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Just a thought

I wonder why Philippines isn't competing whenever there is an Olympic game. According to what I have read because I am really curious about it, the Philippines first sent athletes for competition was in 1924. That made the first country to compete and won a medal in the Southeast Asia. Since then, they have joined every summer Olympic games and have also competed the winter Olympic games on three different events since 1972 until 1994. The Philippines was the first tropical country to ever participate in the Winter Olympic Games.  It's just so unfortunate we have good athletes and our government couldn't send them. Why ? Luck of funds ? Not so sure about it. I was thinking we are the only airport that pays terminal fee and it costs 550php/person for International flight and 200php/person for domestic flight, that would be a lot of money!  I wonder where it goes ?

According to  MIAA, General Manager Jose Angel Honrado, they will use the fund for the acquisition of sophisti…

backpack turns into a nightmare

Fours years is quite long for me before going on a vacation to the Philippines. We normally go to the Philippines every two years because we want our children to adapt the Filipino life and experience their cultural heritage. The last time we went there was 2008. We're supposed to go back 2010 but  I gave birth and the baby was too small to travel so the trip pushed through for 2012. To update you,  we just recently went on a one month trip to the Philippines. One hour flight from Marseilles to Paris went okay. At Paris airport we have waited 2 hours only  before our flight to Beijing. Kids were happy to watch films during that long trip and they were able to sleep as well. Arriving Beijing we stayed 5 hours at the airport before our last destination. Husband was able to take a nap. I was unable to fall asleep over a long period of time... it's always the case anyway. Kids were full of energy so they have played all along at the airport. Beijing airport is clean, huge and com…