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Because I am married to a foreigner

Before leaving for the second time to the Philippines I remember having a conversation with a Filipina (married to a Filipino) asking me "Hindi ka ba natatakot umuwi sa Pilipinas na kasama mga anak mo ?" (Are you not afraid to go back to the Philippines with your kids?). I surprisingly answered her question with a question "Bakit naman Ate ?" (Why is that Ate?). She initially had qualms bout bringing her kids there. For the following reasons, it's too hot for them, or mosquitoes will bite them, that her children are afraid of flying cockroaches, and the worse because of the traffic and pollution. I myself was indeed flabbergasted… I must admit her reaction annoyed me a lot. First off, I didn't expect to hear from her who apparently grew up in the province (this does not imply that a person who lives in the province is less privileged). I am proud to say that I grew up in the province and participated planting rice together with the workers of my grandparent…

Asian Beauties

Upon searching from you tube I stumbled on this video of beauty search. Miss World 2007/08 Asian Contestants. I haven't been really up to date in terms of beauty pageant since I left home but I love watching these beautiful ladies and I always have my favorite (s) and most of time the the one I prefer wins :D ! I have seen all the Asian contestants and I think that India is the most beautiful but according to the Judges..the beauty of CHINA WINS, so she went as far and crowned to be Miss World 2007! Congratulations to her ! Oh probably she made it to the question and answer portion we should not forget this. Beauty and brains should come together. And you, who do you think should win ?

Zhang Zi Lin

Chèr Basti,

Nous étions très heureux quand tu es venu au monde
De t'avoir a nos cotés est un bel espoir, notre histoire d'amour
Ton sourire, ton regard nous fait chatoyer nos yeux
Notre fils aimé, innocent et si doux !

Aujourd'hui, c'est ton anniversaire
Tellement dorloté par amour ainsi très fier
Tu es un de plus beaux cadeaux
Qui fait de notre vie un vrai joyau !

Parfois la vie n'est pas facile, il y aura des chagrins,
Mais nous serons toujours là pour te guider sur le chemin
Mais n'oublie pas, là joie, le soleil de notre merveille
Dans nos coeur ne pourra jamais cesser de t'aimer
Aussi precieux notre CHER BASTI !


Nous t'embrassons bien fort ,

Maman, Papa et Mimi

My son's birthday was last January 17, he turned 5 years old but I posted this the day after his birthday because I am looking after him. Sadly he started to get ill on the day of his birthday. So I thought and tried to make a little poem to express how much I love him.

The Shadow

Tonight when I was giving a bath to Sébastien, Mayumi went to see us in the bathroom and she was running, afraid and trying to telling me something but I can't understand her because of the running water from the bathroom. Now here's the scene : (translation in red color)

Mayumi : Maman, regarde! (a bit crying and afraid)
(Mama look!)

Me : Quest ce qu'il y a Mimi ?
(What do you have Mimi ?)

Mayumi : J'ai peur ! (she was pointing out on the floor).
(I'm afraid! )

I didn 't get it right away but when she insisted that she's afraid I understood.

Me : Ah d'accord n'aie pas peur. C'est ton ombre bébé ! It's your shadow (talking to her in english)

Ah ok don't be afraid. It's your shadow baby !

Mayumi : Non, j'ai peur! Il me laisse pas tranquil...(still trying to run behind my back to escape out from her shadow)
(I'm afraid ! He won't leave me alone...)

I tried to solace her but she kept on changing position many times and …

Quiet and white

A very Happy New Year and new beginnings to everyone! Finally, I'm out from hibernation in the cold environment of Alps after the holidays. Now will start to tell how it went for us. Normally we go to the North of France to spend Christmas with my husband's relatives or simply stay in Marseille and party with close Filipino friends or with my parents in law. This time was very simple and quiet because husband was on duty during the Noche Buena so we were not able to go out of town. Good thing he went home earlier than expected. We spent Christmas at home between us for the first time. I just made a simple dinner and we let the kids ate earlier knowing that they will not resist until midnight, I was right Mayumi fell asleep but Sébastien tried to fight his sleepiness because of excitement in opening one of his gifts. As of us, champagne and foie gras were an element of the dinner. We have eaten around 8:30 PM and ended at 10 PM. We let Sébastien opened one of his gifts before …