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Worth its salt

Three years ago, when I approached turnarounds, when I needed to pay at the tollgates, when having to and obliged charging car fuel…I COMPLETELY PANIC ! I don’t know but driving, drove me crazy. I was grumpy as there are a lots of things to do at the same time. It’s like multitasking but the only multitask I know is when I work at home or in the office. And driving is another story so if I fail, I’ll bleed like a stuck pig ! From anticipating, controlling, braking, shifting the gear, how the hell am I going to do that ?

Driving in Marseille is a long ordeal, a vast milestone in my years. Just when I imagine I am behind to the short strokes somewhat surprising draw closer. After three lengthy years of driving, manoeuvrings and holding on with only 6 points in my license as an apprentice, I am now a certified driver (normally experienced drivers have maximum 12 points). No more "A" stick at the back of my window car. No more aggressive tailgaters, not anymore betwixt and bet…

growth & challenges

Philippines is known to be a “third world country”. The term 3rd World is I guess outdated one, meaning nations which were not a branch of the Soviet or American slab at some stage of the Cold War. It came out on the latter that poor countries are considered a developing nations. I just wish that they will stop using this expression. And they will give us a chance to prove that we are indeed making our way to greater evolution. Not only the Philippines but most of Asian countries or other countries in this category who try to step forward at their own means. Let’s just take a good example of the eternal communist countries (mainly China) have imprecise the line between communism and capitalism. Apparently, they are everywhere and ruling the market. I’ve read that Chinese starts to silently invades Africa . Communist China is quickly preying the gigantic natural resources of sub-Saharan Africa. According to what I have read, an in-depth report that oil, copper, timber, precious metals …