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the twin

I thought my life drastically changed when I arrived 2001 in France because marrying a foreigner would definitely change almost everything in me...But compared to what happened to the twin tower and to the people of America is what I call radical change. Mine was a small alterations or perhaps it was NOTHING.

Though that moment happened so fast but my memory is still lucid. It was when Americas changed it's pace in a split of seconds! Though, I haven't been to USA but since learning geography at school makes me learn about United States of America. It is obviously one of the most busiest and powerful country on earth. Life is fast forward.

Month of September (last month of wedding provision), I was busy preparing for our wedding details. Suddenly, the happiness I felt turned to melancholy and shocked at the same time. It was September 11, 2001 that French televison diclose on direct the worst attack happened ever listed in the history. Who cannot forget the horrible and the sadd…

ignorance has no place

It was Friday that we wanted to make a bank to bank transfer to Philippines. From our account to my sister's account since doing a withdrawal from ATM using our Visa Card is impossible because it is quite an important sum. That day, heading to our bank we were given a form to fill up. There were a lot of details asked and the only informations I have is the account number of my sister, the incomplete bank address (without zip code or postal code) and her house address. Therefore, the transfer was cancelled because they refused to accept an incomplete information. Out of hand, we were disappointed with the person who was accommodating us because service was not rendered as we expected him to do.

Today, my sister emailed me all the details and then finally I was able to make the transfer this afternoon. But the message I'm trying to reiterate here is that knowing our zip code is really consequential. Why ? Because I had the hard time filling up the form because they were asking t…