Friday, July 27, 2007

moving forward....

June has been a busy month for me. I had two interviews the first one with Alinéa as a Service Quality Assistant. By the way, it was my second interview with them ! I've posted my first interview with the same enterprise and unfortunately didn't get the job because they needed someone who speaks Chinese ! This time was not a success either!

Job description : To work within the service Quality and Design, you intervene in the chain of provisioning of our products importation (Asia zone). You ensure the organization and the follow-up of the good course of the quality controls realized in our suppliers by our offices of control. You are in load of the planning of these controls, of the follow-up of the costs, alert on nonconformities, take part in the life of the products of the sign while intervening in the drafting and the update of technical documents. Coordinator of this activity, you work with the offices of control, Alinéa suppliers and central merchandisings. You maintain a relation privileged with our stores of which you collect information on the quality of the products and the SAV (Service Après Vente). Imperatively english speaking.

After two weeks of waiting I finally got the result. My friend who happened to be the HR personnel told me that my candidature was not retained ! She further explained that they have appreciated my personality and everything that follows. Their only worry is that I may not probably be able to express and understand certain technicalities in French. She also added that I speak very well but they would need someone who will be able to have an advance knowledge in terms of French business dealing. It doesn't mean that I am not competent to accomplish the tasks.
I understood perfectly her reasons but I was just contemplating on why do they exige that one must speak english as one of their qualifications while there are not so many people who speak the english language (very limited) ! They speak more of European Languages (Italian, Spanish, German). I still believe that France shows a lack of open mindedness when it comes to integration ! Small chances to get integrated in a working environment. Don't you agree that I also need to receive an equal opportunity, treatment and consideration ?

Second interview I had was with
Travelex ! It is a foreign exchange and money transfer company. Still waiting for the result on September. I will tell you more about it as soon as I have news from them. At present Travelex has an office in Marseille and they will soon open an extension office because of an abrupt client demands.

Enough for job searching. I still have more time to do it, the most ideal would be on September. What was more essential was keeping myself busy preparing for Mayumi's Baptism which was held last July 1st. I have made personalized invitations, souvenirs with dragées (coated candies, a typical souvenir in France in all sorts of occassions). Second, I needed to prepare our stuffs for a 3 week vacation in Corsica not to forget things that are very important. Third, we have received my son's school card and we are ecstatically happy for a job well done. Admitted to higher level this school year 2007-2008. Fourth, I needed to be present most of the time for my children and attend to their everyday needs. I have so many things to be grateful with....that I get oblivious of the mounting pressures, the fatigue, and difficulties I undergone during job searching !

The reasons why I am inactive lately in the blogsphere ! June is quite a challenging month and anyhow difficult to digest but now I am back and July is more interesting and fun !

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am back from a long break ! I am impatient to tell you about it but for the meantime please check my other BLOG . As much as I wanted to update everything I needed to write a post on the other blog to keep it going. The good news frenchhoney is getting addicted as well and he's really inspired to tell all his travel experiences. I find it cool that we both have the same will power and interest in blogging. In fact, it was his idea that we should start our own blog. He's loves travelling, he loves to discover the world and he learns a lot from his travel so check us out there

Dear friends, I will try to catch up from my long absence. I just miss everyone here. Dami ko ng utang sa inyo !