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je suis un cordon bleu

Je dois avouer que je ne suis pas vraiment douée pour la cuisine. Vous ne pouvez pas compter sur moi pour faire de bons plats ! Je ne suis pas fait pour être un cordon bleu ! Quand j'étais encore célibataire je me rappelle que je n'aimais pas faire la cuisine et je préfèrais faire du ménage. Mon Pére adore cuisiner et a chaque fois il demandait toujours à mon frère de voir comment il faisait. Moi et ma soeur plus âgées n'étions pas vraiment intéressées ! Bon, je ne voudrais pas donner tout les details. Comme mon mari a toujours dit notre cuisine est un "LABORATOIRE" parce que tout est expérience à l'intérieur. N'est ce pas terrifiant? Vous ne savez pas ce dont je suis capable. J'aurais aimé vous inviter chez moi mais j'ai peur que ça soit une mauvaise idée!

Les français aiment leur riz (non-collant) tandis que les Philippins aiment le riz collant.

A table :

Mon Mari : Quest-ce que tu as fait de bons aujhourd'hui ?

Moi : Ah rien de special ! J'…

I am A okay

For the past months this is the reason why I was busy. Yes, friends I finally got an A (Apprentisage) ! In France, this is a letter sign which is given to a person who successfully passed a driver's licence. For three consecutive years a person needs to place this sign at the back of his car for people to know that he/she is a new driver ! (Or I should say to warn people!?) hehehe ....

Since I am into conduite accompagnée , (driving with company or student driver ). Of course, two weeks before taking the exam I did 4 hours of driving with my driving school L'ECF Ecole de Conduite Française. I cannot do more than 4 hours because no one would take care of my daughter. If only my baby sitter is available during weekdays I could have driven almost everyday but unfortunately this is not the case. He needs to go to school and we could ask him only on weekends. For a year or more I drove with my husband to get ready for that D-day. I tried to take the exam Last January 3, 2005 but I f…

the Rising of French HANNIBAL !


Born in Boulogne-Billancourt from parents designers, Gaspard begins his career from actor in an episode of a Woman in White (Une Femme en Blanc) with Sandrine Bonnaire whereas he was still in college. In 1999, he played in a short-measuring of Martine De Van, Alias then he obtained in 2001 a minor part in film the Pact Of the Wolves (Le Pactes Des Loups) of Christophe Gans. Noticed by Michel Blanc who offered him in 2002 a role in the film Embrace Who You want (Embrassez Qui Vous Voudrez ) in which he incarnates a teenager who discovers the love and sexuality, he wanted to be a film creator and thus undertakes studies of cinema at the university of Saint-Denis. He takes part all the same in some training courses of summer to the Florent Course, then was chosen by Andre Techine to play with Emmanuel Béart in the Stray Ones(Les égarés ) .

For these two last cinematographic services, he was nominated in César in 2003 and 2004 in the category of the Best Male Hop…

to be, or not to be

"Vous avez un risque de ne pas avoir des enfants"! You have the risk not to have children....the gynecologist said right from the clinic....I was stunned....I wanted to cry but the tears doesn't come heart was in total rebellion. Life is unfair ! It's like the whole world is against me !

Of all people why me? What did I do to deserve this ? Why can't I have the chance while others dare to have an abortion? I kept asking a lot of questions but finally gave up. Got tired of questioning myself. I remained a prisoner of my fear and really wanted to get out if this is only a dream.

Going back at home with my husband I can't stop myself asking him what if it happens? What if I couldn't give him children? What if later on it would be the cause of our separation ? I know I am being paranoid. Personally, I cannot imagine myself married without children because I have always wanted to have kids myself. I have always like children, I remember when I was you…