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moving forward....

June has been a busy month for me. I had two interviews the first one with Alinéa as a Service Quality Assistant. By the way, it was my second interview with them ! I've posted my first interview with the same enterprise and unfortunately didn't get the job because they needed someone who speaks Chinese ! This time was not a success either!

Job description : To work within the service Quality and Design, you intervene in the chain of provisioning of our products importation (Asia zone). You ensure the organization and the follow-up of the good course of the quality controls realized in our suppliers by our offices of control. You are in load of the planning of these controls, of the follow-up of the costs, alert on nonconformities, take part in the life of the products of the sign while intervening in the drafting and the update of technical documents. Coordinator of this activity, you work with the offices of control, Alinéa suppliers and central merchandisings. You maintain a…


I am back from a long break ! I am impatient to tell you about it but for the meantime please check my other BLOG . As much as I wanted to update everything I needed to write a post on the other blog to keep it going. The good news frenchhoney is getting addicted as well and he's really inspired to tell all his travel experiences. I find it cool that we both have the same will power and interest in blogging. In fact, it was his idea that we should start our own blog. He's loves travelling, he loves to discover the world and he learns a lot from his travel so check us out there

Dear friends, I will try to catch up from my long absence. I just miss everyone here. Dami ko ng utang sa inyo !