Sunday, March 29, 2009

La sagesse de 6 ans

A la télé, Il y a une semaine en regardant les infos nous avons appri l'enlèvement d'un enfant de 3 ans et démi dans le Sud de la France à Arles. Elle s'appelle Élise avec une mère Russe et un père Français depuis Vendredi dernièr et untrouvable jusqu'a aujourd'hui. Visiblement, l'origin de cette enlèvement est la mère Russe car le couple se déchirent pour la garde de l'enfant. La fillette a été enlevée par deux hommes et une femme alors qu'elle revenait de l'école avec son père qui a été violemment agressé.

C'est vrai que c'est souvent le cas de rupture du mariage et ce n'est pas facile pour tout le monde. Bref, mon mari juste pour donner un exemple m'a dit "Voila, les circonstances pour les couples qui se séparent. Je pense que c'est qui se passera si un jour on doit se separer" ! Mais attention, çela ne signifie pas qu'on le pensent aussi fortement. C'est juste une triste verité dans la vie. Donc, ce genre d'échange n'est pas hors norme malgré tout.

Sans savoir, que notre fils (il était à table entrain de diner) avec toutes ses petites oreilles sont à l'ecoute et prendre les choses trop au sérieux . Notre fils ainé nous a dit " Moi, je ne veux pas que vous vous séparez.....parce que je vous aime tous les deux! " C'était exactement ces mots qui nous a tellement scotché! Pourquoi ? Car il ne choisit pas entre nous. Il peut aussi dire que si nous nous séparions, il vivrai soit avec Papa ou Maman ni personne. Et là, je le vois sur son visage creusé par l'inquiétude et la peur en nous regardant dans les yeux. Ensuite, nous avons l' assuré que cela ne se produira pas. Tout en expliqant que le mariage est beau si les deux partenaires doivent travailler dur pour éviter l'autosatisfaction. Que parfois, la vie de mariage a beaucoup de complications. Il y a des problèmes mais il faut regler une façon efficace au fur et à mesure plutôt que de les laisser s'accumuler, d'attaquer l'autre ou de vouloir avoir le dessus à tout prix.

Nous avons été tous les deux profondément touchés par ces message lucides et sans la moindre hésitation. Une petites phrases pleines de sagesse !


On TV, a week ago while watching the news we have learned the abduction of a child 3 and a half years in the South of France in Arles. Her name is Elise with a Russian mother and a French father since last Friday and untraceable until today. Clearly, the origin of this kidnapping is the mother because the Russian-French couple are into separation and after for child's custody. The girl was abducted by two men and one woman as she returned from school with his father who was violently assaulted.

It is true that it is often the case of marriage breakdown and it is not easy for everyone. In short, my husband just to give an example said, 'Look, the circumstances of couples who separate. I think this will happen if one day we are going to separate! But beware, this does not mean we are strongly thinking of it. It's just a sad truth in life. So, this kind of exchange is not unusual after all.

Without knowing that our son (having dinner) with all his little ears listening and taking things too things seriously. Our elder son said "I do not want you to be separated ..... because I love you both! " It was exactly his words that stuck us! Why ? Because he did not choose between us. He may also say that if we separate, he will live with either Mom or Dad or anyone. And then, I see his furrowed face caused by the anxiety and fear as we look in his eyes. After we have assured him that this will not happen. While explaining that marriage is great if both partners will work hard to avoid complacency. That sometimes married life has many complications. There are problems but we must settle effectively rather than leaving them to accumulate, to attack the other or want to gain the battle at all costs.

We were both deeply touched by his clear message and without any hesitation. A small phrases of wisdom!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learn to identify

The whole world got scared of made in China products "black hearted goods". I think it is necessary to differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or China and vice-versa. The first 3 digits of barcode 690.691.692 is made in CHINA and 471 is Made in Taiwan.

It is our right to know simple things when buying to be alerted. The government and related departments never educate the consumer public.

00-13: USA & Canada
20-29: In-Store Functions
30-37: France
40-44: Germany
45: Japan (also 49)
46: Russian Federation
471: Taiwan
474: Estonia
475: Latvia
477: Lithuania
479: Sri Lanka
480: Philippines
482: Ukraine
484: Moldova
485: Armenia
486: Georgia
487: Kazakhstan
489: Hongkong
49: Japan (JAN-13)
50: United Kingdom
520: Greece
528: Lebanon
529: Cyprus
531: Macedonia
535: Malta
539: Ireland
54: Belgium & Luxembourg
560: Portugal
569: Iceland
57: Denmark
590: Poland
594: Romania
599: Hungary
600 & 601: South Africa
609: Mauritius
611: Morocco
613: Algeria
619: Tunisia
622: Egypt
625: Jordan
626: Iran
64: Finland
690-692: China
70: Norway
729: Israel
73: Sweden
740: Guatemala
741: El Salvador
742: Honduras
743: Nicaragua
744: Costa Rica
746: Dominican Republic
750: Mexico
759: Venezuela
76: Switzerland
770: Colombia
773: Uruguay
775: Peru
777: Bolivia
779: Argentina
780: Chile
784: Paraguay
785: Peru
786: Ecuador
789: Brazil
80 - 83: Italy
84: Spain
850: Cuba
858: Slovakia
859: Czech Republic
860: Yugoslavia
869: Turkey
87: Netherlands
880: South Korea
885: Thailand
888: Singapore
890: India
893: Vietnam
899: Indonesia
90 & 91: Austria
93: Australia
94: New Zealand
955: Malaysia

This may be petty but it will help you to be aware. China milk poisoning incident and white rabbit candy (found traces of Melamine ) made everyone afraid to look at the daily news event. Everyday, the reports may vary. No one can clearly tell us what to eat and not. Just let us consider this and please remember the following bar codes. Just to be fair and honest, I still buy China products but I try to be vigilant in choosing them.

Monday, March 16, 2009


This an inkling on daily life and social encounter as a mother or a half stranger in France. I know this or I may sound a raging lunatic, irritated, pissed off whatever you call it. But it’s been 4 years my son is going to the same school and nothing has changed. What I mean by change? I always see this group of mothers who assemble together every morning....talking non-stop! I know, it’s not my business and I should mind my own. But my concern and probably partially my business is that why not do their early rumouring session and park their cars somewhere else? This is to give way to other parents who are in a haste not to be late at work after bringing their kids to school. Since narrow streets in Marseille are common these mothers make parking more complex. Parents are often oblige to park their cars further away and walk their kids until school premises. If only this crowd will disappear parking just in front of the school will help parents to avoid cramming and wasting time turning around just to look for a parking lot. Many parents let their children get off the car right in front of the gate and let them get inside the school to gain time.

Not only that, more often they stare at you from head to toe and I find this very complex situation with a lot of tension in each other as we exchange glances. Stare that’s isn’t normal. I don’t know if it’s intimidation as they cast envious glances. It could be normal for them but they are not for me. I don’t know why but it’s very an uncomfortable feeling. I’m not being paranoid but I have the notion they’re talking about me or someone else. Here are some reality about human beings which may surprise you. Staring at those who are different is an ordinary response for many of us. If someone is extremely tall we stare at them. If someone is wearing a plunging neckline or provocative clothes we stare at them. If someone has a handicap we can’t help looking at them. We human beings are snooping individuals. We gaze at stuffs which intrigue us. And only the curious minds have something to discover. If the object of our interest is another individual indeed they are different to us. And because I am Asian, I am certain that I am one of the bits and pieces of their interest. I remember a Mom (African Black) who sends her 3 children to the same school. At first, we just say Bonjour to each other. Since we come across everyday we became sort of friends. She confided to me, that she’s not happy about how these people look at her just because she has a handicap child. And this and that, I won’t go into the details as it’s exasperating evil.

Oh Man, do I sound I extremely dislike them? Yes, I don’t like them when they block the way to the entrance just to check out the latest gossip. I hate them when they stay around the area while others are having a hard time to look for a parking space. I hate them when they stare at people and envision yourself in a surroundings where there is a continuous sound of vibration— bbbzzzz! It’s pissing me off :ayokona: ! Manners such those can be avoided and is considered boorish and infuriating. Do they really have a life ? The gate is already close and still session is not close. They seem to have nothing better.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exercise or Operation ?

Frustration is an emotional reaction to situation where one is hindered from arriving at a personal objective. I am speaking about this because of self-disappointment. There’s something else that I’m incredibly passionate about and I am capable but not enough able to accomplish for the moment. Certainly, we all have our strong interests. We all have passion in life…work, kids, hobbies, movies, music, collectors item and many more. Mine is sports ! Occasionally, my desire to do something extraordinary in an extraordinary day is not just right., then comes frustration.

We went to Alps last week and sadly, there were no surf monitors available because it was during peak season. Then, I tried snowboarding by myself and I can tell you I have managed to do it well. The problem is my cross ligament injury. When I tried to get up it was then I felt my unstable knee. Before, it was only my left knee which is feeble. Now the right knee goes as well. And so I feel really disappointed because I can’t finally do snowboarding. It says that “Better snowboarding techniques come from mental and physical training”. I have the mental but I don’t have the physical power. I had have rigid trainings during my younger years plus was also pushing myself to the limits and give the best in me. After college, I got a job and needed to work thus, I cannot come to trainings regularly until I finally stopped. I reintegrated myself back to favourite sports. When I arrived in France, I was searching for a club to finally re-do the sports after 4 years of inactivity. I was mentally ready but not physically capable and it was there I had my cross ligament injury. I saw few doctors already in the past. Some advised me to operate but I did not entirely agreed as it could become worse after the surgery. Added to this, after surgery I needed to do re-education or physical therapy for 6 months or more. If I will undergo operation, who will oversee things at home? Driving my kids at school and do all the chores? Well, it’s not that complicated I can hire someone to do this for me. What I am afraid is the aftermath of the operation. What if things will turn into catastrophe?

A lot (friends who had have the same problem and Doctors of Kinesitherapy) recommend me to exercise which will lead to increase strength in subsequent work-outs and ultimately greater muscle gains. I agree more, great method and worry free. I just hope that I will regain my physical stability. I hope things will be over and I can enjoy things the way I want them. Did you have the same problem? I will be more happy to hear your opinion.