Friday, February 20, 2009

2T's = tips and tag

It’s a known fact that milk and dairy products are good for building bones. But didn’t you know that limestone (Calcaire in French) which comes from tap water is the best for building bones? As I was watching E=M6 (it’s a French program mainly directed towards research, new technology and hard sciences). Limestone is rich in calcium carbonate. We know of more recent years that calcium content in water is considered almost as well as that contained in milk and dairy product. So if your water is rich in limestone, is good for your bones and helps prevent Osteoporosis. Check the water supply in your place if it is not rich in other elements are less good for health (nitrates, lead pipes etc.) and if it’s hygienic.

Cutting without crying…..Monster Onions! Yes, I speak about onions that we use for cooking. The matter has reached a juncture, when cutting onion turn out to be a constant nightmare. We always cry in cutting them.

“When an onion is cut, the ruptured onion cells release enzymes which break down nearby sulphur compounds into oxides and acids. These re-form to make a gas. This gas moves into your eyes and then mixes with your tears to form sulphuric acid.–from Alton Brown in a Good Eats Moment”

You could end up cutting onions like her razz ! Images from here , thanks !

There are no realistic way to resolve this but we can drastically diminish the crying moments. So to avoid tears, peel onions under running water. You can also place them in the freezer a few minutes before you peel them or dip them in a few very hot water. Or trim off the ends, put onions on kitchen paper in the base of the oven and microwave on High mode for a minute. You will be able to get rid of the skin more easily and won't cry when you chop them up.

25 Random Things

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

Thanks for this tag Mahalia and Nao but I won't tag anyone but if you want to tell more about yourself please feel free !

1. Blogging is my therapy, it’s not that I am insane I just like writing them down to express, to rant, to laugh, to cry and learn. Silly, dilly what kind of fool am i ?

2.I love reading books to my kids before they go to bed. Now that my kids are into school they correct my pronunciation thus I learn French at the same time.

3. Love washing our cars.

4. Love doing outdoors sports even in the cold winter!

5. I love practicing my French writing when I write my blog.

6. I am a fan of martial arts since I was a kid.

7. Since I am a stay at home Mom I am very enthusiasts in surfing the net for employment submit my CV, we’ll never know.

8. I hate pressing of all the household chores.

9. Love chatting with family and friends.

10. I love dancing.

11. I know I am not a good cook, I don’t have a magic touch but I like inviting friends over for lunch, dinner or organizing party ! IRONIC and I love to experiment in the kitchen. Terrified ???

12. I am not good in tennis and golf is boring me.

13. My favourite colour is blue, well many says it’s the colour for men but I don’t mind I am not very feminine either.

13. Instead of drinking Coke I replace them with sparkling water, Badoit or Perrier is perfect.

14. I miss the Philippine Mangoes !!!

15. Addicted to Chippy and Boy Bawang !

16. I am not an artist myself but I dream to be one.

17. I am persuaded that I will learn to snowboard and I am working on it....patiently!!!

18. I was once in the newspaper for winning the Regional TKD sports competition held in Zamboanga.

19. I am a positive thinker.

20. Have motion sickness and I cannot live without my Nautamine.

21. I hate smoking and gambling !

22. Hoping that customer service in France will improve rolleyes !

23. I am not a computer geek but I'm figuring things out by myself.

24. I love my province Sariaya Quezon.

25. I want to travel around the world if the budget permits of course.

26. I love to learn another language, either Spanish, Italian or German (this is a give away)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Une phase ou une excuse ?

L’autre fois mon mari a eu une conversation très intéressants sur un sujet a propos des ados. Donc, je sais que c’est un peu tôt de parler de la vie des adolescents car nos enfants sont encore petits. Mais quand je vois où nous vivons ça serra pénible comment vaincre l’appréhension, stress et une certaine peur quand cette période de transitions arrive. Nous connaîtrons plus certainement des moments difficiles comme tous les parents. En parlant de ça nous serons sans doute voudrions avoir les moyens plus sûr et d’être rationnel pour s’améliorer les relations avec nos enfants.L'adolescence est une phase de conversion, de transformation corporel et intellectuelle parmi la vie des jeunes enfants pour s'apprête à mener une vie d'adulte. Quelquefois, cette intervalle se passe avec des cas de mésintelligence avec le milieu ou des moments de rébellion de l'enfant, qui ont la difficulté d’accepter les changements ou qui peuvent contrarier leurs envies. Généralement, on identifié cela la "crise de l'adolescence" !

Je ne suis pas d’accord si la crise s’accompagne chez des ados de l’ignorer ses parents, d’être agressive vers son entourage, qui ne respecte pas certaines règles, comportement de défi, l’objection aux parents….bref dépasser les bornes sans cesse dans tous les sens ! Je suis passée par l’adolescence et j’ai aussi tout essayé à boire de l'alcool et à fumer (sauf la drogue) comme approximativement tous les ados, mais heureusement je n’ai pas vraiment accrochée. La seule explication j’étais motivée de tenter à fumer c’est par la curiosité. Savoir pourquoi ça fonctionne à merveille chez les jeunes. Je n’ai pas encore trouvé la réponse qui me convient. Quel est l’intérêt de fumer? Personnellement je ne vois que du négatif :
1. C'est cher
2. Nous mourons plus jeune
3. Nous mettons en danger les personnes que nous entourent a cause du tabagisme passif
4. On est souvent malade
5. Fumer ça pollue la terre

Parlons l’alcool, j’ai pas mal sortie dans ma vie de l’adolescent mais j’étais la seule personne qui ne bois pas. Je déteste la bières, déjà l’odeur me dégoûte. Les autres boivent mais avec modération ou plutôt des cocktails. J’ai appris à boire du vin avec le temps pour les grandes occasions ou quand nous avons des invités ou que nous sommes invités seulement en France. Et puis quand on boivent du vin c’est bien pour la santé avec modération bien sûr ! Je ne parle pas de la drogue car vous connaissez déjà les réponses. Malheureusement, ceux qui disent "Il faut que je fasse le même comme mes copains sinon je ne serai pas vraiment à la hauteur". Franchement, j’ai constaté que les ados sont cruels et superficiel. Ils ont incapable d'être soi même. Lorsque on est dissemblable on est seul et exclu. C'est la sombre réalité ! Quoique, certains vont connaître une adolescence fracassant et d’autres vont apparaître inaperçus.

La question se pose est-ce que la crise d’adolescence est-elle un passage exigé ? Ou c’est juste une excuse pour tous ceux qui veulent faire comme disent les ado pour être à la hauteur ? Est-ce que les critères retenus doivent être acceptés par l’ensemble pour être bien accueillir dans un groupement ?

Je ne jugerais personne dans cette histoire mais j’essaye de comprends. Comme le dit en Anglais ‘Been there, done that’. En fait, je n'ai pas eu cette impression d'avoir peut être un adolescent très extraordinaire !

As always the translation is here. Sorry there are some wrong words translated but it'll help you understand the post, thank you !

Friday, February 06, 2009

the Amazing R !

The latest Filipino singing sensation in You Tube. Behind the name Rin (Erin Paula is 20 years) a pure Filipino. Rox or Roxanne, 21, half-pinoy half-white. They both live in California, USA. Guys look at them, they enjoy singing in the bathroom biggrin !! They should make a career ! You can check them out here. And they made it to Ellen Degeneres show!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Red Carpet Eyeball

This is a good way to start off my February post. I started blogging 2005 and since then I have already met some bloggers that I became good friends with. Others remain a virtual friends and I am glad that they became a part of my activities on a daily basis. Sometimes we receive comments from spam’s, anonymous or just from a simple lurkers. I am sure you will agree that we always have visitors that doesn’t comment but they always visit us and I would say even non-bloggers. I remember when I blog about the panorama of my beloved province and I received a comment under the name of Joanne who lives in California. Since then, she often visits my site and I am flattered even though I may not be a good writer. Thru my blog she also pays visit among other links I have. It was really a good start of a nice encounter. From then on, we started exchanging emails and chat from time to time whenever we can. Since we have some things in common, a French husband, the same province, same age but not the same height. You know, chatting with her seems I have found my long lost friend from high school. I then encouraged her to blog and good thing she was open about the idea. Now, you can check the late blogger in her. Thus, the next step after that online chatting we plan of meeting up when they visit France. Their European tour was supposed to be October last year but because of some changes they’ve push through last week of January this year. Finally, this year the moment of truth drew closer. The long-term EB program took place last Thursday. Joanne told me that they will roughly stay 24 hours at St. Raphael since her in-laws has a flat there. instead of going to a hotel room. I just hope I didn’t create inconveniences to them coming from Switzerland going all the way to the South of France just because of an EB. I wanted to invite them over my place but I didn’t want to bother them since traveling from US to Europe is pretty tiring.

A stroke of luck, I was planning to visit Makis at her place which is 200 kms (1 ½ hour drive) from Marseilles. I emailed Joanne if it’s okay if I tag Makis along with me and she was twice excited to meet up with us. A number of good reasons to get thrilled : meeting up with Joanne and Xavier and driving going to Makis’s place as it will be my first time to drive that far ALONE without the kids ! And so driving going to Makis’s went just fine although the road was long and driving alone sometimes sucks. It was also a bit scary because there were a lot of big trucks on the highway but it was not a hindrance at all it was rather become a personal challenge. But at least, the weather was on our side…it was just a lovely time all day. We called each other what time and where to meet them. Meeting halfway was uncomplicated since Makis is starting to get familiar in Cannes. We decided to meet with them in front of Palais des Festival. They’re coming from St. Raphael and the easiest place to meet up is in Cannes which is a very famous landmark.

At long last, here we are face to face! We embraced each other as if we knew each other for a very long time. I am glad that we have finally met altogether. We just went around the centre of Cannes to choose where do to the random chit chat and have lunch. Let me share of our “make love to the camera shots by Makis” ! I was really glad that Makis was there as she’s bubbly and funny enough to make us laugh out loud because of her spontaneous humour biggrin.

Who will believe that blogging and internet as a whole will make a lot of sense. I think if not for internet we will never meet wonderful people behind those blogs. What is good with internet we get a lot of eyeballs at social network and even create community buildings. Thanks to internet it’s certainly a way in realising to have a concrete human contact. The meeting was short and I know 5 hours is certainly not enough but we really had a grandiose time meeting each other.

P.S. And thanks a lot again to Joanne and Xavier for the wonderful lunch. We supposed to treat you guys but anyway we're looking forward to meet you again either in France or in the USA.