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Whew ! Previous month have been quite busy. Now, I am back and I have promised to update this blog once a month. I broke my promise but with a good cause. I was working ! Yes working outside. Have been out all the time to help a friend who just opened her business. My job is to take orders, serving dishes, arranging and cleaning tables, handling the payment by cards, cash or checks. Sometimes I also help her in the kitchen to cook the "plat du jour" (menu of the day). Honestly, I  was not trained for this (but I tried hard) not even have the specific qualifications to do the job so I was a little bit lost. My friend had taught me a lot how to do this correctly. Honestly, serving is not as simple as that. A job of a waiter/waitress goes's not just taking orders and cleaning after. To do this difficult task one must have a proper training. There are techniques and guidelines to follow. I never really imagine how hard this job could be. Someone must be quick o…

grow old with me

Almost all of us is familiar to this saying that "life begins at forty" but does it ? Aging is indeed a part of human life but growing old is an option as life starts at any age. It really depends on the's just a matter of numbers. Age doesn't represent maturity, it relies on how your mind works, how you see things. Personally, I don't consider growing old as becoming a grumpy old lady or being miserable because of wrinkles with tons of white hair or having a "poignées d'amour" (love handles) . Well, sometimes it's depressing to know & couldn't get out  the idea that I wouldn't be able to wear a two piece bikini at the beach anymore hahahaha. I know I am so narrow. But hey, why do I have to battle against the inevitable? I want to grow old gracefully....having to play like a child, stay up late night partying sometimes between girlfriends, buying the stuffs I like and one of them is Hello Kitty. Yes, I am proud to say that…