Thursday, February 17, 2011

room sharing : a good delimma

Our first born child (a boy) was the motivation why we bought the apartment of two bedrooms since November 2002. After 2 years and 4 months to be exact, I gave birth to our second child (a girl) and we are still living in that same apartment of 65 sq. meters. It is located in the city but off from busy streets. My husband wanted us to move to a bigger place after having a baby girl. He was thinking there wouldn’t be enough space for them. Told him why not share a room besides they are still young? I said to him kids of not the same sex in the same room is not bad at all. Siblings are suppose to share whatever things they have and sharing a room is one of them. It promotes a closer sibling rapport. They would learn, develop and adapt themselves in different situations along the way. I was joking about it too, that he married a Filipina and so we should live like an authentic Filipino family. I do not see anything wrong with it. I grew up with my brother and sister in the same room and it was a no big deal. We liked it all together even if we fought over something. It was a joke but it is true! Sharing spaces is part of a Filipino way of family life. Of course, there’s always an exception if you belong to a rich family then you’ll have your own private room. Apparently, he agreed with my point of view and we didn’t move since then.

April 2010, I gave birth to our third child ( just for the record it’s an unexpected or should I say "SURPRISED" pregnancy). And we are still living in that same 65 sq. meters flat with our three kids sharing one room and we are all happy. We choose to wait a little bit to move to a bigger place as we don’t want to be in a haste. We both don't like rushing to get things done! Most especially we do not want to buy a house because of pressure that we get mostly from our entourage.

Certainly, I admit that family is growing therefore we absolutely need a bigger space as the flat starts to be small for a brood of five. I admit, sometimes staying at home all day in that small flat is a bit tedious. But we are getting used to it, it’s just a matter of finding interesting stuffs to do to forget about the space problem. Good thing, we love outdoor activities and so during weekends we are mostly out and enjoying.. Active children need activities throughout their free time. During bad weather we still manage to do other indoor activities like playing chess, drawing, assembling puzzle and sometimes playing Nintendo DS (but this has a limit). We also have a big garage in the basement’s residence and they get to rollerblade and bike there. We also found a new sports that kids love so much and during bad weather you will find them there. Of course, they also watch television, some cartoons and interesting documentary about dinosaurs, natures and animals and all about earth. They love that kind of program.

On the other hand, we are perfectly aware of the upside and downside of room sharing. My son who is an 8 years old urgently needs his own space to do his homework. Otherwise,he couldn’t concentrate because my daughters could be noisy sometimes while playing. Above all, he is growing and the only boy, thus, privacy matters could make sharing principally complicated. Honestly, I am proud to say they never really squabble because they share a room but it’s more of fighting over a toy or asking who will arrange the mess. Obviously, they both do the tiding up….no choice they only have one room. That’s one advantage of room sharing! We discussed all about these pros and cons, and it motivated us much more to buy a house with a bigger space for our children to value privacy and solitude. Besides, they already know the importance of cooperation and sharing, to negotiate and compromise.

For eight years, we are fortunate to have lived in this flat as it is near a public park and not buildings & commercial zone. Grateful that we are not confronted of dirty streets, noisy stores and not having to struggle to find a parking space. Plus, we have a superb terrace just enough to stay and enjoy a fine day and gaze upon the verdant green cliffs, trees and plants right on our nose. Nice neighbours, there may be one or two bad apples but not everyone. I will surely miss this flat !

the view from our flat

Friday, February 11, 2011

mon voisin est un grand malade

Ca faisait un bail je n’ai pas écrit en Français et c’est drôle de me retrouver devant mon ordinateur taper, fouiller et rectifier les mots en Français. Déjà pour pouvoir mettre à jour mon blog c’est assez difficile mais bon c’est comme ça. Il m'a fallu beaucoup de temps, déclic et de courage pour me lancer….et tiens, me voilà ressuscité !

Ce n'est pas dans ma nature de me plaindre, mais aujourd’hui laissez- moi me plaindre bon sang ! Je vais vous dire pourquoi ? Mon voisin d’en bas m’énerve car le dernier fois il me demandé de me garer comme il l'aurait souhaité. Moi, je n’ai pas hésiter de le faire autant. Oui, je me tais car j’avoue ça m’a énervée et puis il y avait mes enfants avec moi. Je ne voudrai pas avoir la dispute et me causer plus de problème car ça sera plus mon voisin dans pas longtemps, hélas ! J’ai toujours respecter les consignes dans la résidence, car il est vrai qu'il est très important d'avoir de bons rapports avec les voisins. Mais alors là, je n’ai pas envie d’avoir une relations amical avec cet homme. Lui, qui se gare toujours juste devant le bâtiment sur un marquage jaune au niveau de l’entrée et il s'est permis de faire une réflexion. J'ai faillit lui dire que le marquage jaune au sol ne sert pas à grand-chose si tout le monde se gare comme vous. Mais bon, je n’ai pas osé de lui dire, j’ai préférée me taire.

cet homme se gare la !

et moi je me gare juste ici en respectant le marquage au sol

En revanche, pour se faire remarquer et quand je trouve l’occasion je me gare à proximité de l’entrée…je le fait ! J’en suis carrément sûre qu’il ne va pas aimer, je m’en fou ! C’est pour lui montre que j’ai tout les droits de me garer où je veux non en respectant lau même temps le marquage au sol? Et si la prochaine fois il me fait des réflexions, je vais lui faire comprendre. Si quelqu'un veut être respecté par les autres, il le faut une vie digne de respect en comportant ainsi, mais malheureusement ce n'est pas son cas.

Translation :

It's been ages I have not written in French and it's funny to find myself in front my computer typing, searching and correcting words in French. To be able to update my blog is already quite difficult but it's like that. It took me a long time, to click and courage to start myself. ... and hey, here I am risen!

It's not in my nature to complain, but today let me complain, dammit! I'll tell you why? My downstairs neighbor annoys me because the last time he asked me to park my car as he wished. Me, I did not hesitate to do so. Yes, I admit it made me angry but I didn't say anything because my children were with me. I would not want any hassle and cause me more problems because it will be my neighbor not for so long, alas! I always follow the instructions in the residence because it is true that it is very important to have good relations with neighbors. But then, I do not want to have friendly relations with that man. He, who always parks in front of the building on a yellow mark in front of the entrance and he allowed himself to give me instructions. I almost tell him that the yellow mark on the ground is useless if everyone parks like you. But hey, I did not dare to tell him I prefer to keep quiet.

However, to get noticed and when I find the opportunity to park, I park near the entrance not in front... I will! I am totally sure he won't like it, I don't care! It is to show him that I have every rights to park wherever I want right and respecting at the same time the lines? And if next time he'll call my attention, I'll make him understand. If someone wants to be respected by others, it takes a life worthy of respect, but unfortunately this is not his case.