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It's just another manic Monday

Everyone says that Monday is not a good start of the week. The fact that the most depressing day falls on Mondays are not premeditated but a stroke of bad luck. And yes it happened to me in this particular day. Today (yesterday) I normally pick up the kids from school at 11:30 and so I leave the house 10 minutes before that time. Where I normally park the car is hardly no spaces and are always full but I luckily found a location and started to do my maneuver. Suddenly, a woman inside a car stopped parallel and facing me. She saw me trying to park the car. Apparently, I parked just in front of her doorstep which I know is really a parking for everyone (it’s actually a sidewalk) but no prohibition of parking. She looked visibly discontented seeing me while she mimicked “putain” (whore) ! That was easy reading her lips from afar. She was talking to me from the inside of her car by a sign language trying to pin point that I need to get off from there and leave the parking because she live…

The secret to being filthy rich

Opting for staggered payment without interest when purchasing big items in France is one of the best way to save money. Many would set out for it since there is 0% interest in most of the items which is financially undemanding. Few would pay cash as they can afford it. However there are big items that we purchase like cars, house and lot, vacation house and the likes we would compare the most excellent offer on credit systems.

We bought our apartment through bank credit with very low interest. And it was 3 ½ years ago when we bought our car payable within 4 years and we have plump for consumer credit. We inquired from Aramis in Aix en Provence as my husband was referred by a friend to check with them (car distributor) of their affordable and interesting tariffs. We got the car and were financed by Cofica-c.u. (a filial of CetelemFrench Company that specializes in consumer credit with reasonable interest).

Husband was double checking our accounts, budgeting, stock markets etc. when he…

Une drôle de reflection...

Les conversations avec nos enfants ça nos donne parfois a réfléchir. Surtout quand nous avons les enfants en bas âge et nous pouvons pas lire ce qui se passe dans leurs têtes. Voilaune simple conversation de la vie quotidienne.

Scène 1 : Les enfants se battent sur un jouet.

Maman : (fatiguée, avoir mal au ventre et mal à la tête) Les enfants s'il vous plait j'ai besoin un peu de calme.

Mayumi : (malade, elle crie et se dispute avec son frère) Non, c'est à moi ce jouet. Tu es mechant, tu n'est plus mon frère. (La verité c'était le jouet de son frère)

Sébastien : (toujours calme et il essaye de récupérer son jouet) Mayumi c'est a moi ce jouet. Tu me le donne, ce n'est pas a toi!

....Pendant ce temps là Maman prepare le dîner avant Papa arrive.

Papa : (arrive de travail) Bonsoir les enfants. Ca va Maman ?

Maman : Ca va mais Mayumi me fatigue ! Elle n'arrête pas de crier. Je me sens pas bien donc je n'ai pas beaucoup de patience. S'il te plaît ça serra b…

Free English courses

This morning France is really making it's way to improve their education system. I heard on the radio that according to the Minister of Education Mr. Xavier Darcos the students will be offered possible rigorous seminars in English-language ability during school vacations in February and summer. Mr. Darcos reiterated that young and old are not proficient in speaking good English is considerably a "handicap" in today's world and for International competition! He tells that while affluent families pay for their children to study English courses abroad, he is offering them for FREE to everyone right here. He proposes as well an English courses for 2 hours at a daily basis accompanying education in high school after 16h.Mr. Darcos comments are extraordinary in a country where politicians and people have often tried to conserve the influence of France. I heard previously that France wanted their Language to be an international form of communication but it will be impo…