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The Choir

I've been wanting to write for some time to share this wonderful concert that took place May of 2007 in Marseilles (I know it's far too late) performed by the Manila Chamber Singers. They have had a European tour that year and Marseilles was one of their destinations. The concert was held at the Church where Filipinos and Spanish attend. I had the chance to meet with all these very talented young people from UP Diliman and here they are singing acapella:

Fantastic show isn't it !!! Many of us have attended and few French people as they were not advised earlier. It was absolutely one spectacular event for us Filipinos to see these young people who came all the way from the Philippines to Europe for a free concert. As a sign of gratitude, a lot of us bought their CD's they promote so as to compensate their expenses and some souvenir handmade by the choir. We also toured these young talents within Marseilles. And before they said goodbye a beautiful song was dedicated t…

Make it a habit

"La vie est belle mais ça dépend de qui". (Life is beautiful but it depends on whom.) This is the exact words of Jacques yesterday when I was watching 66 minutes. Jacques is 50 years old, one of the many homeless in the “Bois de Vincennes, Paris” . He lives in the midst at the park with a tent to live with. A comforter maybe 5 times thicker to protect from the cold winter but not enough to escape from freezing weather of Paris. Since he became a homeless he has this grave bronchitis and has become worse because of the situation he is into. Like every homeless people who lives in parks, riversides with their tents and huts, or live in side street with their card-board Jacques chose to put up his little home in the woods. He prefers to set up a tent in the woods rather than living in the sidewalks of Paris as it is difficult probably because of constant police control.

As temperature falls to -6°C the only thing he does together with other friend is to put a fireplace. Someti…

Marseille sous la neige

Enfin, je suis là après une longue vacances. Je suis donc vous souhaiter une trés Bonne et Heureuse Année. Espérons que cette année sera meilleure pour tout le monde malgré la crise financière mondiale nous sommes confrontés. Surtout d'avoir une bonne sante car c'est primordial! Je vous parlerai de la suite d'une magnifique journée pour tous au moins ou peut être une galère pour ceux qui ont resté sur la route toute la nuit.

Il s'agit d'un paysage normal de notre hiver, printemps, l'été et l'automne.

Et ça, c'est quand Marseille sous la neige ! C'est beau et c'est rare !

Ce nes't pas une blague ! Le coin le plus chaud de la France est sous la neige heir. J'ai rarement vu Marseille comme cela. Mais selon mes voisins la dernière fois où il a neigé à Marseille c'était en 1962 et Février 1987. En surfant, j'ai découvert des vielles images grâce à ce site. Ces photos ont été prises Janvier 14, 1914.

Le Square de la Bourse

Vieux Port

Le …