Monday, November 27, 2006

I am not this !

I'ts been a stressing days lately on my part....I will try to tell you more of it if things will turn just like I wanted it to happen. Nothing serious, for the meantime, I do not have something to post because I cannot concentrate but I will visit your site and that's a promise! Wish me goodluck...

Monday, November 20, 2006

il se prends pour qui ?

Comme tout les jours je pars vers 4:15 de l'après-midi pour aller checher Sébastien à l'école bien sûr avec Mayumi dans la pousette. Au moment donner il y avait un jeune homme environ (25-28 ans) que j'ai croisé sur le chemin. Au début je croyais qu'il lui ai dit bonjour à Mayumi car il a trouvé mignone. Notre conversation ça s'est passé comme ça.....

Jeune homme : Bonjour, ça va la petite!

Mayumi : Coucou ! (Mayumi qui as fait une signe de la main)
Moi : Bonjour !

Jeune homme : Alors, c'est quoi ton telephone ?

Moi : Excusez-moi ?

Jeune homme : Tu m'appelles ? (il m'a fais une signe de lui telephoner)

Moi : Désolé, je suis bien mariée!

En lui montrant ma bague. Je suis surprise, pourtant j'ai porté un jean et simple t-shirt et je ne me maquille pas.

Jeune homme : Ben, moi aussi !

Moi : Beh, alors pourquoi demander mon telephone? Il faut rester fidele vous ne croyez pas ?

Est-ce que vous avez remarquer qu'avant l'exchange des parole il me tutoyer quand j'ai lui dit "vous" là il a commercer à me vouvoyer!

Jeune homme : Vous avez les hommes non't pas comme vous le croyez! Il peuvent faire ce q'il veulent...

Je tien mon calme parce que ça sers à RIEN de s'enervé. Mais ça me faisait ch...

Moi : La mienne n'est pas comme ça! Je vous dire comme vous !!

Quel frimeur ce lui là, alors ! Il a voulu que la conversation allé encore plus loin mais je ne le cedez pas un seul instant parce que j'ai cesez d'être gentille... Je trouve que parfois les gens dépassent les bornes des limites. Je ne crois pas que je me suis fais dragé même c'est evident j'étais avec ma fille, alors là........comment il à pu osé de me dire que les hommes sont semblables! Je trouve que c'était fort, vous ne touvez pas?

As usual I leave around 4:15 in the afternoon to go pick up Sebastien from the school, of course with Mayumi in the stroller. At a given time, there was a young man approximately (25-28 years old) whom I crossed on the way. In the beginning I thought he wanted to say hello to Mayumi because he found her cute. Our conversation goes like this .....

Young man: Hello, how's the little one!

Mayumi: Hello! (Mayumi waved to say hello)

Me : Good day

Young man: Well, got a phone?

Me: Excuse me?

Young man: You call me? (giving me a hand sign to phone to him)

Me: Sorry, I am very well married!

By showing him my ring. I was surprised, provided that I was simpy dressed up with Jean and tee-shirt and I did not even have make up.

Young man: Bah, me too!

Me: Bah, then, why ask my telephone? You need to remain faithful, don't you think?

Have you noticed that before the exchanger of conversation, he was addressing on me like we knew each other.

Young man: You know, men are not what you believe they are ! They can do anything they want…

I stayed serene because it's useless to get exasperated . But he annoyed me …

Me: Mine is not like what you think ! I Or should I say, like you!

What a show-off ! He wanted that the conversation go even further but I didn't let him not even a chance because I have stopped being nice… I find that sometimes people exceed their limits. I cannot imagine, that someone tried to flirt with me even I was obviously with my daughter, well dare him to tell me that men are alike ! I think, he went too far, don't you think?

footnotes : brief explanation of words
"tutoyer" - (tu) term used to address someone you know (family, close friends, & younger person)
"vouvoyer" - (vous) term used to address a stranger, plural term (sign of respect)

Friday, November 10, 2006

bilib ako !

Ang larawang ito ay sa probinsya ng Quezon sa may likod bahay namin !

Habang tinatapos ko ang aking ibang mga sulatin nais kong ipamahagi sa inyong lahat ang napakagandang tugtuging ito! Nang aking mapakinggan bigla tuloy akong nangulila na naman .... Salamat sa iyo Jhona sa pagbigay mo ng "link" na ito. Ako'y napag muni-muni kung ano-ano ang mga na miss ko sa atin. Unang una ang aking pamilya at mga kaibigan, mga magandang tanawin, mga masasarap na pagkain, at ang mga kasayahang pinagsasaluhan namin kahit saan man kami mapagawi. Lalo na ng mapanuod ko ang isang pelikulang tagalog kagabi na pinamagatang Got to believe in Magic ng yumaong Rico Yan at Claudine Barreto salamat sa iyo Makis sa pagbahagi mo sa aking ng DVD na ito....para nga akong loka loka dahil nandiyang tatawa ako, tapos bigla na lang iiyak ! Ang totoo noong nasa Pilipinas hindi ako masyadong nanunood ng mga pelikulang tagalog (namimili lang ako ng mga panunoorin ) sapagkat minsan may pagka korni o baduy ang dating. Ngunit ngayon malayo ako sa atin, tuwang tuwa na ako panoorin ang mga pelikulang talgalog kahit na pinaka baduy at pinaka korni pa sya ! Nandyan pa ngang makipag agawan ako mapanuod ko lang yon.....subalit pag dating sa pakikinig ng mga kantang Pilipino....okey na okey ako dyan ! Kaya halika tayo na sabayan ninyo akong pakinggan ang awiting ito, napakagaling talaga ng Pilipino !!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

tag world

I was tagged by two co-blogger friends Leah and Sistah Nao . Here's the 4 for Friday Leah !

Q1 - Faith: What do you think? Does God exist, and if so, do you think God has control over events?

Yes HE exists and controls everything but HE let us do the job too therefore we will learn how to live and fight under any circumstances.

Q2 - Work: Do you socialize with co-workers outside of the office?

When I was working back home, I do socialized it's fun and a way of discovering one's personality.

Q3 - Holiday Travel: Are you traveling for the upcoming holidays or are you expecting family and friends to come to your home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

We plan to spend Christmas in the north of France because almost of my husband's family live their and we will try to visit Paris too !

Q4 - You Choose: Which would you rather have...a personal assistant or a personal trainer?

Since I am a stay at home Mom, I don't need a personal assistant I would prefer to have a gym trainer to loose weight and keep the form ;) !


There you go my "Truth and Lies" Sistah Nao, I don't usually lie hahahahaha ! Everything's simple and true !

1. I have my driving license already !

2. I miss working so I will be looking for a job soon!!! Just waiting for Mayumi next year to be in school.

3. Once in my life, my name was published in the newspaper, heard my name in radio stations because I won the PRISAA National Taekwondo Championship (National & Regional Competition held in Zamboanga). Wo

4. My husband is bugging me for our third baby.

5. I cannot live without cell phone.

6. I am a computer and television addict.

7. I am a good cook nye he he he.

8. I can do bungy or bungee jumping without getting sick hhhmmmm !!!

9. I have white hair (already) wwaaaahhhhh !

10. I was mildly harrased in Pinas but thanks to my martial arts knowledge I was able to defend myself !

11. I was once an activist student during my University days and experienced a 2 weeks rally and barricaded to prevent tuition fee hike.

12. Won the loto, gusto nyong balato ?

13. I've got new PORSCHE sportscar, wanna ride ?

14. I miss Philippines Mangoes :( just how I badly miss my family and relatives!

15. I am wild and sexy bwa ha ha ha !

O ayan na po ha sinagot ko sa abot ng aking makakaya, so bahala na kayong manghula kung ano ang totoo at hindi dyan !