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my christmas souvenirs

Misa De Gallo - This is originated from Spain meaning "Mass of the Rooster" when we were colonized by Spain they bought us Religious pratices and before people speak Spanish language and until now we are still using a lot of them. I guess, I find it easier to learn Spanish than French.

For us Filipinos we call it "Simbang Gabi" the mass is celebrated for 9 days until Christmas Eve. The mass starts at 4 in the morning before the sunrise. There are also people who sell in front of the church of their homemaid puto-bumbong, palitaw, biko, palamig atbp.

Parol - (Lanterns) This is our major Christmas decoration in every houses, schools, public transportations, stores and some other establishments. Parol is a handmade star-shaped made from bamboo stick and crepe paper (papel de hapon or a glossy plastic paper of any color). But todays generation our parol is more beautiful and iluminated ones because they have put more innovation on it! Laboriously decorated.

Belen - This i…

ma vie en défi

Il faut dire que ces derniers jours je suis un peu stressée ! Comme j'ai dit sur mon blog précedent. La raison ? Jeudi dernier je devrais repasser mon permis conduire mais malheureusement il a été annulé parce que l'inspectrice été tombé malade et aucune personne ne pourrait pas la remplacer. C'est dommage eh oui! Tant pis j'attends toujours les dates de l'examen et j'esperai je l'aurai un jour. Avant ceci, L'ECF (mon auto école) ou je suis m'ont appellé (une semaine avant de jour J) pour me dire qu'il y a une possibilité de repasser mon examen le Jeudi, 30 Novembre à 9 heure du matin. Donc, je sais c'était un peu precipité ( (en fait j'ai été programmé de repasser pour Février l'année prochaine alors ils ont pensé à moi) mais je voudrais tenter ma chance encore une fois. Je me suis beaucoup mis à cet examen. J'ai même pris deux jours (Lundi et Mardi) de une heure et démi de conduite pour m'encadré. Résultat, je suis présenta…

please tell me why?

When I was young I am overjoyed when someone offered me with toys...lots of toys!! Even simple ones. I really keep them so as not to damaged them. I even take care of them preciously. With my kids I don't see if it's the same case. I never really understand children, even my own kids if we talk about playing! We buy toys so they can play whenever they want but not to the point of spoiling them. Not to mention the gifts from family, relatives and friends who offer them every birthdays, christmases and in some other occasions. I remember my eldest Sébastien whenever he receives gifts he will open the gift but he wouldn't even care what's inside instead he will play with the carton. He would be very simply happy about it. I don't know what the carton has but he just wanted it tsk tsk tsk ! Strange !
Now that I have my baby girl it's the same thing. I have always been searching for answers but I have given up because I never really found them. Just look at these pho…