Saturday, February 24, 2007

je suis un cordon bleu

Je dois avouer que je ne suis pas vraiment douée pour la cuisine. Vous ne pouvez pas compter sur moi pour faire de bons plats ! Je ne suis pas fait pour être un cordon bleu ! Quand j'étais encore célibataire je me rappelle que je n'aimais pas faire la cuisine et je préfèrais faire du ménage. Mon Pére adore cuisiner et a chaque fois il demandait toujours à mon frère de voir comment il faisait. Moi et ma soeur plus âgées n'étions pas vraiment intéressées ! Bon, je ne voudrais pas donner tout les details. Comme mon mari a toujours dit notre cuisine est un "LABORATOIRE" parce que tout est expérience à l'intérieur. N'est ce pas terrifiant? Vous ne savez pas ce dont je suis capable. J'aurais aimé vous inviter chez moi mais j'ai peur que ça soit une mauvaise idée!

Les français aiment leur riz (non-collant) tandis que les Philippins aiment le riz collant.

A table :

Mon Mari : Quest-ce que tu as fait de bons aujhourd'hui ?

Moi : Ah rien de special ! J'ai preparé du riz avec la sauce curry et parprika. Comme Laurent (notre ami qui cuisine bien) a fait. J'ai suivi la recette et c'est tout!

Il y avait du saumon a côté. Je suis en train de servir mon mari et puis il me dit :

Mon Mari : Hhhhmm ça l'air bon ce que tu as preparé!

Moi : J'espère bien ! Attends tu n'as pas encore gôuté !

En attendant, quand il a vu comment le riz a été fait cuit il a été consterné. Donc, l'humour Giraldi (comme j'ai toujours dit) est tout de suite sorti sans réfléchir qu'il pouvait me vexer!

Mon Mari : Tiens, ça me fais penser à la publicité Royal Canin pour la nouriture des chiens !

Je l'ai juste regardé comme si j'avais voulu le tuer pour avoir fait une mauvaise plaisanterie! Je me suis excusé de la table en pluerant car il m'a tellement blessé.

Pour tout vous dire, je suis allé à la cuisine en pleurant pas parce que je ne suis pas bonne à la cuisine. Ce que j'essaye de préciser ici est comment il a dit les choses. Je veux dire, une personne peut faire de la critique constructive et non pas pour vexer quelqu'un et leurs sentiments. Mon mari m'a suivi et s'est excusé. Il m'a expliqué qu'il a essayé d'être drôle ! Drôle ? Ce n'était pas rigolo! Et j'essaye de lui dire que si'l n'apprécie pas la manière dont je cuisine, il vaut mieux qu'il prenne des leçons et qu'il cuisine pour nous ! Voyons si'l trouvera si faire la cuisine est facile ! Il n'a pas arrêté de dire à quel point il était désolé. Il a essayé de me consoler, mais, les dommages étaient faits….c'était trop tard ! Naturellement à la fin de cette histoire je lui pardonné et nous avons fait la paix. C'est une heurese fin encore une fois!

Translation :

I must admit that I am not really good in the kitchen. Most especially, I am not a type of person you can count on that. I am not a cordon bleu chef! When I was still single I remember that I didn't really like it and I prefer to do household chores. Dad loves cooking and when he does he always asked my brother to see how he cooks. Me and my eldest sister were not interested at all! Well, I will not tell you all the embarrasing moment I did. Like my husband often calls our kitchen "LABORATORY" because everything is experimented. Isn't that terrifying? You don't know what I am capable of. I would have like to invite you at home but I am afraid that would be a bad idea!

At the table:

My Husband: What have you prepared something good for today?

Me: Oh nothing special! I prepared rice cooked with curry and parprika. Like Laurent (our friend who cooks well) did. I followed the recipe and that's it!

There was salmon on the side. I was serving my husband and then he said to me :

My Husband : Hhhhmm what you have prepared looks delicious!

Me: I hope well! Wait until you have taste it!

Meanwhile, when he the saw the rice how it was cooked he was dismayed. And so, the Giraldi humor (as I've always call it) went just like that without him thinking that it would annoy me.
My Husband: Look, this makes me think of a publicity of Royal Canine a food for the dogs!

I threw a glance at him as if I wanted to kill him to have made a bad trick! I excused myself from the table crying because he annoyed me so much.

So to make the story short, I went to the kitchen crying it's not because I am not good in the kitchen. What I am trying to point out here is how he says things. I mean, a person can make constructive criticism and not to vetiate someone's feeling. Husband followed me and excused himself. He explained to me that he was trying to be funny! Funny? It was not humorous! And me trying to tell him if you don't appreciate the way I cooked you better take cooking lesson and then you cook for us ! Let us see if you find cooking simple ! He did not stopped how sorry he was. He tried to console me but then, the damaged has been was too late ! Of course, at the end of the story I have forgiven him and we made peace. It's an happy ending once again!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I am A okay

For the past months this is the reason why I was busy. Yes, friends I finally got an A (Apprentisage) ! In France, this is a letter sign which is given to a person who successfully passed a driver's licence. For three consecutive years a person needs to place this sign at the back of his car for people to know that he/she is a new driver ! (Or I should say to warn people!?) hehehe ....

Since I am into conduite accompagnée , (driving with company or student driver ). Of course, two weeks before taking the exam I did 4 hours of driving with my driving school L'ECF Ecole de Conduite Française. I cannot do more than 4 hours because no one would take care of my daughter. If only my baby sitter is available during weekdays I could have driven almost everyday but unfortunately this is not the case. He needs to go to school and we could ask him only on weekends. For a year or more I drove with my husband to get ready for that D-day. I tried to take the exam Last January 3, 2005 but I failed, maybe because I am not ready yet and not too prudent so I don't deserve to have a licence.

The day has come! Second try, it started Tuesday, February 13. I took 1 & 1/2 hour (10:30 to 12NN) of driving with my monitor to warm me up before my exam in the afternoon at 2:30. Instead of preparing lunch for us we have eaten out in the resturant to keep me calm and relax for the exam. We went to a restaurant not very far from where the exam will be held. Time is running fast....the clock ticks....and it's time to apply what I have learned. To do the best I could to get this hook or by crook.

We went directly to the lieu of exam 30 minutes advance. When I saw the school car from afar, I went out from the car and left my husband and daughter who wished me good luck. Saw a very young girl who just took the exam. Now it's my turn so I was the only student taking the exam with a monitor from my school as representative and an inspector beside me. The inspector is the one who decides and determines if I follow and respect the signs and priorities. He has my file with him to take notes if I am capable and deserving to have a licence. To tell you the truth, I was not at all nervous or stressed out because I am determined to get it no matter what it costs me. It's probably because I had warming up therefore I am still hot and in good rhythm. I drove and followed the inspector's instructions if I will turn right, turn left, go straight, make important control before taking a decision and to stop if necessary. He asked me to park the car, he asked me 3 questions regarding the internal functionalities of the car. In short, I drove, maneuver the car and answered 3 of his questions (2 out of 3) that exam lasted for about 35 minutes.

Exam is over ! I didn't know if I did it or not. Inspector told me Merci Madame vous pouvez partir (Thank you Ma'am, you may leave). They told me to wait for the result after 2 days. Two days have passed and I still haven't received a letter from them which is supposed to be mailed. And Makis telling me to call the school just to find out and to released me from torturing myself of thinking. Kala who is sending me YM to boost my moral, thank you very much for the support guys it means a lot to me. My other friends who are always there and who believe in me Ate Zeny, Sarah, Gelaih, Jhona thank you too and most specially to my husband for all the support. My kids who give me the courage and determination everyday. Special thanks to Analyse for the encouraging words you sent. Thank you Lord for not letting me down ! Most especially to my family back home who offered an endless prayers. Hours of lesson is over, the ceaseless yelling of hubby's finally on it's end line, stressing out is finished. Welcome to the new adventure.

the proof

Note : New drivers avail 6 points in their licence for 3 years. Within the span of 3 years I need to be very careful and avoid infractions otherwise I will loose points according to the degree of violation. Generally experienced drivers have 12 points. After 3 years of keeping my 6 points without infraction I will accumulate another 6 points in my drivers licence.

This A is for you and for my independence !


For those who are struggling to pass their licence goodluck and I wish you all the best.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the Rising of French HANNIBAL !


Born in Boulogne-Billancourt from parents designers, Gaspard begins his career from actor in an episode of a Woman in White (Une Femme en Blanc) with Sandrine Bonnaire whereas he was still in college. In 1999, he played in a short-measuring of Martine De Van, Alias then he obtained in 2001 a minor part in film the Pact Of the Wolves (Le Pactes Des Loups) of Christophe Gans. Noticed by Michel Blanc who offered him in 2002 a role in the film Embrace Who You want ( Embrassez Qui Vous Voudrez ) in which he incarnates a teenager who discovers the love and sexuality, he wanted to be a film creator and thus undertakes studies of cinema at the university of Saint-Denis. He takes part all the same in some training courses of summer to the Florent Course, then was chosen by Andre Techine to play with Emmanuel Béart in the Stray Ones( Les égarés ) .

For these two last cinematographic services, he was nominated in César in 2003 and 2004 in the category of the Best Male Hope. In 2004, he interpreted Simon, a young tortured teenager, wife of Nicole Garcia in the Last Day of Rodolphe Marconi(
Le Dernier Jour de Rodolphe Marconi) then Manech, promised in marriage to Audrey Tautou in the large production of Jeunet, Long Sunday Of Engagement (Un Long Dimanche De Fiancailles) . He was rewarded by the Price Light category Hope of the Young and receives gold Star of the Masculin Revelation (Prix Lumière catégorie Jeunes Espoirs et reçoit l'Étoile d'or de la Révélation Masculine). He won in 2005 César of the Best Male Hope for this role of a naive young man and in love sent over to battle during the First World War.

In 2005, Gaspard Ulliel turns in two feature films: The House Of Nina (
La Maison de Nina ), and Paris I love you ( Paris, Je T'aime ). The following year, he played The Hot Jacquou ( Jacquou Le Croquant ) It was directed out by Laurent Boutonnat, like in Hannibal Lecter: Origins Of the Evil. In 2007, the actor turns in particular in Our Meeting again ( Nos Retrouvailles ) .

So this is the French hot guy who will make your heads turn. Since I saw all the Hannibal Lecter movies I will not definitely miss this one. This is showing today in all cinema theaters tonight ! We'll go see this on Friday night ! Btw, the movie will surely be in French, huhhh ! But I hope to see this in V.O. (Version Originale or Original Version) because there are only few theaters who plays the original version. So when you will have the occassion to see this movie tell me what you think, alright ! Want to share views and opinions ?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

to be, or not to be

"Vous avez un risque de ne pas avoir des enfants"! You have the risk not to have children....the gynecologist said right from the clinic....I was stunned....I wanted to cry but the tears doesn't come heart was in total rebellion. Life is unfair ! It's like the whole world is against me !

Of all people why me? What did I do to deserve this ? Why can't I have the chance while others dare to have an abortion? I kept asking a lot of questions but finally gave up. Got tired of questioning myself. I remained a prisoner of my fear and really wanted to get out if this is only a dream.

Going back at home with my husband I can't stop myself asking him what if it happens? What if I couldn't give him children? What if later on it would be the cause of our separation ? I know I am being paranoid. Personally, I cannot imagine myself married without children because I have always wanted to have kids myself. I have always like children, I remember when I was young (around 14 y.old) my aunties or uncles would asked me to look after my cousins to babysit and I love accepting without a bit of hesitation. I am sure that some adoloscents would prefer to play with their friends at an early age.

For two reasons, I have
hyperthyroid and I only have my period once or twice in a year and sometimes the worse is not to have it at all. I really hate the feeling of having my monthly period because I used to vomit, couldn't eat, was suffering from Dysmenorrhea and all I wanted to do was stay in my room. Taking paracetamols or other medications has not really helped me to relieved the pain. Efficacy was a big question. What I usually take was a chinese alcohol, one shot and the pain will gradually disappear.

But the good thing about this my husband has been very supportive and we have face this challenge together. He told me that there are many ways to have children. Firstly, we could have an adoption. Since at that time artificial insemination or what we call now
In Vitro fertilization is not 100% sure but at least it's a way to keep holding on.

For two consecutive years I have lived my life. While husband is out working I took french lessons to learn the language, socialized with foreigners in my class and keep myself integrated in a foreign land. I indulged myself to sports. Go to cinema, eat out with friends just to keep myself busy and forget the fear of not having children one day. I guess life is really beautiful and that there is HOPE whatever challenges in life we are into.

One day, I woke up and needed to go for an on job training thru the help of (
ANPE) but I was not determined to go. Was too lazy to get up from bed. I thought I was suffering from menstrual pain again. I was near vomitting, well the same story. But I felt one thing very strange, normally I don't have breastpain. So then, was waiting for my period but it's been a week that I am in pain, total pain. I decided to take an appointment to my gynecologist. While examining me thru the use of ultra sound she found out that I am 2 weeks PREGNANT. From that moment, I was like in heaven. I saw my gynecologist how glad she was. I could not explain the joy I saw in her eyes. My husband should have been with me but he came late but as I was going out from the doctor's clinic we have crossed our path. At first, I looked sadly to him while asking me what's wrong. From sadness, I suddenly changed my facial expression and announcing him that I am 2 weeks pregnant. He tightly embraced me. He was teary eyed and wanted to shout for joy.

My life is like of
Hamlet's of Shakespeare and I love the line that says "To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?" It's either I choose between the life of action versus the life of silence acceptance. But I am hardheaded and I want to get what I want in my life. If only I gave up on something that I believed it could happen I probably would not have wonderful children by now. If only I turned myself from fighting I will never see beautiful creatures running around the house. I don't easily give up and I have struggled a lot of what I wanted to have and not to have (bad decisions) in my life. I have fervently prayed to HIM and called angels and saints to give me HOPE. Life is a full of surprises we will never know what will happens next. Life is a continuous challenge but we need to hold on and never give up. Life is a key to happiness so then I am sharing this to you !

note: I took the symbol (spermatozoid) from internet, funny it's like a sun "light after dark" meaning HOPE...