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The decision was made on February 13 by the Interministerial Committee on Road Safety (Comité Interministériel de la Sécurité Routière or CISR) to obliged users to be accustomed of vest retro-reflective safety and triangle of pre-signalisation (Gilet rétro-réfléchissant de sécurité et d’un triangle de pré-signalisation). This will be mandatory to help reduce the number of road deaths. The non-compliance with these new obligations will be liable to breach of the 4th degree (fixed fine of 135 euros, less than 90 euros). Reasons of using the vest retro-reflective safety and triangle of pre-signalisation is intended to reinforce the safety measures of drivers in all circumstances of emergency stop. The driver needs to be visible by other drivers during car breakdown. The vehicle in trouble must be reported immediately. As for the triangle pre-signs should be at any time aboard inside the vehicle. The driver needs to position it on the way as soon as he gets out of the car and with a dista…

Certified B_TCH !

A childhood friend of honey likes inviting friends over to his place. He cooks very well. He interests in so many things. At 35, he started learning piano, tap dancing at 36, and perfecting his English (before I knew him he speaks very limited English). Now he will be assigned in South Korea where the company sends him and now learning Korean Language. He is really impressive and now speaking the basic Korean. Anyway, I will not be talking about him I am just really astound on how he lives his life. Okay I’ll be talking about how he organizes his dinner invitation. Whenever he invites friends for a dinner there would always be a “theme” and invites one month in advance. One day he invited us for an “International dinner” last time it was a Piano dinner therefore almost of them play piano. For us why International? Because we are French-Filipino couple, there was the French-Chinese couple, there was a French-American lady and there was the typical French couple. It was interesting beca…

Bonne fête Papa !

La dernière fois j’ai écrit un article pour mon Père pour fêter la fête pères. Cette fois-ci je pense que mon Mari à aussi besoin d'attention et de tendresse. En France, c’est la Fête de Pères donc tous les enfants sont visiblement occupés à faire leurs cadeaux. En fait, ils ont déjà fait leurs cadeaux depuis l’école avec un coup de pouce par leurs maîtresses pour terminer un merveilleux travail. Aujourd’hui, les enfants ont offert leurs cadeaux à leurs Papa.

Sébastien a offert un verre avec une lettre B qui signifie (Bernard) tandis que Mayumi a fait les deux verres avec les poudres en couleurs. Et ce n'est pas tout ! Il y a aussi des petites poésie.
Mon cœur me dit
Qu'aujourd'hui, c'est fête
Mais quelle fête?
La fête des mamans? Non!
La fête des rois?
La fête d'un roi!
Mais lequel?
Le roi de moncœur
C'est mon Papa à moi ! Je taime...Mayumi
Quelques mots pour Papa....Papa tu es le plus fort, l…

Double BIG T !

I was given an award by HILDA and I would like to THANK her for the wonderful attention and appreciation. Well, amongst the great chef I am the only one who isn't :D !

I was tagged by LEAH and was given this symbolic friendship award. A big THANK YOU ! I would personally pass this on to everyone because you have been a part of my blog life and I am glad. However I would give this symbolic friendship flower especially to JOANNEbecause I finally convinced her to enter in the blog sphere. She discovered my blog and commented few times (now she's a regular blogger), we exchanged emails and chatted from time to time. We plan to meet later on for their future travel to Marseilles and impatiently looking forward to it. (Leah I wanted to have the same yellow flower but was unsuccessful so I opted for this).

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Keep the symbolic friendship going and blog on !

Definitely not a "Bidonville"

While I was surfing I have stumbled upon a blog site where he commented that Marseilles is a "Bidonville" (shanty town or of a low economic or social class). Well, I woulddefinitely not like to influencebutI hope he will change his wrong impression about the place. I must say that am proud to have live in the South of France especially in Marseilles which is the oldest city and its second largest metropolitan district in France. The city is situated in the perimeter of Mediterranean Sea so obviously there is the Port Authority of Marseilles which is the second largest in the entire Europe preceded by Rotterdam. The Port of Marseilles is once a trading place during primordial Greek empire around 600 B.C. Presently it is one of the busiest Ports all over France. Bourgeoisie isn’t really the term to be used by some. Since it is the oldest city therefore they have kept the antiques images of architectures and buildings. Some of them are renovated but some are not restored yet s…

Soutenons nous !

C'est le printemps, et on peut dire aussi que c'est la saison des grèves à Marseille (ou devrais-je dire dans la plupart des pays Européens). De toute évidence pour s’opposer avec fermeté contre l'augmentation du prix du pétrole. Malheuresement, les cours du pétrole flambent inexorablement. Les pêcheurs Espagnols, Portugais et Italiens se sont mobilisés à aquérir la relève des protestations de leurs collègues Français, appelant à une "grève illimitée" Vendredi tandis que Bruxelles a jeté un message d'ouverture. Tout le monde manifeste pour la solidarité internationale et refuser la misère! Aujourd'hui ce sont les pecheurs qui sont en gréve, demain les chauffeurs de taxis,les agriculteurs et puis Le Port Autonome de Marseille!

Ca fait 3 semaines les pêcheurs français sont en grève
Les pêcheurs Portugais, ont commencé il y a cinq jours et décident de poursuivre la manifestation au moins jusqu'à mercredi. La grève a affecté le Royaume-Uni, où les pêcheu…