Thursday, March 29, 2007

better days

Good question Leah! What made my day? There are a lot of things to be said but this one is so special for me as a mother so I am really proud to share this to everyone which is something memorable and cute.

My son just assembled the puzzles by himself. There are 4 types of Jip & Janneke puzzle. The first one (start looking on your upper right corner) has 4 pieces, second one has 6 pieces, the third puzzle has 9 pieces and the last one is the most complicated it has 16 pieces. Not bad for a 4 year old kid, right ! At first, he was hesitant to do it alone but I just look at him and said "Tu sais très bien assembler le puzzle tout seul. Tu vas y arriver !" (You know very well to assemble the puzzle alone. I know you can make it !). I guess it is just a matter of having confidence in them even it is for small things! While growing up they merit and develop self-confidence which starts at home.

This one is so cute and funny! If we talk about art, I am maybe the worse person that ever existed on earth ! In short, I am null ! Otherwise, I know how to appreciate good art. In fact, it is one of my be an artist! Boy, I really admire the artists like my brother who is really a born artist and Kala! Sigh.....anyway, we can't have everything don't we!

So what do you think friends ? Is it like mother like son thing ?! LOL It was funny because while he did this, we had a funny conversation !

Basti : Je vais dessiner Papa avec des lunettes. (I am going to draw Papa with sunglasses.)

Me : Ben oui, tu peux le faire! (Yes, can do that! )

Basti : Et toi, Maman ? Tu n'est pas en colere ici, hah ! ( And you Mama ? You're not angry here, hah !)

Me : Pourquoi je serai? Non, je ne le suis pas! (Why will I be? No, I am not !) It is maybe because they always see me getting angry everytime they make silly things ! hehehe

Basti : Ca c'est moi, je suis beau ! (And this is me, I am handsome !) Now he's being confident !

Me : Bien sûr, tu es très beau mon fils ! ( Of course, you are handsome my son!)

Basti : Et Mimi, c'est ça. Elle est belle mais elle est petite encore ! (And Mimi, there she is. She is pretty but she is still small. )

Me : Tu crois elle est belle ? (You think she's beautiful ?)

Basti : Ben oui ! ( Oh yes! )

I am keeping his drawing and even scanned it ! Later on I have many things to show him and tell stories how he was in his younger years. Worth keeping and worth blogging !

Monday, March 19, 2007

very advanced !

My son started schooling at the age of 2 and 1/2 years old. Yes, I know he is too young! But our main concern of putting him at school at an early age are the following:

1. To Socialize - Socalization is essential in molding one's personality. We wanted him to improve in terms of speaking. He started saying a few words at the age of two . We were a bit afraid of him being a late speaker. According to my husband cousin who is taking up Orthophonist ( speech therapist) at his age he needs to speak at least 50 words in accordance to the progression table of the child she has given us ! What do you think ?

2. For Exposure - Since he was breastfed until 13 months the only person he knows are his parents and the rest of the family! When he sees other people he tends to be distant. Whereas in school he will meet children of the same age to interact with. Learn to express himself in a peer group.

3. Development - to build up both his mental and physical capacities. Cognitive and non-cognitive adeptness could be developed and formed at an early age.

Basically those are the reasons why he entered to school very early. I know you would agree with me that we learn everything first at home. On the other hand, the education we get from the school has a large contribution that constitutes on the cycle of trainings of our children. Thinking persuasively that my child is learning from the nursery school to be autonomous, to distinguish color differences, animals from plants, drawing and coloring, mingling and playing with other children of the same ages, listening to stories that will generate his imagination . On my awe, I didn't know that up to this extent at his age that they are learning this already !

It says here "I am learning the time "

Astonished I was ! My son just turned 4 years old last January and he's now learning to know the time of the day! As the saying goes "do not judge the book by it's cover" but when I opened what is inside, well my judgement is confirmed !

The story says that "What time is it ?" A question which you often hear....Soon you will know how to answer alone! In this album, there are drawings accompanied by a clock, the actions illustrate which you make each day. You will thus learn how to recognize the position of the needles. An amusing way of knowing the hour ! Sept heures vingt (7:20 AM I slept well. I stretch myself and I wake up !) Sept heures et demie (7:30 AM I drink a bowl of milk and I eat slices of bread ).

This is the second page (the book has 11 pages back & forth) and it says what time is it in the afternoon and what he usually do ! I am confused because this one is very advance for a 4 year old kid. I want my child to take his time, to learn little by little! To enjoy being a young boy and explore things without being precipitant . School means learning and learning should be fun too ! Serious learning has not yet to come....later on he will !

What about your children what do they learn from kindergarten ? Should I be happy that my child is learning in a haste ? Do you agree with me on this point ?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

this is why I needed to drive

These are my objectives :

1. Doctor's visit. Appointments without hubby.

2. Bringing & picking up our son from school of course accompanied by daughter (it's over for the stroller). Another part of this, which I am driving forth and back to SMUC because we enrolled our son to do some sports during winter vacation instead of staying at home watching TV.

3. Doing what mu hubby and grocery! The only shops he would like to be are FNAC, Decathlon, Virgin Megastore,Ikea.

4. When I want to visit Pinoy friends in Marseille (especially Makis , sayang wala na si Kala & Jhona ) I can go alone with or without the kids & stay long. I can have my baby sitter only every Wednesdays and weekends.

5. I can look for a job because license is indespensable. (Sigurista sila kasi laging may strike dito eh )

6. This has been a long time plan...working out on the gym to burn calories especially to have some re-education co'z I have a knee problem to solve, now I am motivated!

7. I can go to church without hubby accompanying & picking me up late . The mass is in Tagalog so hubby stays at home and take care of the kids.

8. In case hubby gets sick I will be the driver.

9. When I will have the envie going to Paris store (it's a chinese store where I can find Philippines Products). Oh, I can spend hours there, daming mabibili !

10. I can drive even on a long trip to relay husband (kasi gusto nya siesta pag mahabang biyahe :) !

In short I myself ALONE can do everything that I couldn't even do before I needed to wait for frenchhoney to accompany me all the time or take the public transportation with 2 kids to keep an eye on ! My everyday life has totally change a lot. It's an advantage because later on I can do more things and I feel even a lot useful. It's also helping to release my husband from the these things co'z he's been working a lot and I would prefer him to rest during weekends.

So friends, I will be off for vacation from March 3-10 to go skiing in the Alps.

Meaning I will not be able to blog and bloghop but I promise to visit you as soon as we get back !

Btw, I would like to thank Analyse for sharing me this site! Medyo na extra ang mga bulilits ko! Happy winter vacation to everyone! Stay warm .