Monday, October 30, 2006

fall in Marseille

Yes, it's the season of fall but I never imagine that it can be as hot like summer. The reason why I like to stay and live in the South, its because of it's temperature....the sunny mediterranian part of France . Specifically the capital of Provence, Marseille basks to have a dandy temperature where the sun adds life to the whole city and tourists enjoy their every visit . Though Marseille known to have "Le Mistral" (a wind from the northeast) the sun is always in it's exsistence the temperature stays to be favorable and exceptionally good. It is sometimes very unpleasant to have the windstorm but we cannot have everything we wanted, right !

Just like today, I decided to take some shots....the sunny side of our terraces ! This is
Parc des Bruyeres during weekends I can't imagine the people who come and's always full and no place to park !

The entrance going to the park. Left side shot facing the terraces.

This is the view on my right side facing outside the terraces, a big parking for the visitors and mountaineers. Superb views of hills and mountains and little villas.

Basti and Mimi profit the sun while it's still there. Winter terraces will be closed and no playing allowed :( !

What keeps Marseille weather smooth and gentle it's because of the seaside orientation. Winter breezes is infrequent, hence winter chill is bearable and weather normally keeps actual temperatures pretty low. And oh, I am very excited to see a blogger friend, I'm sure you know her :) Analyse and family and since Makis lives around the corner it will be a great occassion to welcome Les Dijonnais here in the south of France! Another Filipina friend Jhona will also be coming over. It is just so sad that a very good friend left the South of France ma belle Kala and Julien because the grass is greener on the other side (North of France, Paris belle ville), this is not goodbye but just a continuation of a good friendship! See you guys soon in Meribel . So this is it, if you are interested visiting the South of France you will not regret it ! And don't forget to call us it would be our great pleasure in welcoming you here ! Have a nice autumn to all !

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

aware and agree ?

Ok fine ! New techonologies are great but I don't think this is one of them. Having new cell phone with two sim cards right in your cell phones ??? To have the normal sim card and wait until you see it with your own eyes the new advance high technology cell phone is having a sim card which actually serves as your "carte bancaire" bank card or payment by card (whatever purchase) thru the use of your cell phone. I have actually seen tonight from the news regarding this new discovery of cell phone . With this new technology, I myself is aware of the many risks of danger in having this new technology in our possession regardless of stuffs you have MP3 , cell phone , (GPS) Global Positioning System . Alright, I consider the practicality and convenience side of it and I agree! But you guys have witnessed and heard a lot of hold ups and victims of aggression because of these new things. Oh and having this new technology will expose us in real hazard (pera na pinag uusapan dito) even if we have private codes or something that protects the money or bank details (meron na tayong mga hustler ngayon at sisiw lang sa kanila yan). Technology that involves highly advanced or specialized systems or devices is giving an opportunity of tempatation in the eyes of everyone and that is inevitable.

People, we are really becoming slaves of technology. I hate to say that I was once a victim, I wanted to have a normal cell phone without this camera (hindi ko naman kailagan eh) after being bulglarized 2003 (kasi nga nanakaw yung cell phone ko na 3310 Nokia lumang model pa yon ha, tapos kasama yung 2 credit card namin, tapos yung susi ng bahay namin talagang walang awa). Went to a shop to buy they've told me that they don't have the old model so I was forced to buy new cell phone integrated with camera (di ko naman ginagamit). I don't know if we are still safe and I am afraid that we are not protected by all of these. We are leaving in a world with abrupt changes around us and inventors think that they are too intelligent having discovered all these high innovation, new discovery, whatever you call it ! Personally, intelligence doesn't mean only by discovering that is out of normal but thru profound reflection! All we can do is to stay vigilant and careful (iba na panahon ngayon) and that makes me sad and think that we are leaving in this world to consume and not to live the way we wanted to be (dati rati wala naman itong mga bagay na ito pero masaya at kuntento tayo). Ask yourself...........

Monday, October 16, 2006

september brides Part II

After watching the final season of Grey's Anatomy I needed to look after the tons of laundry and ironing at home, good thing I'm done ! Finally, I would be able to vent into words about the happenings of the two wedding celebrations on how it went out perfectly. Since I have already shared some spectacular moments of Paris celebrations I still wanted to share more. Paris wedding was actually a very simple celebration and yet prepared with an exquisite taste. Invited people were family and really close friends of the couple and I am happy to witness the exchange of I Do's and rings, the chance to have met the groom's family was really a pleasure, they were really simple and nice people (groom is the ex-boss of my sister in the Philippines) . Got the chance to see Jenni (bride's sister) she usually visit us every summer in Marseille but this time was just too hectic so I hope next year she'll visit us once again. There was also Cleo (cousin's bride) present a very funny and gifted with an angelic voice (how I envie her) and bestfriend Ate Lou who is a very intelligent writer, charming lady and a good cook too !

reception was just splendid and I was really mesmerized by sheer beauty of the place. A beautiful castle and a chapel in the middle of the farm aged 18th century. That moment, I have seen the couple in another pace....gratifyingly sharing those unforgettable happenings to their dear ones. And yes, a little presentation of a play (how they met) was prepared adding spices on that night (prepared by the groom's bestfriend), an interesting and funny slideshow and narrated presentation too with all these computer gadgets. Thanks a lot for this new computerized technology which make it is easier to produce something personalized and keeping it's originality. But the best segment of the party that I will not be able to forget was the beautiful song Besame Mucho that couple sung! Celebration was just fabulous!

Here we come
Pays Basque or Country Basque ! It was Friday morning as we embraced the sun in the southwest of France. Travel at night was quite difficult because the freeway we took heading straight to Biarritz & Bayonne was at that time closed (during the night freeways are closed for a big reparation). Everywhere was a big mess ! We kept on turning even there were sign boards that we needed to deviate on this way. It was completely not well indicated so we kept coming back to the way that we have already taken (or maybe because of fatigue or we are just stupid to read & follow the deviation). Fortunately, we have with us husband's cousin Olivier to also take the wheel if in case one of them gets tired. Having two drivers is much better, right! I wasn't able to drive at that time because my children needed me most.

St. Jean de Luz beach. I took the pciture right away to enjoy the beauty just to take away the fatigue of night travel.

After 9 hours of driving they still look great and trying to tease Sébastien while looking on the toy's and souvenirs store !

Maman, Papa I want to buy this and this and this :) but he didn't even say a word honestly, good boy !

Alright so much for that ! Arriving in St. Jean de Luz we took our breakfast in one of the restaurants before embarking to the house of husband's uncle. Then we saw the whole family including the bride and the groom. We spent a little time with them, having coffee, conversation here and there, while Sébastien and Mayumi were playing with everyone or even bothering the fishes in the aquarium (they were fascinated). I was thinking why are they playing with the fishes here and not at home? You know why, they found NEMO (because we have diffrent type or kind of aquarium). After the hi's and hello's later in the afternoon we went to the hotel and have some rest. We have all that day to rest, sleep and eat after !

At 7 in the evening the future couple organized a dinner-out's a sort of getting to know the guests(friends and family of each side were present). At first we went to a bar to have a drink or to have an appetizer but then when the clock ticked at 10PM I needed to go back to the hotel because children were exhausted and the odor of the cigarette inside the bar made me sick ! Especially it's not advisable for my kids (they were the only kids that night). Before hubby accompanied me to the hotel I haven't eaten yet since that afternoon for the reason that we prefer to sleep and take a rest. Good thing we found a sandwhich stand and bought Panini, french fries and coca-cola just for me. After bringing us back to the hotel, hubby went back to the bar and the party continues until 2 or 3 in the morning, I supposed they've have eaten their dinner in between that time.

D Day! I think I need to post this later on and will share some pictures too ! Need to save the energy for that . Otherwise this post will become boring because it would be too long. So see you next episode. Goodnight as I am really sleepy....
naduduling na ako sa antok !

Friday, October 06, 2006

september brides

June has always been a traditional month of wedding celebration we oftenly call them June Bride "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" as the saying goes. While in most European countries like in France month of September is I guess, most people get married (I got married too in September) it's because it's the end of summer and start of autumn season which and people are back from a long vacations (month of july & august people are off for holidays) . This time of the month, I have noticed that hotels & resturants, halls or any kind or receptions are fully booked. In fact, the wedding of my hubby's cousin should have been lieu earlier but the golf hall was inaccessible therefore they needed to move the wedding date.

Two consecutive weekends were consecrated for a wedding celebrations one in Paris (Francofil wedding) and in Pays Basque (the bride is the cousin of my husband). After bringing Sébastien to school Mayumi and I were accompanied by frenchhubby to the train station heading off for Paris Friday morning. Unfortunately, hubby couldn't come reserving his vacation for cousin's wedding in Pays Basque. We took the TGV (train à grande vitesse) it is always magical to travel with high speed train....3 hours then we're in Paris ! Oh mind you, I experienced riding the normal of 6 hours travel going to Paris, it wasn't bad at all just perfect to see and enjoy the beauty of nature. While thinking of what would be my life to start my own family, be independent because I don't have anyone here (family or relatives), and to be integrated in a foreign land.

During our travel I was thankful that my Mayumi was incredibly behaved and didn't cause me any trouble. I guess she enjoyed the scenery and was impressed by the high speed train. It was very funny because there was a family with their son (around 16-18 yrs.old) and he was busy texting. Mayumi of course heard the sound of the celllular phone. I knew that it caught my daughter's attention, and suddenly Mayumi imitating the sound of the cellphone and said ("tutututtutot halooo and putting her right hand on her right ear of course"). Mother was laughing and told his son who was then concentrated sending messages....they were obviously laughing while Mayumi continued doing her thing. And sssshhhhh.....she kept saying utot whenever she farts....buti na lang di sila nakakaintindi ng tagalog....LOL!

Arriving Paris at Gare de Lyon we were welcomed by the humble couple Ate Pat and Claude with sister Jenni. Mayumi and I went with Claude at their beautiful house while Ate Pat and Jenni needed to go to pick up their cousin
Cleo from the Airport. Busy them! Thank you very much again for picking us from the train station inspite of busy schedules. Finally arrived at their residence!.... Delicious lunch was served and prepared by Ate Lou (bestfriend of Ate Pat). You are definitely a good chef ;) !

That night we had dinner together, we had so much fun while dining because of a non-stop exchange of funny stories. Late night, Jenni and Ate Lou prepared a surprise shower party for the couple it was just amazing and memorable moments for everyone especially for the couple. Before the party ended, I was called by Mayumi's cry so it's time for me to join my daughter and let her sleep while I sung a lullaby. Party was over, but the next day will be the Big Day and more grandiose! Wedding bells are ringing, cheers to a new happy life together !!!

I've always love to attend wedding ceremonies to witness the binding of two people in love, two hearts in the circle of a new vision of life together, starting a family and have kids after. I guess, everyone would agree with me. Marriage is sacred and we should keep it like that.

Oh I will interrupt this post. Need to continue the second part of the other wedding we have attended (cousin's wedding). I really need to watch Grey's Anatormy because it is their last season and I don't want to miss it. I will share some pictures the next time I am having problems downloading the photos.

To be continued............

P.S. Here are the pictures as promised !

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