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better days

Good question Leah! What made my day? There are a lot of things to be said but this one is so special for me as a mother so I am really proud to share this to everyone which is something memorable and cute.

My son just assembled the puzzles by himself. There are 4 types of Jip & Janneke puzzle. The first one (start looking on your upper right corner) has 4 pieces, second one has 6 pieces, the third puzzle has 9 pieces and the last one is the most complicated it has 16 pieces. Not bad for a 4 year old kid, right ! At first, he was hesitant to do it alone but I just look at him and said "Tu sais très bien assembler le puzzle tout seul. Tu vas y arriver !" (You know very well to assemble the puzzle alone. I know you can make it !). I guess it is just a matter of having confidence in them even it is for small things! While growing up they merit and develop self-confidence which starts at home. This one is so cute and funny! If we talk about art, I am maybe the worse person th…

very advanced !

My son started schooling at the age of 2 and 1/2 years old. Yes, I know he is too young! But our main concern of putting him at school at an early age are the following:

1. To Socialize - Socalization is essential in molding one's personality. We wanted him to improve in terms of speaking. He started saying a few words at the age of two . We were a bit afraid of him being a late speaker. According to my husband cousin who is taking up Orthophonist ( speech therapist) at his age he needs to speak at least 50 words in accordance to the progression table of the child she has given us ! What do you think ?

2. For Exposure - Since he was breastfed until 13 months the only person he knows are his parents and the rest of the family! When he sees other people he tends to be distant. Whereas in school he will meet children of the same age to interact with. Learn to express himself in a peer group.

3. Development - to build up both his mental and physical capacities. Cognitive and non-cognitiv…

this is why I needed to drive

These are my objectives :

1. Doctor's visit. Appointments without hubby.

2. Bringing & picking up our son from school of course accompanied by daughter (it's over for the stroller). Another part of this, which I am driving forth and back to SMUC because we enrolled our son to do some sports during winter vacation instead of staying at home watching TV.

3. Doing what mu hubby and grocery! The only shops he would like to be are FNAC, Decathlon, Virgin Megastore,Ikea.

4. When I want to visit Pinoy friends in Marseille (especially Makis , sayang wala na si Kala & Jhona ) I can go alone with or without the kids & stay long. I can have my baby sitter only every Wednesdays and weekends.

5. I can look for a job because license is indespensable. (Sigurista sila kasi laging may strike dito eh )

6. This has been a long time plan...working out on the gym to burn calories especially to have some re-education co'z I have a knee problem to solve, now I am motivat…