Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Whew ! Previous month have been quite busy. Now, I am back and I have promised to update this blog once a month. I broke my promise but with a good cause. I was working ! Yes working outside. Have been out all the time to help a friend who just opened her business. My job is to take orders, serving dishes, arranging and cleaning tables, handling the payment by cards, cash or checks. Sometimes I also help her in the kitchen to cook the "plat du jour" (menu of the day). Honestly, I  was not trained for this (but I tried hard) not even have the specific qualifications to do the job so I was a little bit lost. My friend had taught me a lot how to do this correctly. Honestly, serving is not as simple as that. A job of a waiter/waitress goes's not just taking orders and cleaning after. To do this difficult task one must have a proper training. There are techniques and guidelines to follow. I never really imagine how hard this job could be. Someone must be quick on their feet and to have a good memory. 

Number one in the list : one must never forget to smile even you have had a bad hair day. Now matter how tiring your day is, it should not affect you do your work. Smile is contagious remember. Be Observant : this should mean you do not forget "food partners". Meaning if a client orders a French fries do not forget to serve him condiments (salt, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and the likes). This shows that you pay attention to your clients. Do not wait for them to ask you for something they need, propose instead. Most importantly, show them that you are a "menu expert". Having to know the restaurant menu is fundamental. It a good exercise that you explain what is the menu of the day and would be able to answer all their questions. Plus, a deft waiter should be able to make suggestions because client sometimes could be lost or undecided. 

The list could be so long, there are more techniques to follow and to put into practice. I guess, I should get a training for this because one time, I took all the glasses while clients were not done eating.. They've just finished the main menu, dessert is just coming up. The lady told me not to take the glasses yet. I was so embarrassed so I just excused myself. But, it's part of my learning as a temporary waitress. 
This is why I always give a tip when I go to restaurant but this also depends on the service of the waiter/waitress. It was quite an intense experience as I was able to go out from the ordinary life I have. 

photo taken from this site, thank you.

Friday, November 02, 2012

grow old with me

Almost all of us is familiar to this saying that "life begins at forty" but does it ? Aging is indeed a part of human life but growing old is an option as life starts at any age. It really depends on the's just a matter of numbers. Age doesn't represent maturity, it relies on how your mind works, how you see things. Personally, I don't consider growing old as becoming a grumpy old lady or being miserable because of wrinkles with tons of white hair or having a "poignées d'amour" (love handles) . Well, sometimes it's depressing to know & couldn't get out  the idea that I wouldn't be able to wear a two piece bikini at the beach anymore hahahaha. I know I am so narrow. But hey, why do I have to battle against the inevitable? I want to grow old gracefully....having to play like a child, stay up late night partying sometimes between girlfriends, buying the stuffs I like and one of them is Hello Kitty. Yes, I am proud to say that I have a Hello Kitty coin purse in my bag and to be honest my daughter wanted it but I didn't let her use it. That is the child in me ! The thought of holding hands with my husband, gazing at the sunset and staying up together like teenagers always thrills me.I am bromidic but that's me.

Take me seriously, there are a lot of things we develop and learn as we grow old. I consider growing old a wonderful gift and  PATIENCE is one of them. It is not something we are born with and I guess my patience have developed over the time. To inhale and exhale is one of my secrets, I tell you it really works. WISDOM, I remember in my early age my Mom used to tell me to grow up. I was very childish and ego centered amongst her kids and I knew that but I didn't regret because it helped me to become a better ME. At around 25 years old (maybe) I started to take things in hand besides it's never too late to change and to start over.

Oh well, I turned 40 this year! Remember, it's just a number despite of all the body pains and to have a bun in the oven. My compensation, I love when people ask me how old I am because when I tell them my age the reply I get is positive. They will most likely say that I am around 30 to 35, not kidding, it's quite a compliment ! Growing old does not suck, it's all about attitude.

Photo courtesy of Makis, thanks !