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this drives me crazy!

Have you heard aboutAIBO ? Pronounced as eye-bow meaning "companion" in Japanese word. This is a designed artificial intelligent robot created by Sony and serves as an entertainment dog. A real pet in Japan. Japanese promotes AIBO as having the capability to interact with its human owner in many of the same ways a living pet would - without the high maintenance. The old model of AIBO resembled a dog. The second version is designed after a lion cub. The basic AIBO model costs in the United States for $1,500. The luxurious construction, which comes with a charging station, carrying bag, extra batteries and additional software package costs for $2,800. If you are rich and you don't know how to spend your money wisely you can choose the MODEL that suites your taste ! I have nothing against new inventions and high technology as long as it is very useful. If someday I would like to have pets at home , I would still go for the REAL ONE!

I am no fan

I am sure that almost everyone is familiar withReality Shows that are oftenly diffuse on the televesion. I speak from experience, I don't know if this is the same case in your place. Maybe I am exaggerating but everytime I zap the channel there's always these reality show being aired. A brief explanation, Reality television is a genre of television programming which presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features "ordinary" people over professional actors (according to Wikipedia dictionary).

I could state some of non sense reality TV like the L'ile de la tentation (Island of Temptation) and I tell you it's nothing but a crap! Regulations of the show : 4 couples voluntarily go on a deserted island for 10 days in order to see whether they will be able to resist each one (women are separated from their behalf either boyrfriend or husband) on the side of the island the temptation which represents the temptresses (for the …


We are mixed couple living in mixed traditions with mixed thoughts. My husband and I finally decided to make another BLOG to express our ideas and opinions on certain subjects and issues. Moreover, we will feature mostly travel experiences that would serve our way to promote Philippines and Corsica. The idea of the title "La Rencontre des îles" originated both from where our hearts are. Me, who grew up in thePhilippines constitutes an archipelago of 7,107 islands and my husband who is an origin of an island and region in France called Corsica . Philippines known to be "The Smile of Asia" and Corsica is called to be L'île de Beauté (Island of Beauty). Now that explains where we got our URL ! We intially started our first post to introduce our blog! We would be glad if you come and check us out. So see you there !

the celebration continues

So did you enjoy watching the pictures? I came with a big news this time! As I discreetly entered at the venue and yet so excited to meet everyone (93 total guest invited) but especially a particular person Charlotte. Who is she ? Hubby's cousin that he has not seen for 15 years. Both of their souvenirs was that hubby was 20 yrs old and Charlotte at 3 ! And who would have thought she will be going to the Philippines for 1 whole year of volunteer work. Charlotte has a diplome of Projects Coordinator for International Solidarity. She will be working for the association of"Les Enfants du Mékong" (for the Child of Mékong). The concentration of her humanitarian work will be on the North of Philippines ! In fact, before heading off on the North of France Honey received an email from her telling us the good news! She will be glad to have an additional information about the Philippines ! She sounded so impatient to see us and we shared exactly the same sentiments. I was profound…

le gagnant !

Maintenant il est le nouveau Président élu de la Republique! Cette election n'est que le début. Nous devons attendre jusqu'au Juin pour les législatives et l'election du parlement ! Ca serra plus intense ! Pensez y !

celebration from South to North

I confirm that time flies so fast when mydaughter celebrated her 2nd birthday last April 25! Before anything else, I made her day memorable once again. I prepared a very simple party at thepark with some of our close friends. Just for awhile, I would like to forget about doing tons of chores at home. The party was very simple and discreet but we had so much fun. Even we were tired all day under the spring summer heat it was just so precious for my daughter's eyes that I cannot let it pass by without doing something simple, amusing and gratifying !

That night even I was exhausted I needed to finish packing our stuffs in going to the North of France (a 10 hours drive) for the celebration of my husband's auntie and uncle's 50th birthday anniversary. Just before leaving Mayumi is feverish ! Instead of leaving ahead on the time planned we left 2 hours later. Anyway nothing serious, it's probably because of staying all the time playing under the sun !

On the way to the North, …