Monday, June 30, 2008


The decision was made on February 13 by the Interministerial Committee on Road Safety (Comité Interministériel de la Sécurité Routière or CISR) to obliged users to be accustomed of vest retro-reflective safety and triangle of pre-signalisation (Gilet rétro-réfléchissant de sécurité et d’un triangle de pré-signalisation). This will be mandatory to help reduce the number of road deaths. The non-compliance with these new obligations will be liable to breach of the 4th degree (fixed fine of 135 euros, less than 90 euros). Reasons of using the vest retro-reflective safety and triangle of pre-signalisation is intended to reinforce the safety measures of drivers in all circumstances of emergency stop. The driver needs to be visible by other drivers during car breakdown. The vehicle in trouble must be reported immediately. As for the triangle pre-signs should be at any time aboard inside the vehicle. The driver needs to position it on the way as soon as he gets out of the car and with a distance of at least 30 metres for better signalisation of the obstacle and don't forget to put on your warning/emergency light because we can be definitely seen day or night . As far as I know when purchasing a new car it is already provided with warning triangles and yellow vest so I am already equipped.

With radar installation the quantity of road death decreases. In addition to this the struggle against drink-driving, the administration persists on its road to prevention. This time the usage of the aforementioned will take effect on July 1, a triangle of pre-signalisation and a retro-reflective vest will be mandatory inside all vehicles and not in the trunk. Let’s support this project to facilitate the safety and diminish grave accidents and deaths on the road. And to complete the campaign a slogan was created to remind all the users including reducing the risk of mowing pedestrians “C’est jaune, c’est moche, ça ne va avec rien, mais ça peut vous sauver la vie”.. (It is yellow, it is ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it can save your life).

Le_Triangle obligatoire le 1 Juillet 2008
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Certified B_TCH !

A childhood friend of honey likes inviting friends over to his place. He cooks very well. He interests in so many things. At 35, he started learning piano, tap dancing at 36, and perfecting his English (before I knew him he speaks very limited English). Now he will be assigned in South Korea where the company sends him and now learning Korean Language. He is really impressive and now speaking the basic Korean. Anyway, I will not be talking about him I am just really astound on how he lives his life.

Okay I’ll be talking about how he organizes his dinner invitation. Whenever he invites friends for a dinner there would always be a “theme” and invites one month in advance. One day he invited us for an “International dinner” last time it was a Piano dinner therefore almost of them play piano. For us why International? Because we are French-Filipino couple, there was the French-Chinese couple, there was a French-American lady and there was the typical French couple. It was interesting because the conversation was in French and English (Chinese woman speaks a little bit of French) so everyone were obliged to speak English. During the conversation the French guy told me that she has seen many Filipinos in Hong Kong. When they visited a church it was an English mass therefore it could only be Filipinos inside. And he was shaking his girlfriend with his elbow for her to agree of what he was saying. The girlfriend nodded to confirm but I was not happy how she said it! “ Ah oui on a vu beaucoup des Philippins qui sont tous employés de la maison ! (Ah yes, we saw a lot of Filipinos who are all house employees). In short, katulong (maid). “Excuse me mad ! A person who’s obviously has a superiority complex over the others. She gave me an arrogant impression as soon as we met. Why? Because during the discussion since it was a sort of international acquaintance she was bragging that she speaks German. That it is not a difficult language. That this is the translation in German blah blah blah! She wants to be noticed and get everybody’s attention! What a big head!

The story didn’t end there. Oh I didn’t want to get snare from her arrogant manners but I wanted to correct her. Instead I calmly went on the conversation and avoid being defensive. I contemplated on how am I supposed to retort this without sounding big headed. I asked her how would you know that everyone is working as domestic helper? But she was kind of avoiding my question by flipping her hair and could not look at me eye to eye during the conversation. Then I started to elucidate why Filipinos work abroad is because of wanting to have a better life and support the needs of the family. It’s all about attitude called sacrifice, hard work and determination. I didn’t exclude the truth about getting a job in the Philippines is really tough. There are fewer opportunities with low salary and compensation. However, for a Filipino to productively find a good company that pays well is rare and with no government aid. Filipinos abroad are not only working as helpers. There are also Filipino professionals working in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Asian countries, in all English speaking countries even in European nations. My advocate actions came out that any kinds of assault will almost certainly tag along by retaliation without being excessively aggressive. I’ve stand out extremely proud. I told them there are perhaps 1,500 to 2,000 Filipinos in Marseille and working as house-helpers but they’ve got their diplomas back home as engineers, teachers, nurses, doctors, dentist, architects etc etc. They went to Universities like you did and we speak the English Language since kindergarten. They are humble enough to accept any job that comes on their way and never complain.

The exchange was quite tough when I started enumerating their problem in general. Telling what I thought about France, got the inkling apprehension that it is an open country and in a way with restructured standards. Unfortunately it’s not the case the way I see it after 7 years have proven me wrong. Firstly, because of the language barrier and this is a big cause that hinders us to work in companies. Secondly, our diplomas are not acceptable though I was acquainted with the need to get a formation so as to get the equivalent in France. That would mean a long way to re-start from scratch and go over a long process of assessment. Except for those who will be expatriated and the company pays for everything like taking French courses. Unlike in other countries we can even submit our CV by mail, thru internet or go as a tourist and apply when in place. Thirdly, there are some companies who seem to check on origin instead of looking on the field of competence, working experience and qualifications beforehand and let them speak for itself. As a result, no future interviews will come on their way and still stuck at apparently inescapable impasse.

In your case when someone is jobless there would always be government sector that helps you get back on track and setting things right the way you need it. There’s always the RMI (Revenu Minimum D’Insertion) a social welfare program which idea draws on assured minimum earnings. The government will always have the public obligations that render service to the people whether financially or medically. Like the Securité Sociale (SSS), CAF, CAT. Yeah right spoon feeding and still French complains and yet resulting to strike. The French guy did say a thing but not to disagree with me instead he confirmed of what I’ve just said. He said I was right, “nous sommes toujours là pour se plaindre, on est des râleurs et jamais content“ ! ( We are always there to complain, always whining and never happy! )

Whilst in the Philippines, Filipinos need to work on their own, look for a solution and stop depending on what the country could do to us. Let’s accept the sad reality that Philippines will not grow to any further extent as long as there is corruption. It will be the job of the Filipino people to work and fight against the poor system.

This is not about a battle of the brain, a comparison of people, or a sort of competition of what country is better. This is about holding back people like her to see other nationalities to be constantly a subject of an automatic stereotype. That when they see a Filipino it will be automatically branded as helpers and prostitute because they are with white men that I refuse to believe and could not accept as true and unjust! St
ereotype is never equal and will always result to unlawful discrimination. Her boyfriend has ended the conversation by asking me questions about Boracay and other tourist spots to visit. I know I have proved her wrong. I just don’t want her to look down on people like she has always a greater knowledge than others.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bonne fête Papa !

La dernière fois j’ai écrit un article pour mon Père pour fêter la fête pères. Cette fois-ci je pense que mon Mari à aussi besoin d'attention et de tendresse. En France, c’est la Fête de Pères donc tous les enfants sont visiblement occupés à faire leurs cadeaux. En fait, ils ont déjà fait leurs cadeaux depuis l’école avec un coup de pouce par leurs maîtresses pour terminer un merveilleux travail. Aujourd’hui, les enfants ont offert leurs cadeaux à leurs Papa.

Sébastien a offert un verre avec une lettre B qui signifie (Bernard) tandis que Mayumi a fait les deux verres avec les poudres en couleurs. Et ce n'est pas tout ! Il y a aussi des petites poésie.

Mon cœur me dit
Qu'aujourd'hui, c'est fête
Mais quelle fête?
La fête des mamans? Non!
La fête des rois?
La fête d'un roi!
Mais lequel?
Le roi de mon
C'est mon Papa à moi ! Je taime...Mayumi


Quelques mots pour Papa....

Papa tu es le plus fort, le plus beau et les plus gentil
Tu es un Papa gâté, un papa câlin.
Tu es mon amour, mon roi et mon cœur.
Te je fais de gros bisous, Papa je t'aime....Sébastien

Bonne fête a tous les Papa smile !

It may not be the exact Translation but it will help you understand the post. Thank you and Happy Father's day to everyone and to my wonderful Dad !

Friday, June 13, 2008

Double BIG T !

I was given an award by HILDA and I would like to THANK her for the wonderful attention and appreciation. Well, amongst the great chef I am the only one who isn't :D !

I was tagged by LEAH and was given this symbolic friendship award. A big THANK YOU ! I would personally pass this on to everyone because you have been a part of my blog life and I am glad. However I would give this symbolic friendship flower especially to JOANNE because I finally convinced her to enter in the blog sphere. She discovered my blog and commented few times (now she's a regular blogger), we exchanged emails and chatted from time to time. We plan to meet later on for their future travel to Marseilles and impatiently looking forward to it. (Leah I wanted to have the same yellow flower but was unsuccessful so I opted for this).

Glitter Photos

Keep the symbolic friendship going and blog on biggrin !

Monday, June 09, 2008

Definitely not a "Bidonville"

While I was surfing I have stumbled upon a blog site where he commented that Marseilles is a "Bidonville" (shanty town or of a low economic or social class). Well, I would definitely not like to influence but I hope he will change his wrong impression about the place. I must say that am proud to have live in the South of France especially in Marseilles which is the oldest city and its second largest metropolitan district in France. The city is situated in the perimeter of Mediterranean Sea so obviously there is the Port Authority of Marseilles which is the second largest in the entire Europe preceded by Rotterdam. The Port of Marseilles is once a trading place during primordial Greek empire around 600 B.C. Presently it is one of the busiest Ports all over France. Bourgeoisie isn’t really the term to be used by some. Since it is the oldest city therefore they have kept the antiques images of architectures and buildings. Some of them are renovated but some are not restored yet so it’s not aesthetically clean. I think it's everywhere, travel will mean inconveniences. As we always say we cannot have everything right?! Personally, locals or tourist consider Marseilles as one of the nicest city though the region is not considered as a dirty-free place to visit but you can still find many areas that are clean. Marseillais (the inhabitants) are very warm people (except when they drive), they could be a pain in the neck!

However, we have everything in the South. We don’t have the Eiffel Tower, Champs Élysées or La Defense but we are blessed with beautiful nature and sun. I understand better why a lot of Tourist even locals from other regions are enthusiastic to visit Marseilles especially during summer. I will tell you why, it is because we have them in just a steps away.

La Place de la Joliette - The Joliette docks were built in the 19th century and presently did a huge interior renovation to beautify Marseille. You could also visit the Docks des Sud. The Docks des Suds in Marseilles is the old port warehouses hosting the festival each fall musical "Fiesta des Suds", is completely renovated after it was ravaged by fire. Thanks to PAM for the free tickets we get to watch good concerts every year.

Le Vieux Port - The old port is the major tourist district and its streets are ruled with restaurants and cafés. One of the most animated plaza in the city. The Theatre National de la Criée is very popular tourist spots and is worth to visit. Furthermore, the Basilica of St Victor is famous close by as the 'key to the port' (church where I got married). You can also ride the city train for a city tour until Notre Dame de la Garde.

Image taken from

Frioul – it is an island traversing the Mediterranean sea of Marseilles from the Old Port and is accessible by boat from the port. There are 3 islands “ 'If, Ratonneau, and Pomègues” that constitute the archipelago which is visible from Le Pharo. The island of If is the smallest amongst the three. Chateau D’If (castle) was built by François 1er and renowned by Alexandre Dumas. Ratonneau and Pomègues, are correlated by a dam of 360 m from the 18th century. It is known as the driest place of France. Locals built a second houses and spend most of their time during summer therefore there are hotels, restaurants and bars that will cater for you.

Le Panier - Situated near Vieux Port, this popular district, takes you around the Provençal pedestrian lanes having multi-coloured construction. The Clocher des Accoules, la place des Moulins, la Vieille Charité and la Major are amongst the tourists spots to witness out for.

La Canebière - This is the most famed boulevard in town. When you go downtown you will spot shopping lanes such as Rue St Ferréol, the Musée de la Mode, the Musée de la Marine, l'Economie, Centre Bourse and the Opéra house. Normally in France shopping stores are close during Sundays but in this area you could easily find shopping stores which are often handle by Arabian and African proprietor.

La Plaine - Otherwise well-known as Place Jean Jaures, this vast plaza has a market going on every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and is a very hectic during that time. I remember living there for 3 years and used to go shopping or just roaming around. You have great choices of products from the cheapest to the most expensive, from original to fake items. In the nearby streets, there is an open option of restaurants, bars and pubs regularly visited by the local citizens like the l'Intermédiaire or the Bar de la Plaine (we were living in this district before).

Palais Longchamp - is a fine place if you want to obtain fresh air. The place has also few museums to explore too. Musée Grobet-Labadie, the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Muséeum d'Histoire Naturelle-the natural history museum are also great for tripping out.

Endoume - A desired spot by the neighbourhood, this district is where you can find the gigantic Notre Dame de la Garde about 1 kilometre from Vieux Port. The name La Bonne Mère (means Good Mother) came from the colossal figure of the Virgin Mary on top of the Church tower. An important place for pilgrimage.You can also grab one of the big telescopes for one euro at the top of the church to see the whole Marseilles.

La Place de David – There you will find the famous replica of “David” statue sculpted by Michael Angelo in 1501 to 1504. This statue was offered in 1903 by the marble-sculptor Jules Cantini adorns the roundabout Beach Prado. You cannot miss this one because it is in the turnabouts itself. All along this Avenue de Prado there is the Stade Velodrome where football games are being held. There are great restaurants, pizzeria and bars to take pleasure in just sit and relax while enjoying the beauty of Mediterranean Sea.

Le Parc Borély – This is just in the vicinity of Place de David in the 8th district of Marseilles. This is one of the biggest Parks in Marseilles measuring 17 hectares. You will find a lot of variety there such as the Chateau Borély, a vast Jardin Anglais (English Garden) Jardin a la Française (French Garden), Botanical Garden, a traditional garden offered by the Chinese from the city of Shanghai last 4 years ago. There is also the newest Mini sculpture of Notre Dame de la Garde made only last year. (Mosaïculture Notre-Dame de la Garde). A lot of activities to do like, jogging, biking, (bringing your own bike is ideal or renting will do) roller balding. Parks for children are everywhere and cool places to hang out and practice sports, or even for just a place for relaxiation.

Le Point Rouge – When you reach the David turnabouts it is located in the southern harbour of Marseilles, constructed between 1964 and 1972 with an 8 meters draught in the port before 1800 and places to dock. With an easy access day and night without danger. From the port you would be able to cross between the cliffs of Cassis and Camargues.

La Corniche - The Corniche or cornice is a very famous word even in other countries like Dubai. This is an elongate boulevard that links the coastline between the Palais du Pharo, the Old Port, and ends at Prado beaches in the south. This became a place for resorts, hotels and apparent symbol of affluence for brokers who built extravagant mansions in flamboyant luxury. Beautiful landscapes dream, aquatic scenery, and rugged mountains, bourgeois villas and exercise yards manner "CA". During the summer, in the morning the sun shines offers a panorama open sea on the horizon. It could be an extraordinarily stunning sight during sunset.

Les Calanques – The last but not the least which can be found along the coast to the southeast of Marseille and also accessible between Les Goudes of Marseille and Cassis (known city of VAR). According to Wikipedia Calanque (from the Corsican word of Preindoeuropean source Calanca (plural calanche) with signifies "inlet" Occitan Calanca too) is a geologic structure in the shape of a profound gorge jagged sides, naturally of limestone in branch submerged by the ocean, a Mediterranean Fjord. This is a popular site for many tourist and locals similarly (such as the Corniche des Crêtes and Cap Canaille) visioning stunning landscapes.

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There are still some undiscovered areas but I am sure to explore them in the future. I must admit that the most visited country is Paris, France (this is according to world tourism ranking) but I guess some other cities like Marseilles, Lyon, Bourgogne, and Pay Basque and the rest of other regions are worth visiting too!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Soutenons nous !

C'est le printemps, et on peut dire aussi que c'est la saison des grèves à Marseille (ou devrais-je dire dans la plupart des pays Européens). De toute évidence pour s’opposer avec fermeté contre l'augmentation du prix du pétrole. Malheuresement, les cours du pétrole flambent inexorablement. Les pêcheurs Espagnols, Portugais et Italiens se sont mobilisés à aquérir la relève des protestations de leurs collègues Français, appelant à une "grève illimitée" Vendredi tandis que Bruxelles a jeté un message d'ouverture. Tout le monde manifeste pour la solidarité internationale et refuser la misère! Aujourd'hui ce sont les pecheurs qui sont en gréve, demain les chauffeurs de taxis,les agriculteurs et puis Le Port Autonome de Marseille!

  • Ca fait 3 semaines les pêcheurs français sont en grève
  • Les pêcheurs Portugais, ont commencé il y a cinq jours et décident de poursuivre la manifestation au moins jusqu'à mercredi.
  • La grève a affecté le Royaume-Uni, où les pêcheurs Britanniques étaient beaucoup très probablement à manifester mardi matin à Londres pour réclamer une assitance d'urgence d'etat, soutenus par une dizaine de pêcheurs Français
  • Dans d’autres pays Asiatiques comme les Philippines souffrent car le prix du riz ne cesse pas d'augmenter. Néanmoins le pétrole n'est pas exclu!

    J’espère que nous serons nombreux a lutter contre la vie chère!
**** For those who have commented, sorry was lazy to make the translation. Now here's the translated one, thank you :D!****

It's spring, and we can also say that it is the season of strikes in Marseilles (or should I say in most European countries). Obviously to firmly oppose against the oil price hike. Unfortunately, oil prices soared inexorably. Fishermen Spaniards, Portuguese and Italians were mobilized to acquire protests made by their French colleagues, calling for an "indefinite strike" Friday while Brussels has laid a message of openness. Everyone manifesting for international solidarity and to refuse misery! Today it would be the fishermen who will be on strike tomorrow would be taxi drivers, farmers and then The Port Authority of Marseilles!

  • It's been 3 weeks French fishermen are on strike
  • The Portuguese fishermen, began five days ago and decided to continue the demonstration until at least Wednesday.
  • The strike has affected the United Kingdom, where British fishermen were very much likely to show Tuesday morning in London to demand an government emergency assistance , supported by a dozen French fishermen
  • In other Asian countries like the Philippines are suffering because the price of rice does not cease to increase. But oil is not excluded!

I hope that many of us will fight against an expensive life!