Wednesday, May 23, 2007

this drives me crazy!

Have you heard about AIBO ? Pronounced as eye-bow meaning "companion" in Japanese word. This is a designed artificial intelligent robot created by Sony and serves as an entertainment dog. A real pet in Japan. Japanese promotes AIBO as having the capability to interact with its human owner in many of the same ways a living pet would - without the high maintenance. The old model of AIBO resembled a dog. The second version is designed after a lion cub. The basic AIBO model costs in the United States for $1,500. The luxurious construction, which comes with a charging station, carrying bag, extra batteries and additional software package costs for $2,800. If you are rich and you don't know how to spend your money wisely you can choose the MODEL that suites your taste ! I have nothing against new inventions and high technology as long as it is very useful. If someday I would like to have pets at home , I would still go for the REAL ONE !

Friday, May 18, 2007

I am no fan

I am sure that almost everyone is familiar with Reality Shows that are oftenly diffuse on the televesion. I speak from experience, I don't know if this is the same case in your place. Maybe I am exaggerating but everytime I zap the channel there's always these reality show being aired. A brief explanation, Reality television is a genre of television programming which presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features "ordinary" people over professional actors (according to Wikipedia dictionary).

I could state some of non sense reality TV like the L'ile de la tentation (Island of Temptation) and I tell you it's nothing but a crap!
Regulations of the show : 4 couples voluntarily go on a deserted island for 10 days in order to see whether they will be able to resist each one (women are separated from their behalf either boyrfriend or husband) on the side of the island the temptation which represents the temptresses (for the men of 4 candidates) and on the other side of the island are their behalf (4 women) having their tempters beside!

Greg Le Millionnaire a man who plays a millionaire (the false millionaire ladykiller). The rules evolve on seduction and lie !

Marjolaine - Marjolaine (who was one of the candidates from Greg Le Millionaire), now she got her own new TV reality! Marjoralaine will have to choose among 15 men all brought together in a sumptuous villa in Marrakech where the seduction and the charm reign. Millionaires? not really, they are ordinary people (salesman, agents…) but the production transformed them into rich person heirs: Owners, Star Agents , Entrepreneurs etc. Marjolaine will choose the richest or the poorest, I would say !

Le Bachelor - The Single Gentleman. Rules of the game, the casting of the girls, the life of the Bachelor. The candidates will already have the complete profile of the Bachelor before the show begins. There will be 12 women candidates trying to win his attention. Women will do everything to capture Bachelor's heart! Bachelor will meet the 12 candidates, first day will he will spend with the 3 women, next day with 4 girls and so on and so forth . Everything will happen inside a large villa…

I would prefer watching reality shows with sense ! In France, they are diffusing these reality shows Star Academy, Nouvelle Star both are singing contest. At least, young and old people could join! Physical is just secondary but one needs to possess a talent in singing and stage impact ! This one is my favourite Kohlanta , a game of adventures !
Game Rules : Sixteen candidates must survive on a deserted island. They must find food and to protect themselves from the bad conditions, they should make fire by their own means. The candidates are divided between two teams of 8 (tribes): red and yellows teams. Generally bearing the name of the beach where they establish their camping. At the beginning, they do not have large stuffs: they a small water supply, a reserve of rice, a small case with some objects inside like a compass or a chart of the island. In Koh Lanta, the participants must build their “tents” and all that is necessary for them.

What I am excited about Koh Lanta is that the 7th edition of “Koh-Lanta” has been completed end of April. This year, the producers have chosen Philippines as a lieu of battle and adventure.
Koh Lanta shootings proceeded in an archipelago of Philippines, in bay of El Nido on the north-western coast of Palawan. 16 candidates (8 men and 8 women) voluntary shipwrecked men try to survive 40 days on a lost island in the middle of the ocean, at the same time hostile and paradisiac.

I have been surfing a lot lately to check about it to provide an english links translation for some of my non-french bloggers friends, unfortunately it's all in French. I've read some comments, people who are worried about the danger because of the Abu Sayaff but I am glad to tell you they are not !
Please click on the link for some comments !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We are mixed couple living in mixed traditions with mixed thoughts. My husband and I finally decided to make another BLOG to express our ideas and opinions on certain subjects and issues. Moreover, we will feature mostly travel experiences that would serve our way to promote Philippines and Corsica. The idea of the title "La Rencontre des îles" originated both from where our hearts are. Me, who grew up in the Philippines constitutes an archipelago of 7,107 islands and my husband who is an origin of an island and region in France called Corsica . Philippines known to be "The Smile of Asia" and Corsica is called to be L'île de Beauté (Island of Beauty). Now that explains where we got our URL ! We intially started our first post to introduce our blog! We would be glad if you come and check us out. So see you there !

Thursday, May 10, 2007

the celebration continues

So did you enjoy watching the pictures? I came with a big news this time! As I discreetly entered at the venue and yet so excited to meet everyone (93 total guest invited) but especially a particular person Charlotte. Who is she ? Hubby's cousin that he has not seen for 15 years. Both of their souvenirs was that hubby was 20 yrs old and Charlotte at 3 ! And who would have thought she will be going to the Philippines for 1 whole year of volunteer work. Charlotte has a diplome of Projects Coordinator for International Solidarity. She will be working for the association of "Les Enfants du Mékong" (for the Child of Mékong). The concentration of her humanitarian work will be on the North of Philippines ! In fact, before heading off on the North of France Honey received an email from her telling us the good news! She will be glad to have an additional information about the Philippines ! She sounded so impatient to see us and we shared exactly the same sentiments. I was profoundly happy to learn about the project. Good timing I would say, since we will have our the 3rd vacation in the Philippines. It will be nice to see her again but this time in the Philippines!

Our first meeting was just exceptionally exciting. It's been ages, the celebration permit them to catch up of the long lost time! Finally, they plunged into good memories while the music played the 70's and 80's hits (in french) , the waiters served a luscious appetizers, guest gobbled a barrels of beer, flute of champagne and cocktail drinks !

The main plate was served while I talked about the Philippines! The warmth and natural hospitality of Filipinos are always been our best description. And that the
population speak the English language so it will not be hard when she travels. Futhermore, we use a lot of Spanish words because on March 16, 1521, the Spaniards conquered and colonized the Philippines. I continue explaining (as if I am a history teacher) to her that we Filipinos have Malay ancestors too, they've brought us their culture, language and many others. Then there's American who have "saved us" but fact is to also colonized us from the Spaniard regime and so on and so forth that's the reason why mostly Filipinos speak the English language! To my awe, she told me that she would love to learn Tagalog language! Got so impressed because normally young people of her age wants to be integrated and communicate in an easy way! She even made an advanced research about the Tagalog language ! She could say the following :

1. Kumusta po?
2. Salamat po !
3. Anong pangalan mo ? Ako ay si Charlotte.
4. Ilang taon ka na ? Ako ay 23 yrs. old (with a mixed of english I explained to her co'z if she wanted the real tagalog would be " Ako ay dalawampu't tatlong taon gulang na)
5.. Saan ka pupunta ? Sa Pilipinas !!!
5. Paalam po.

A very young woman who has full of energy like her elder sister Marie...i call them THE SISTERS ! A person with a good heart and simplicity. Willling as she is so I am sure that she will easily learn to speak tagalog! During the party, a lot were discussed ! We have talked about the French election, the everyday life and politics in the Philippines, and she wanted to learn how to play the GUITAR ! I told her that she could ask my younger brother for that because I am not the perfect person to ask with ! I promised to email her more of
Tagalog Lessons and if she needs help during her stay in the Philippines my family would be glad to help her.

So we went dancing, drinking, talking and taking pictures the whole night! I wanted to stay longer but I was thinking of my children and the baby sitter. I left at 3:30 in the morning anyway there's Honey to continue the party with them! The party did not end that night. The next day we had lunch together with the family and some close friends (totality of 23 person) of the celebrants over their place. I was right to I leave the party earlier before my husband because I was already expecting he will be sick the next day and my repercussion serves me right !

Surprise, surprise, since the celebrants love travelling they will probably come with us next year to explore Philippines! This is not final yet but they are contemplating on the idea! That would be excellent if we do things together and the chance to meet my family bac home ! So lunch was over and everyone enjoyed the celebration. Time to say goodbye to each and everyone but one thing for sure happy moments are engrave in our memories!

As for us, we have stayed one day more before going to honey's grandparents which is 30 minutes drive from his aunt's place. During that 30 minutes drive I have contented myself from taking pictures of typical houses of the North of France. I just so love the houses, even the churches, offices and public sector buildings are made of bricks, the place is quite clean, they are known as the flat region because of cereals and colza plantations, the mining, and with significant maritime network. In addition to this, the place played a very important role during the second world war because of the Belgium border ! I have observed that sign boards are mostly with English translation which proves that the Northern has a big coastline English network. While South of France is more of a mountainous wilderness.

We spent 3 wonderful days with grandparents. Since it was Mayumi's birthday they bought gifts for Mimi even Sébastien got a presents from them too so as to avoid exasperation from his part so they insisted ! Thank you grandparents for your generosity!

We wanted to stay more but time did not permit us. Honey should get back to work and my son needs to go to school. We left Wednesday morning, but I thought of Niceheart and I guess she would love to see these! On the way, I asked Honey if we can just pass by and take some pictures of VIMY. So we headed off to see the place and here are the pictures !

Written No Entry because of undetonated explosives !

Canadian Flag right after the entrance of Vimy Park

The entrance of the Camp Canadien soldiers

Soldiers where they placed themselves

Still with undetonated explosive

That's about our travel from the North ! We were lucky with a very good weather. It was sunny during our stay as we heard from the news Marseille has an ugly weather for 3 consecutive days. Arriving safe and sound and still raining with alerte orange ! Pas de chance ! We cannot have everything right!? In any case, we need rain in Marseille for the plants and trees and because we have a very dry temperature on the South ! Rain will do !

P.S. Thank you very much to the Rohart Family, to Mamie and to Grandparents for the wonderful vacation we have shared and for the warm welcome to us to the North !

Sunday, May 06, 2007

le gagnant !

Maintenant il est le nouveau Président élu de la Republique! Cette election n'est que le début. Nous devons attendre jusqu'au Juin pour les législatives et l'election du parlement ! Ca serra plus intense ! Pensez y !

Friday, May 04, 2007

celebration from South to North

I confirm that time flies so fast when my daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday last April 25! Before anything else, I made her day memorable once again. I prepared a very simple party at the park with some of our close friends. Just for awhile, I would like to forget about doing tons of chores at home. The party was very simple and discreet but we had so much fun. Even we were tired all day under the spring summer heat it was just so precious for my daughter's eyes that I cannot let it pass by without doing something simple, amusing and gratifying !

That night even I was exhausted I needed to finish packing our stuffs in going to the
North of France (a 10 hours drive) for the celebration of my husband's auntie and uncle's 50th birthday anniversary. Just before leaving Mayumi is feverish ! Instead of leaving ahead on the time planned we left 2 hours later. Anyway nothing serious, it's probably because of staying all the time playing under the sun !

On the way to the North, I cannot believe my eyes seeing the view of Colza fields ! I have the sensation of looking on the paintings, all I did was to admire and appreciate our 10 hours drive without the feeling of being drained ! And yes, I drove only for 3 hours straight 130 km/h (the maximum speed limit on the freeway in France). I cannot go more than 130, the thought of being flash by
Radars made me think about my 6 points on my licence. I don't want to be charged of any infractions, not yet and hope will not have one! I can tell you that there are people who can go as fast as 130 km/h but that would be right after traversing the radar camera.

pictures taken from internet haven't got the chance to take a shot of the fields

Finally at 8:30 PM we arrived in one of the suburbs of Lille to see Mamie and spent 2 days with her. We had a wonderful time with her and since she leaves very far from us we wanted her to profit of her great grandchildren! She surprised us of her famous pâté de foies de vollaille . She was amazed by Sébastien trying to eat non-stop the pâté she made.

To profit of the beautiful sun spring which is very rare on the north the next morning we went out to have a little promenade at the zoo wherein entrance is free!

After 2 days from the house of Mamie we went directly to the house of husband's aunt and uncle. I swear we have never seen a beautiful spring on the north ! We have sun all the time. Of course, how can you resist the swimming pool and the beautiful garden they have ! The pool is tempting but I did not go swimming because I went to the parlor to have my haircut and get ready for the party.

What an artistic way to decorate a garden ! COOL !

The day has come! It's the 50th birthday golden anniversary of husband's aunt and uncle. Before going to the party Honey's aunt already considered of having a baby sitter for our children. Got lucky to have someone very gentle and nice to look after them. A great released for us to enjoy the party. Before going to the reception we just let them watch DVD films and giving them a 3 small sachettes of M&M's while the enjoy watching DORA. Watching films and having chocolates on the side has always been a success for my children ;) !

Here are some pictures of the party ! I will let the photos speak for itself !

This post is too long but I will leave you with these pictures to see and enjoy! This is not finish yet co'z I still have many exciting things to share !