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Relax na relax ako !

My friend ask me to checkhis blog and I did. I guess, I should also post this as a response. ACCEPTED without a bit of hesitation. Others may say that I am being sensitive but I am not, I just needed fair assessment and because I give so much VALUE for blog perse!

NO CENSORING, the truth is this is what they're hiding behind those carboards !

never imagine I am capable

This is a typical street inMarseille.This narrow street is a two-way and I am always confronted with the plight of everyday driving. I am becoming more and more confident in driving. This is the way going to school !

This is a one-way and narrow street. Driver should be very careful when passing because of pedestrian traversing this way should be 30km/hr.

Another one-way street where the school is located. Parents and or guardians stay inside these steel barriers when picking up the kids.

I found a great site for your virtual visit ! Do check this out !

The Beauty continues.....

Now, back to my normal post.....all comments on my previous post are greatly appreciated, thank you!

After all the reparations, cleaning and maintenance the house is ready to receive friends to our humble place. I am talking of French-Filipina and French-German couples, yes we are going International in the village. A Filipina who arrived in France barely two years ago and who's also adapting to the French way of life. Her outlook on adjusting to her new environment had impressed me. I would say, she easily surpasses all the sentiments and differences between the two countries . Nonetheless, every foreigners need to undergo changes but it's depends on how we will be able to overcome them.

To start with, we welcomed our Franco-Filipino couple friends who supposed to arrive earlier but since there was a technical problem during the trip they arrived later at night than expected. Arriving at the Port of Bastia it was annoying that car rental shop was close because they needed to pi…

not even a sweet revenge !

I made a tagalog poem to thank my family, friends and those who are close to me in remembering me on the day of my birthday. In common perception, Tagalog is an easy language for us Filipinos because we speak it everyday. But I can tell you that it's the contrary. I took an effort thinking of all the vocabulary words I learned from high school. The perfect words that rhyme but most especially it is what I honeslty feel about them. I love blogging, blogger friends and the strangers who visit my blog. I blog because I want to make friends, to learn from their experiences, to have their point of view, to have a subject of conversation and everything that concerns blogging which are profitable. Mainly, I am open to constructive criticism and most of all I don't like to have enemies ! This morning I had a visitor and he surprised me with his comment on my previous post (which I already erased). His exact comment was "Parang suicide note...." ("Seems to be a suicide no…

Paglipas ng panahon

Tatlongpu't limang taong nagdaan hanggang ngayon
Ako’y nagpapasalamat ng walang hanggan.
Mula sa aking pagkabata isip ay namulat
Magandang pag uugali, maayos na pakikisama sa lahat .

Mga magulang na umaantabay
Aking mga gawain sila'y tanging gabay.
Sa kanilang mga mata kasiyahay nasisilayan
Tuwing ako'y nagtatagumpay.

Kasiyahan, kalungkutan, tagumpay man o kabiguan
Nandiyan pa rin silang ako'y parangalan.
Lingid sa mga nagawang pagkakamali
Hatid nila'y walang sawang pagsusulsi.

Sa aking mga kapatid na umaagapay
Kasagutan ko ay malaking pagpupugay.
Mga pagsubok sa buhay, hirap man o ginhawa
Kaakiba't ko pa rin silang nagtitiyaga.

Para sa aking kabiyak sa buhay
Ako'y minamahal ng walang kapantay.
Iba man ang ating pinagmulan
Respeto at pagmamahal ang ating timbulan.

Mga anak kong nagbibigay ng ligaya
Sa bawat mahigpit na yakap at halik
Pagod ay mabilis na nawawaglit
Nabibigay lakas sa bawat paghihinagpis.

Maari ko bang kalimutan mga kaibigang walang sawâ
Bawat pagdurugo ng puso ko…

Les 3 Mousquetaires

Family day at Park Borely. I am proud of how I took this photo co'z I am not really good when it comes to picture taking ! Any suggestions on how to take pictures ? I mean good one even if I don't have professional camera equipment. I am just using a simple digital cam.