Friday, April 28, 2006

this is a BIG INSULT !

Just received an email from a friend and this would make you revolt as I was! When I was a child I was taught to respect other cultures, to accept indifferences between person, learning and not judging. I guess, this is now a discrimination not solely for our culture as well as to others! Teachers are known to be intelligent people, model of the students, example to most of us, sadly there exist STUPIDITY in some !

We are born as EQUAL CITIZEN and there is no place for RACISM!

Please click and you will understand WHY ???
Punished for not eating correctly!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ce n'est pas juste

Ma colère, mes angoisses, ma tristesse sont passées, et aujhourd'hui j'aimerais partager mes sentiments avec vous. Il y a deux semaines je suis allée chercher Sébastien à l'école comme l'habitude. Soudainement, j'ai vu qu'il avait des éraflures sous le nez. Je n'ai pas osé demander à sa maîtresse. Je me suis dit qu'il était peut être simplement un peu irrité parce que il était enrhumé. Cependant la maîtresse m'a vu examiner mon fils. Je n'ai pas osé demander d'explications. Elle m'approché en disant " Vous savez Madame, pendant le cours il s'est fait frappé par une éléve. Nous lui avons demandé qui l'avait frappé, mais il n'a pas répondu. Il a continué de pleurer. Il est difficile de le comprendre car il ne s'exprime pas beaucoup. Nous avons tout essayé mais nous n'avons pas reussi." A ce moment la, mon visage a changé.....j'étais désespéré lui ai montré mon mécontentement.

Ensuite, elle m'a dit " Ne vous inquiétez pas Madame ça ne viens pas de lui je vous assure. Sébastien n'a aucune agressivité, aucune méchanceté. C'est un garçon très doux et quand il voit quelque chose qui traîne par terre il le ramasse et il n'y a que lui qui le fait! . Il y avait une auxiliaire presente elle aussi et a confirmé ce que la maîtresse disait a propos du comportement de mon fils. j'ai repondu en precisant : " Je sais très bien que mon fils n'est pas aggresif, et je ne voudrais pas non plus qu'il finisse comme un punching bag pour les autres éléves. Sébastien doit effectivement, apprendre à se defendre. La maîtresse a encore ajouté une petite remarque en me regardant avec un gentil sourire : "a côte de ça il est gentil et c'est une bonne chose".

Je n'avais pas besoin de toutes ces précisions....En revenant à la masion, je n'arrêtais pas de penser comment les éléves pouvaient faire ça à Sébastien qui pourtant n'a rien fait....du tout ! je voulais vous dire que mon fils est trop gentil envers ses camarades. Je ne parle pas uniquement du caractere de mon fils à l'école, mais également des éléves qui peuvent lui faire du mal.

Ce soir là, j'ai tout raconté a mon mari qui a decidé de faire une lettre pour que cela ne se reproduise plus. Il a demandé aux éducatrice de contrôler pour savoir si c'était un cas isolé ou repetitif. Nous avions peur qu'un ou plusieurs éléves puissent le harceler. Si c'était le cas nous voulions résoudre la situation avec les parents des élèves concernés. Je pense que c'était la meilleure solution !

Et vous ? Que pensez vous de tout ça ? Imaginez vous à notre place, comment réagiriez vous à cette histoire

English Translation :

My anger, my anguish, my sadness have passed, and today I would like to share my feelings with you. Two weeks ago, I went to pick up Sebastien from the school. Suddenly, I saw that he had scratches under the nose. I did not dare to ask his teacher. I said to myself that he was just simply irritated because of colds. However the teacher saw me examining my son. I did not dare to ask for explanations. She approahed me saying "You know Ma'am, while playing outside he was hit by a classmate. We asked him who it was, but he did not answer. He continued to cry. It was difficult to understand him because he cannot expressed much. We have tried many times but we did not succeed." At that time, my face changed....I was desperate... I showed them my dissatisfaction.

Then, she said to me "do not worry Ma'am he did not started it I assure you. Sebastien doesn't have aggressiveness, no naughtiness. He is a very gentle boy and when he sees something which trails in the floor he collects
and arranges them... it is only him who does! . There was also an assistant present and she confirmed what the teacher said to me about the behavior of my son. I answered precisely: "I know very well that my son is not aggresive, but I would not like either that he finishes like a punching bag for the others students. Sebastien should effectively learns to defend. The teacher added a small remark by looking at me with a nice smile: "besides he is a very nice boy and it is a good thing".

I don't need all these precisions ... While going back home, I did not stop thinking how the students could do that to Sebastien who however did not do anything... at all ! I mean to say that my son is too nice towards his camarades. I do not speak solely about the character of my son at the school, but also about the students who can do bad things against him.

This evening, I told everything to my husband who decided to make a letter so that that it will not happen again anymore. He asked the teacher to control if it were an isolated case or it happens often . We were afraid that one or more students can harass him. If it were the case we would like to solve the situation with the parents of the pupils concerned. I think that it was the best solution!

And you? What do you think of all these? Imagine if you are in our place, how would you react on this matter?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

feels good to be back home....once again

The last time I went in the Philippines was in 2003. That was exactly two years and three months away from the Philippines before this last trip. Because I only had nine-month old Sébastien then we were able to stay for three months. He was even baptized in Quezon Province. I remember being surprised about the changes - less traffic, jam-packed MRT (I understood it was less expensive), and better systems for NSO, NBI and other governments institutions.

This time around, I didn’t have the chance to see if there had been more changes because we didn't stay in Manila that long. But passing by Makati, Mandaluyong (where my Sister lives) Taytay (where my uncles live), I saw lots of buildings in construction, a huge mall, and of course, the never-ending use of cellular phones.

Anyway, it was still exciting despite the fact that our stay was only for a month because we had invited French friends so we could unveil the beauty of my country Philippines to them. We successfully convinced three friends to come with us. Thanks to my husband who's always the number one fan of the Philippines!

Bernard made an itinerary for our trip as follows:

February 16 - Departure from Marseille

February 17 to 18 - Manila

February 19 to 24 - Quezon Province

February 24 to 26 – Manila

February 27 to March 3 - Legaspi City, Bicol

March 3 to 5 - Manila

March 5 to 10 - Arrival of French friends Laurent and Odile. With Bernard, they go right away to Banaue by bus while I and the children go to Cebu with my parents to visit my brother and his new baby girl.

March 11 - Arrival of another friend Rémi who takes a connecting flight to Bohol

March 10 - Bernard arrives in Cebu while Laurent & Odile visit Siquijor for two days

March 12 to 16 - Departure from Cebu taking the ferry to cross the island and everyone meets up in the island of Panglao, Bohol

March 16 - Everyone flies back to Manila. Odile leaves for France at night.

March 17 - Departure from Manila. Rémi and Laurent stay for ten more days.

March 18 - Back in Marseille, France

Our schedule was that hectic and we did not even tour around Manila. The one day stay in Manila made Bernard sick. He said, "Si tu veux vraiment voyager et connaître les Philippines il ne faut surtout pas reste a Manille. Il n'y a rien spectaulaire ici". If you really want to know about the Philippines, you should not stay especially in Manilla. There's nothing spectacular here. But during our stay in Manila, we went out for a walk to avoid staying at home and just watching television. In fact, Bernard hates malling but was forced to go with us to SM Megamall. I just wanted him to experience how it felt to just go around observing. I told him if he wanted to go ice skating he could and he was amazed that we have it. Unfortunately it was too crowded and dense. By the way, I found out that when you go to malls in the Philippines you can now rent a stroller for babies or even a designed pushcart for children.

Eating is still the best way to reconnect. We were invited for lunch by my two uncles, had dinner organized by friends at Dencios and another lunch with
Kala's parents before the flight back to France (thank you very much for that wonderful journey....'twas our pleasure to meet you and we enjoyed it a lot).

I wasn't able to see some relatives on my father's side, some friends, colleagues from the previous company where we worked. One month was not enough. I realized that there are many beautiful places to visit in the Philippines. When I was in the still living there I didn't travel a lot because of my problem (always sick when travelling ) and was concentrated on my professional life. I can travel without problem. That's the magic of Nautamine/Bonamine.

Sadly, I wasn't able to go to Banaue. My kids are still small. As I'm still breastfeeding Mayumi, I wouldn’t have been able to go trekking if I went. But I spent precious time with my brother in Cebu which is the most essential. We stayed in Cebu for four days and had the chance to know my sister in law and my niece more. It was really good to be home once again.

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