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fall in Marseille

Yes, it's the season of fall but I never imagine that it can be as hot like summer. The reason why I like to stay and live in the South, its because of it's temperature....the sunny mediterranian part of France . Specifically the capital of Provence, Marseille basks to have a dandy temperature where the sun adds life to the whole city and tourists enjoy their every visit . Though Marseille known to have "Le Mistral" (a wind from the northeast) the sun is always in it's exsistence the temperature stays to be favorable and exceptionally good. It is sometimes very unpleasant to have the windstorm but we cannot have everything we wanted, right !

Just like today, I decided to take some shots....the sunny side of our terraces ! This is Parc des Bruyeres during weekends I can't imagine the people who come and's always full and no place to park !

The entrance going to the park. Left side shot facing the terraces.
This is the view on my right side facing out…

aware and agree ?

Ok fine ! New techonologies are great but I don't think this is one of them. Having new cell phone with two sim cards right in your cell phones ??? To have the normal sim card and wait until you see it with your own eyes the new advance high technology cell phone is having a sim card which actually serves as your "carte bancaire" bank card or payment by card (whatever purchase) thru the use of your cell phone. I have actually seen tonight from the news regarding this new discovery of cell phone . With this new technology, I myself is aware of the many risks of danger in having this new technology in our possession regardless of stuffs you have MP3 , cell phone , (GPS) Global Positioning System . Alright, I consider the practicality and convenience side of it and I agree! But you guys have witnessed and heard a lot of hold ups and victims of aggression because of these new things. Oh and having this new technology will expose us in real hazard (pera na pinag uusapan dito)…

september brides Part II

After watching the final season of Grey's Anatomy I needed to look after the tons of laundry and ironing at home, good thing I'm done ! Finally, I would be able to vent into words about the happenings of the two wedding celebrations on how it went out perfectly. Since I have already shared some spectacular moments of Paris celebrations I still wanted to share more. Paris wedding was actually a very simple celebration and yet prepared with an exquisite taste. Invited people were family and really close friends of the couple and I am happy to witness the exchange of I Do's and rings, the chance to have met the groom's family was really a pleasure, they were really simple and nice people (groom is the ex-boss of my sister in the Philippines) . Got the chance to see Jenni (bride's sister) she usually visit us every summer in Marseille but this time was just too hectic so I hope next year she'll visit us once again. There was also Cleo (cousin's bride) present a…

september brides

June has always been a traditional month of wedding celebration we oftenly call them June Bride "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" as the saying goes. While in most European countries like in France month of September is I guess, most people get married (I got married too in September) it's because it's the end of summer and start of autumn season which and people are back from a long vacations (month of july & august people are off for holidays) . This time of the month, I have noticed that hotels & resturants, halls or any kind or receptions are fully booked. In fact, the wedding of my hubby's cousin should have been lieu earlier but the golf hall was inaccessible therefore they needed to move the wedding date.

Two consecutive weekends were consecrated for a wedding celebrations one in Paris (Francofil wedding) and in Pays Basque (the bride is the cousin of my husband). After bringing S├ębastien to school Mayumi and I were accompanied by f…