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this is a BIG INSULT !

Just received an email from a friend and this would make you revolt as I was! When I was a child I was taught to respect other cultures, to accept indifferences between person, learning and not judging. I guess, this is now a discrimination not solely for our culture as well as to others! Teachers are known to be intelligent people, model of the students, example to most of us, sadly there exist STUPIDITY in some !

We are born as EQUAL CITIZEN and there is no place for RACISM!

Please click and you will understand WHY ??? Punished for not eating correctly!

ce n'est pas juste

Ma colère, mes angoisses, ma tristesse sont passées, et aujhourd'hui j'aimerais partager mes sentiments avec vous. Il y a deux semaines je suis allée chercher Sébastien à l'école comme l'habitude. Soudainement, j'ai vu qu'il avait des éraflures sous le nez. Je n'ai pas osé demander à sa maîtresse. Je me suis dit qu'il était peut être simplement un peu irrité parce que il était enrhumé. Cependant la maîtresse m'a vu examiner mon fils. Je n'ai pas osé demander d'explications. Elle m'approché en disant " Vous savez Madame, pendant le cours il s'est fait frappé par une éléve. Nous lui avons demandé qui l'avait frappé, mais il n'a pas répondu. Il a continué de pleurer. Il est difficile de le comprendre car il ne s'exprime pas beaucoup. Nous avons tout essayé mais nous n'avons pas reussi." A ce moment la, mon visage a changé.....j'étais désespéré lui ai montré mon mécontentement.

Ensuite, elle m'a di…

feels good to be back home....once again

The last time I went in the Philippines was in 2003. That was exactly two years and three months away from the Philippines before this last trip. Because I only had nine-month old Sébastien then we were able to stay for three months. He was even baptized in Quezon Province. I remember being surprised about the changes - less traffic, jam-packed MRT (I understood it was less expensive), and better systems for NSO, NBI and other governments institutions.

This time around, I didn’t have the chance to see if there had been more changes because we didn't stay in Manila that long. But passing by Makati, Mandaluyong (where my Sister lives) Taytay (where my uncles live), I saw lots of buildings in construction, a huge mall, and of course, the never-ending use of cellular phones.

Anyway, it was still exciting despite the fact that our stay was only for a month because we had invited French friends so we could unveil the beauty of my country Philippines to them. We successfully convinced thre…