Friday, January 26, 2007

tag me as bloghearted

I think blogging is incomplete without tagging a friend. Some may find this boring, some are lazy to respond, some are oblige to do because of friendship but when you see the good side, admit it's actually kind'a fun. A simple way to know a person or a co-blogger from a distance. So this is it....Five things that happened to me because of blogging. I've been tagged by Niceheart, (whom I knew thru blogging) sorry for the late response.

Being a stay at home Mom my world seems to turn upside down with all the chores at home. Well a good friend
Kala introduced me how it works. So I decided to make one. At the beginning honestly I find it difficult because the words doesn't come out. I stopped for a while, to the point of deleting my blog and said to myself hey you're not a good writer and maybe people will make fun of your articles. What I did is to visit other blogs like Makis, Analyse, Nao and of course Kala's site. I find it very interesting and I finally decided to create another one. Then again find myself talking.....I don't care what people think about my article it's my blog, my experience, my random thoughts so why care. What if they find that I write poor english, but it did not become a barrier to me instead a real challenge. As the saying goes "Practice makes perfect". Since my life is in France and need to learn the language I came up with an idea to write my blog in French. It is difficult because I need to edit a lot....but trying hard is the best step I did. Now, I can express myself to improve, to widen my vocabularies, to share my thoughts in three languages. (French, English and Tagalog)

Looking thru my past experience I convey it thru blogging. Maybe when I share something people will at least learn from my experience. When I visit other blogs my knowldege is improving of greater apprehension. Every person is diverse therefore we could react differently so I am learning from their experience too. It is a way to share, to communicate and to exchange ideas, opinions and to receive constructive criticism. Surely, I am not protected by detractors too if they find my blog a humdrum site well, they can just skip the page and thank for passing by.

Occasionally, I visit other blogs which are not included in my lists because I like to explore and see what going on the other side of the globe. It's a great occassion to meet friends from other countries whether it's my co-filipinos or foreigners. That's the best thing that happened to me because I start linking myself with other people whom I haven't seen personally and later on will give us a chance to have an EB ;) (o di ba Analyse and family). They give me the reason to blog......because I share and learn. That's life's give and take process.

Geography and history is not my cup of tea! Well, it's not that I am dumb but it's the question of being interested into something. When I started blogging, I get interested to everything including history and geography. Bloggers feature their travel experience and since I love travelling but haven't been around the world it makes me understand other cultures. Their experiences help me to have a profound admiration and a far-reaching study of different cultures and traditions, the climate, cuisine and many things. Like my new co-blogger friend
Toe , she features her life in Cambodia not to mention Niceheart who writes about Winnepeg and that brings me to where they live. And some other bloggers who lives in USA and Canada. Importantly, I appreciate to study more of my origin. Get back to school ako.

Seriously addicted to Blogging ! Another spices that has been added to my daily routine except from my online friends. I must admit that I sometimes blog before I play with my kids (which was not the case before I learn blogging....sobrang na-addict). I call it overblogging. Nevertheless, blogging serves as a point of realization to me. I learn to prioritize and organize my journey and find quality time for my kids and husband. It should be family first before blogging and not the other way around. I keep holding on to my promise.
Thanks for tagging me Niceheart. I will not tag anyone from my list but if you want to do this please feel free. Have a nice day to all and keep warm.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

please come in WE'RE OPEN !

My son turned 4 years old last January 17 (1st day of fever). I wanted to prepare a little party for him but he got sick...yes on the day of his birthday. My poor Sébastien ! Since, I have medicines at home I did not call the pediatrician yet. I continously gave him all necessary medicines (paracetamol & medicines for cough & colds) fever was ceaseless during the last 3 days.

I remember the last time we went to St. Joseph Hospital son was barely 8 months old then, he got high fever. Since he was our first baby and we were inexperienced parents we rushed him to the hospital. Our fear led us to panic. There were lots of babies who were in urgence at that time. It was indeed a perplexing encounter as we were reprimanded by the doctor on duty like we were a child. Telling us that there is no reason to panic, it's only a fever and all we need is to wait for 2 days and give necessary medications. If fever persists then it's REALLY the time to make an appointment to his pediatrician. And the worst of that event telling us that we are exposing our son in a more dangerous situation because there are worst cases than of Sébastien. When we think about it, he was definitely right ! On the other hand, it wasn't our fault though, it's our first baby then we all have the reasons to worry about ! So that was our first experience. I was thinking It's not easy to be a parent...we need to deal with our fears but we have to get over it. Mind over matter !

3rd day (friday) fever is tenacious, called the doctor telling that may son is sick. She told me what to do.... giving alternatety two paracetamols (advil and doliprane every 6 hrs.) and asking me to get an appointment as soon as possible to check what he has. Finally, an appointment was fixed Saturday at 8 in the morning (that's the earliest impossible on Friday she's fully booked).

4th day, Saturday morning, since husband is working he accompanied us to the doctor arriving 15 minutes advance. Hubby went directly to the office. He was dignosed to have Bronchitis . Doctor's advice to undergo urgent pulmonary radio tests. Went home with kids by bus. The stress started when I called the radiology clinics and unfortunately they are open until 12NN only meaning they can't accomodate us anymore. I called private hospitals (radilogy is provided for check in patients only) and public hospitals and they told me that they have many patients already waiting. Can you imagine, a woman told me to wait Monday! It's bullshit !!!! Sorry, I just would like to externalize. I spent one and a half hour calling clinics and hospitals just to have a pulmonary test (while children's fighting and crying over a toy). I was at my wits the point of crying....I feel helpless. I started imagining things. What if....?

During that moment, I wish I was in the Philippines because everything is OPEN. I am sure that I will not encounter such difficulties in finding a radiology clinic. I agree that Medical system in France is one of the best but when everything is close on Sunday I find it ridiculous. Sunday in France means rest day.

Hubby decided to go directly to the hospital and finally admitted since doctor's advice was urgent. Result no pulmonary infection ! It was a released. This isn't over yet ! Mayumi starts to have fever but we will be alright. I have everything we need at home.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

welcome 2007

I checked my cellphone and had 3 unknown missed call. Tried calling them back to find out who were they. To my surprise, it was actually a friend of mine who is working with the company I was applying for and application was rejected....ouch that hurts ! What a way to start a year :( ! They hired someone more appropriate for the position. Someone perfectly corresponds exactly from their criteria (chinese speaking). Apparently, a Chinese (married to a French) so obviously she speaks french too. Moreover, she lives in Aubagne (where the company is situated) I live 25 minutes from the city. My friend who is working with Alinéa as a Human Resource Personnel explained to me they weren't expecting too that someone will apply for the position who speaks perfectly Chinese. You will probably ask why Chinese? Because 90% of their products come and are fabricated from China. Asisstant Import-Sourcing was the position I was eyeing for and Chinese speaking is of great advantage. Though speaking English a large factor but sorry not this time !

Honeslty, I am not frustrated at all but I am sad....very sad because come to think of it, I took an effort to learn and speak French to be more integrated. I was thinking that working later on would permit me to feel more at ease and to have confidence in me. Anyway, this is just my first interview and if I will take the positive side of this experience I am really happy and grateful that they have considered me for an interview. Sometimes submitting CV's doesn't mean that a person will be chosen for an interview right? Meaning, my professional experience sounds interesting to them (pampalakas loob). At least, I made the first step. I know that this is just a continuation of my life's challenge. There would be more jobs, interviews, trials and failures on the way but I will never give up. All I need is to pursue and beat the challenge! How's that ? And you, how did your New Year start?