala and me were able to catch up and chat about everything.

Chiara meets Lila

Thanks for lending me your bob hat Lila !

Kala and I also did a short swim with them. Taking pictures of everyone is indispensable. But will post few of them. Though it was a short meeting we had a great day indeed ! And it was my first time to see harvested fresh truffes by Flute (the truffe hunter) and to have met pretty Lila biggrin !

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Worth its salt

Three years ago, when I approached turnarounds, when I needed to pay at the tollgates, when having to and obliged charging car fuel…I COMPLETELY PANIC ! I don’t know but driving, drove me crazy. I was grumpy as there are a lots of things to do at the same time. It’s like multitasking but the only multitask I know is when I work at home or in the office. And driving is another story so if I fail, I’ll bleed like a stuck pig ! From anticipating, controlling, braking, shifting the gear, how the hell am I going to do that ?

Driving in Marseille is a long ordeal, a vast milestone in my years. Just when I imagine I am behind to the short strokes somewhat surprising draw closer. After three lengthy years of driving, manoeuvrings and holding on with only 6 points in my license as an apprentice, I am now a certified driver (normally experienced drivers have maximum 12 points). No more "A" stick at the back of my window car. No more aggressive tailgaters, not anymore betwixt and between an attempt to make a choice whether to pass by turnarounds, paying at the tollgate is just a piece of cake. I can say that driving is like clear as a bell.

In between years, I admit to break one of my tail lights after driving a month or so which is normal for a new driver. I got an infraction once and I paid 35€ for that. Apparently, I parked on the sidewalk lane (sidewalk is very large and doesn’t bother any pedestrian). I stopped there for only 10 minutes. well the police didn’t accept my explanation even if I am 8th months pregnant. I supposed, odds seem stacked against me that day.

What’s funny about this, I was thinking to take off my “A” on June 12. My husband asked me “Why June 12? I remember you need to take it off early this year.” I kept on ignoring him and continue to keep my A. Out of the blue, I took the yellow paper copy (Certificate of License) a proof that I have passed the Permit B. Husband is right ! Darn, I should have taken it away 4 months ago. And so two days ago, I proudly took it off and I can finally say hello to 12 points and goodbye to my panic attacks !

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

growth & challenges

Philippines is known to be a “third world country”. The term 3rd World is I guess outdated one, meaning nations which were not a branch of the Soviet or American slab at some stage of the Cold War. It came out on the latter that poor countries are considered a developing nations. I just wish that they will stop using this expression. And they will give us a chance to prove that we are indeed making our way to greater evolution. Not only the Philippines but most of Asian countries or other countries in this category who try to step forward at their own means. Let’s just take a good example of the eternal communist countries (mainly China) have imprecise the line between communism and capitalism. Apparently, they are everywhere and ruling the market. I’ve read that Chinese starts to silently invades Africa . Communist China is quickly preying the gigantic natural resources of sub-Saharan Africa. According to what I have read, an in-depth report that oil, copper, timber, precious metals -- China has swooped in to secure long-term deals.

I am still hopeful ! It's time Philippine economy to prove its worth. Arroyo said “Right now, we’re not Third World anymore,”. “At $1,400 we are now Second World, a middle class country. We’ll be able to achieve, if we are able to continue the trajectory of one-percent decline in the poverty level, we can reach hopefully the First World status by the year 2020.” I would like to believe her but why wait until 2020 ?

Philippines is a country rich in natural resources like other Asian countries which are now gradually developing. So I just hope they will realize and be fair that third world countries too have a clear sense of progression.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Koh-Lanta experience

My first thoughts concerning the labour included an epidural no doubt ! Five days before the supposed expected delivery, after a long push with extreme pain and no anesthesia I finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl on April 12. I couldn’t believe myself that I can go all natural with the birth as I had epidural for my two previous pregnancies. Scared that I might not be able to deal with the pain but I did or because I didn’t have a choice. It was too late to get an epidural as the baby was ready to come out. One thing for sure I pushed myself to the maximum limit. I ended up crying and screaming that signifies a “point-of-no-return” ! Good thing, my husband gave me the strength and supported me from A to Z. The medical group were extremely efficient in dealing during the delivery. Though, husband had an inkling that it was a forced labour when they saw it was a big baby of 4.640 kilos and measures 51 cm. It has been said that whether a woman carrying a big baby should undergo cesarean depends largely on the caregiver's or OB's management, not my pelvis. Plus, the theory goes that for all babies suspected to be big should get a cesarean to avoid shoulder dystocia. I appreciate their honesty of telling me they had difficulties of her getting out because the shoulder and arms are large. Nothing serious, she only had several red marks on her arms.

Fortunately, everything went well and didn’t have any complications. Two things that troubled me were my basin and coccyx, it suffered too much which started during my 7th month pregnancy until my delivery since the baby is big. I underwent therapy and thanks to Osteopathy, I can walk normally. Here's the picture of my little sumo, more of her soon together with her Kuya & Ate biggrin !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Third time's the Charm

Things....time......everything goes by really fast. I just cannot imagine that I will be admitted to hospital in 2 and a half months time. Restarting all over again from breastfeeding, sleepless nights, changing diapers to potty training and vice versa. I can see myself from now how will my journey could turn up side down and days could be shorter since I have two kids who go to school, bring them to their extra curricular activities plus taking care of a newborn baby. Bottom line, this job requires to be thrice organized than I was and to follow a srtict time management, well those are basically the keys to accomplish more or at the very least we could do everyday. Become more efficient with my time so as to avoid stress at the end of the day.

First the good thing about this is, I am glad that my daughter already accepted the idea to eat at the canteen. Meaning, I will have the rest of the day from taking care of the baby (my Me and baby time) , doing the household chores and getting some errands done. Before it was so hard for her to accept it but when we tried to explain why, she in return completely undesrtood the situation.

My children are topsy turvy most of the time like most of the kids. They can be lazy. Second, when they started going to school I have already trained my children to help me a little bit at home. To teach them to be autonomous. Giving them easy duties to get done, like arranging their toys, throwing the rubbish such as (plastics, papers, etc) in the garbage and sorted it our already as we have separate garbages for the recyclable and soiled ones. Every after meal, they are capable to arrange plates and won't wait for me anymore. In the long run this will be one of the biggest time management that helps me during the day. It became a habit for them. An organization is a skill learned over time and I am personally grateful to my parents for this as I am doing the same practice and instilled in the same manner to my children.

Wish me good luck for the coming of another baby and that I will be able to make everything in order. This is going to be a tough job but with the help of my husband and children they will make it easier for me !