Thursday, December 21, 2006

my christmas souvenirs

Misa De Gallo - This is originated from Spain meaning "Mass of the Rooster" when we were colonized by Spain they bought us Religious pratices and before people speak Spanish language and until now we are still using a lot of them. I guess, I find it easier to learn Spanish than French.

For us Filipinos we call it "Simbang Gabi" the mass is celebrated for 9 days until Christmas Eve. The mass starts at 4 in the morning before the sunrise. There are also people who sell in front of the church of their homemaid puto-bumbong, palitaw, biko, palamig atbp.

Parol - (Lanterns) This is our major Christmas decoration in every houses, schools, public transportations, stores and some other establishments. Parol is a handmade star-shaped made from bamboo stick and crepe paper (papel de hapon or a glossy plastic paper of any color). But todays generation our parol is more beautiful and iluminated ones because they have put more innovation on it! Laboriously decorated.

Belen - This is my favorite part of the mass, the nativity scene! When I was still in high school for girls in Quezon Province, the church is situated just beside my school. We usually see on the day of Christmas played by the people who are linked with religious organization.

Mano Po - When we see our Lolos and Lolas we usually say "Mano po Lolo or Mano po Lola" it is a sign of respect for the elderly including relatives. Without forgetting Mano po Ninong at Mano Po Ninang or else there would be no presents. lol. Kidding aside, I love this old traditional ways of the Philippine Culture.

Tikoy and Calamay - When my Lolo Goring (how I miss you) was still alive Christmas will not be complete without these on the table. How I miss the taste of these homemaid dessert. My Lolo even asked neighbors for help in cooking these delicious and savorous delicacies.

Tagalog Christmas Songs and Carolers (Cumbacheros) - Well, am sure that everybody would agree that they are "givers of joy" during Christmas season. From the youngs to olds ones, from the king and queen of Karaoke to the voices of casseroles (that includes me). When we speak about singing syempre di patatalo ang Pinoy ! I guess people will shout for joy. Lalo na syempre pag maganda ang boses ng kumakanta, bigay nyan malaki! Kung boses kaserola tama na piso! lol...

Apaz and Broas - These are another delicacies that complete table. Specialties of Quezon Province.

Christmas Party and Gift Giving - One of the highlights during holiday season. Christmas party is usually organized by the schools, companies and organizations before closing the establishments for holiday season. First there would be kris kringle before the Christmas party arrives. I experienced receiving small gifts everyday because we have this "something" stuffs that we need to offer to our monito or monita. I remember receiving a red lollipop for the theme of the day "something red". Isn't that cute !

There are a lot of things that reminds me of Philippine Christmas. Even if I don't spend Christmas every year back home, these are the good memories I have and will keep it in my heart. It is so true we have the longest and happiest Christmas in the world and that makes Philippine Christmas outstandingly unique.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ma vie en défi

Il faut dire que ces derniers jours je suis un peu stressée ! Comme j'ai dit sur mon blog précedent. La raison ? Jeudi dernier je devrais repasser mon permis conduire mais malheureusement il a été annulé parce que l'inspectrice été tombé malade et aucune personne ne pourrait pas la remplacer. C'est dommage eh oui! Tant pis j'attends toujours les dates de l'examen et j'esperai je l'aurai un jour. Avant ceci, L'ECF (mon auto école) ou je suis m'ont appellé (une semaine avant de jour J) pour me dire qu'il y a une possibilité de repasser mon examen le Jeudi, 30 Novembre à 9 heure du matin. Donc, je sais c'était un peu precipité ( (en fait j'ai été programmé de repasser pour Février l'année prochaine alors ils ont pensé à moi) mais je voudrais tenter ma chance encore une fois. Je me suis beaucoup mis à cet examen. J'ai même pris deux jours (Lundi et Mardi) de une heure et démi de conduite pour m'encadré. Résultat, je suis présentable pour l'examen. En plus de ça, je suis allée Mercredi justement pour les cours de V.I.V.E. (Verification Interne et Verification Externe de la voiture). Jour J, je me suis levée tôt ce matin là, j'ai pris le petit déjeuner, j'ai était vraiment calme, pas de tout nervouse! Mon mari qui resté avec les enfants, qui m'a soutenu jusqu'a bout m'a souhaiter bonne chance! J'arrive à l'auto école une démi heure avant le départ avec d'autres éléves pour allée au lieu de l'examen. Un moniteur été avec nous et en arrivant, nous avons vu d'autres étudiants qui ont fini leur examen avec l'inspecteur qui s'est avéré justement être mon inspecteur la dernière fois où j'ai passé l'examen . Le moniteur qui était avec nous a reçu un appel nous informant que l'examen est annulé!

Hier, j'ai appelé l'auto école pour demander quand sera l'examen aura lieu. Le secrétaire m'a dit que qu'ils ne savent toujours pas quand sera le prochain examen être parce que ce matin l'examen a été annulé. Elle s'est excusée et m'a expliquee qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup d'inspecteur et ils peuvent également être malades. Je lui repondu "je comprends pafaitement Madame mais s' il vous plaît pouvez vous m'imformer quand je pourrais passer le permis". Fin de la conversation, quand je reflechis, ce n'est pas plus mal du tout parce que j'aurais plus de temps pour continuer la conduite accompagner et réparer quelques petites erreurs sur ma conduite. Particulièrement, je peux faire beaucoup des manouvres car c'est mon points faibles. Je continuerai à relever le défi pour avoir ce permis et quand je l'aurai je ne sais pas
Makis me classifierait avec mon signe de "A" derrière ma voiture! Peut être j'appartiendrais probablement aux conducteurs de dimanche ha ha ha !!!

L'histoire n'est pas encore fini, ce Vendredi j'aurai mon premier entretien d'embauche chez
Alinea. Il y a deux semaine j'ai du postuler ma candidature (mon Curriculum Vitae et lettre de motivation par internet) comme Assistant Sourcing (Import-Export). Je suis très contente de faire mon premier interview en Français. C'est vrai depuis mon arrivée en France ( 5 ans en arrière) je ne jamais travailler car ma priorité est construire une famille, apprendre la langue, d'être integrer. Maintenant et aujhourd'hui je suis prête à relever le défi n'importe ce qu'il est !

Simple Translation :

I should say that these last few days I was a bit stressed ! As I've said on my previous blog. The reason? Last Thursday I should have repass my licence but unfortunately it was cancelled because the inspector got sick and no person could replace her. What a pity eh yes! I am still waiting for the dates of the examination and hoping I will have it one day. Before this, the ECF (my driving school) where am at called me (one week before D-day) to tell me that there is a possibility of taking the exam on Thursday November 30 at 9 o'clock in the morning. Therefore, I know it was precipitated (in fact I was scheduled to repass it February next year so they thought of me) a little but I would like to try my chance once again. I put myself much at this examination. I even took two days (Monday and Tuesday) of one and a half hour of driving to test my skill. Result, I am presentable for the examination. In addition to that, I went last Wednesday precisely for the courses of V.I.V.E. (Internal Checking and External Checking of the car). D-day, I woke early that morning, had breakfast, I was really calm, not really nervous! My husband who stayed with the children, who supported me until the end wishes me good luck! I arrived at the driving school half an hour before the departure with others students in going to the place of examination. A monitor accompanied us, arriving to the place we saw other students who finished their examination with the person who was apparently my inspector the last time I took the exam. The monitor who was with us received a call informing us that the examination is cancelled!

Yesterday, I called the driving school asking when will be the examination will takes place. The secretary told me that that they still do not know when would be the next examination because this morning the examination was also cancelled. She excused and explain to me that there is not much inspector and they can also be sick. I answered her “I perfectly understand Ma'am but could you please inform me when I could pass the licence”. End of conversation, when I think about it, it is not bad at all because I would have more time to continue driving (accompanied) and repair some small errors on my driving. Particularly, I can make much manouvres (parking the car) because this is my weak points. I will continue to face the challenge to have this licence and when I will have it I don't know how Makis would classify me with my sign of “A” behind my car! I would probably belong to the Sunday Drivers ha ha ha!!!

The story is not finished yet, this Friday I will have my first interview with Alinea. Two weeks ago I submitted my candidature (my resumé with letter of motivation by internet) for an Assistant Sourcing (Import-export). I am very glad to make my first French interview. It is true since my arrival in France (5 years ago) I never work because my priority is to build a family, to learn the language, to be to integrated. Now and today I am ready to face the challenge no matter what it is !

Friday, December 01, 2006

please tell me why?

When I was young I am overjoyed when someone offered me with toys...lots of toys!! Even simple ones. I really keep them so as not to damaged them. I even take care of them preciously. With my kids I don't see if it's the same case. I never really understand children, even my own kids if we talk about playing! We buy toys so they can play whenever they want but not to the point of spoiling them. Not to mention the gifts from family, relatives and friends who offer them every birthdays, christmases and in some other occasions. I remember my eldest Sébastien whenever he receives gifts he will open the gift but he wouldn't even care what's inside instead he will play with the carton. He would be very simply happy about it. I don't know what the carton has but he just wanted it tsk tsk tsk ! Strange !

Now that I have my baby girl it's the same thing. I have always been searching for answers but I have given up because I never really found them. Just look at these photos of Mayumi !

Behind her there are toys that she could really play and it's actually educational toys. But look at her she is contented with that wood spatula that I use for cooking! I don't know what's amusing about this one. It's not even colorful, usually kids play with colorful toys because it attracts there sense of sight right? Since during the day we are together I always observe that she plays with the toys but not that long probably she finds it boring ?! She will always tries to get something from the kitchen and plays with it! Is it maybe because of curiosity? But she could also be curious with the toys they have especially those educational and colored stuffs?

Now she's in the kitchen trying to find out how to open the milk in those tetra pak! Personally, I do not find this interesting and it doesn't amuse me. I prefer to see her play with real toys not to interfere in my domain lol !

Well, could you please explain to me what's interesting about this strainer ? Boy, I don't really get it. Have you ever experienced this with your children, your nephews, nieces doing the same stuffs? Assure me please and I need an answer ! It seems children are really difficult to understand when it comes to having their choices of toys.....I am a confuse Mom and in fact, a bit hesitant to buy toys for them this coming Christmas season because my husband and I are thinking that they have already tons of them. Any gifts suggestions that can attract their attention this time? Maybe they could be more willing to play with it.