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Restless....Thinking of early recovery....Check important mails....Get back to bed....Take medicines....Can't do chores....A bit paralysed.... Hope to see you then and please take extra care of yourselves !

JTM Honey !

Y VALENTINE***JOYEUX SAINT VALENTIN***Felice Valentines***Feliz San Valentín***해피 발렌타인

Curious of the translation ? It may not be exact but this will do...please click here.

For Travelers

Who doesn't like traveling ? Who wouldn't want to have a stress-free vacation ? I thought of posting this for those who loves traveling and might find these useful. The very first time we went on vacation to the Philippines we thought of going to the Center for Vaccination in Marseilles to catch up on our vaccines. Me and my husband were re-vaccinated against D.T.P. (Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio), Hepatitis A and many others. While kids were already vaccinated by all of the aforementioned by their pediatrician (which are now obligatory) . According to the doctor even if I was born and lived half my life in the Philippines I am already susceptible to new virus. People who are living abroad may not have the same body condition and apparently is not already adapted to the present condition of the country where we grew up. They have furnished us yellow book (International Certificate of Vaccination) which are being released only by WHO to the local offices of vaccination of every co…

Tag # 2 : Are you a true Filipino?

I got tagged second time around and this one came fromFrancesca. When I tried to answer on question # 10 I found myself singing the National Anthem but failed to remember the lines. I was disappointed of myself. This made me recall on my high school days at St. Joseph's Academy, Quezon Province. Okay I will tell you a story and this is a true to life experience. Before we start the classes all the students should come before 7:30 and get ready for the Flag Ceremony. How did we start the session ? Let me tell you how, we start singing the Lupang Hinirang, followed by Panatang Makabayan, then a long morning prayer and sometimes even do the rosary, yes this is true and I am not kidding as I graduated from a Catholic School managed by Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Can you imagine us doing these from 7:30 and we ended at 8:30 because we still need to do some morning exercise and please do not laugh on this one we even sung the Magkaisa Song by Virnaliza ! Yes the theme song of th…

Tag # 1 : Recent Movie the Family Enjoyed

It's been a long time I was not tag so now I am doing this with pleasure. This tag came from our Supermom about the latest movie we saw and enjoyed. Likewise Analyse, we have been introducing English films to our kids since last year. We were thinking though they will not understand the whole movie as we always believed hearing is learning. We have the famous collections of DVD's like, Ice Age 1 and 2, Shrek 1 & 2, Madagascar, Spiderman 1,2 & 3, Dora, Stitch, Bambi, Nemo, The Incredibles, CARS, Mickey Mouse, Tracteur Tom etc. etc.Last weekend I bought a DVD of Ratatouilleand this was the last movie we saw and was truly a one of a kind animation film. I will not tell you about the film, I don't want to spoil your day. Should be a surprise then you will be more encourage to watch this movie !

As for the kids it's really a must to finish the film they are watching before switching to another DVD. They would always ask me to put the original version and I am ind…