Friday, July 17, 2009

Can we be friends ?

A lot of social network sites have been cropping up like mushrooms such as Friendster, Facebook, MySpace and so on. But I’ve been loyal to Friendster and Facebook as I have found a lot of my long lost friends. I admit it’s real fun. Had open myspace but it's inactive and do not have twitter.

I've been too lazy to blog, thus I enjoy surfing and try to find friends in Facebook. In one week, I saw 5 friends and we’re re-connected. We even exchanged mails to catch up. One day, I was chatting with a very good friend from college about reconnecting with friends. The thing is, it’s not only friends but suitors and Ex’s I was trying to locate…to be honest hahaha ! Well, I am just so curious to find out what have they become nothing more nothing less. So I told my friend that I found her ex. Her ex and us were good friends during University days. Well, it’s not my business to any further extent if they will invite each other. But my friend asked me if she’ll invite him so I told her why not? But she was hesitant because she does not want to create any problem between the couple. Goodness gracious, that was long time ago…15 years is not yesterday rolleyes ! I would understand if they just broke up recently. Plus she did not even remember how they broke up. In addition to that, she’s into a long time relationship and her ex is married with one kid. I don’t see any problem….well for me in that matter. After all, there is life after break-ups so do not be a prisoner of that I advised her. Do not put malice in inviting him. She just asked my two cents and that’s what I think. Well both of them are grown ups individuals. Their objectives in life have changed. They’ve been together only for 2 years during their time (as far as I know) and clicked. Separated with no hurt feelings. I guess, becoming friends worth a shot thru social networks.

I don’t know, but personally past is past except if the break-ups were striking and painful. Then, forget about inviting your ex’s. It’s just a matter of determining what intensity of break-ups a person have had from the past. What do you think about this? Is it really possible for them to become friends? I am curious to know your sides
lol !

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mimmmmmiiiii !!!

Scene 1 : Stick it on!

One morning, I went to lie down beside my daughter’s bed while she was still sleeping. I’ve waited for her to wake up so I can have my morning hug. After awhile, she woke up and I’ve had my dose of hug. Suddenly, she pointed up to her bed and told me “Regarde Maman” with a smile on her face and yet sleepy. I looked up and saw 5 stickers pasted on the headboard !!! I was fuming mad as those are not stickers!!! Mimmmmiiiiiii (with a high pitch tone)! How many times did I tell you that these are not stickers! These are stamps! You know perfectly well what are these as I have already explained to both of you. I took them off immediately and fortunately they were slightly stick on to the headboard. So there was no punishment. I just explained her again not to touch or get anything from the drawers. Well, I have understood as the stamps are designed depicting Walt Disney design. Blame it on the Post office!

Scene 2 : Cut it off!

At that same day later that afternoon, I saw my daughter trying to play something in our sofa. I got curious as she was really concentrated on something. I was in the dining table and ask her what was she doing. I went to see what it was….she was playing with our sofa back rest cover in which there is a fissure in it. And I was surprised because it was the only cover which has a bullet hole. Therefore, I asked both of them what happened. Sébastien looked at me and said “C’était la faute de Mimi” (It was Mimi’s fault). I looked Mimi and asked her how did it happen? Mayumi was avoiding me when I tried to look at her with my big eyes. My first thought was Mayumi, again? So I asked Sébastien, telling me that Mayumi cut it off with the scissors (the scissors I bought for them). Mimmmmiiiiii (the same banana)! I asked her why did she do that ? And so what will I expect from a 4 year old kid ??  Her excuses “Parce que j’en ai envie. Et puis je cru c’est un papier ! “ (It’s because I just want it. And then, I thought it was a paper). Nonsense !! Again, I need to repeat all over again especially to her that whenever they need to cut something they need to ask my permission. Telling them that it’s not prohibited because it’s part of learning but I need to be advised. I asked her to go to her room and stay there not until I asked her to come out. That was her punishment ! tsk tsk tsk !

Kids do the darndest things as we always say !