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Hurrraaayyyyy !!!

My youngest brother is taking up Nursing course in Emilio Aguinaldo College knowns as EAC. It was his second year and last March he needed to pass the battery exam (i thought it is obligatory in all nursing schools ) but it actually depends on the schools. It is an aptitude test wherein they need to pass the school standard. And if the students fail the exam they will not be accepted anymore.

I've come to learn from my sister that my Brother had passed the battery exam. Actually, she was telling me that she was a bit afraid for him. Knowing our brother who is a nonchalant type of person and that he takes everything easy like peanuts. I mean he is very confident with himself, he knows what he wants in life and very determined whatever challenges he is into. I really appreciate his positive attitude in every step he makes. I admire him a lot for that. The last two months he was into summer school and it was his recompensation for passing the battery exam and not a punishment for not …

light at the end of the tunnel

1. Mga anak gumawa kayo ng schedule nyo sa paghuhugas ng pinggan!

2. Kayong dalawa Early at Hazel kelangan pagkatapos maligo huwag kayo lalabas ng banyo ng hindi labado ang panty at bra! Huwag ng iaasa pa sa katulong, private thing yan!

3. Maeng pagkagising tiklupin ang kulambo at linisin ang arinola yan, ang task mo everyday.

4. Maeng yung basura kelangan i-dispose na.

5. Hazel punasan ang mga display at siguraduhing walang alikabok.

6. Early yung windows punasan ng maigi.

If I can still remember these were several tasks given to us by Mom when we were kids. Growing up especially in my adoloscent stage, I did not understand her. I was thinking why doesn't she have to ask us to do things at home? What's the use of having a helper who can do the job, anyway she is paid for it! Because of immaturity and lack of comprehension on my part I was sometimes irritated and didn't want to do things at home. The only envy I had were watching television, collecting stationaries, or just mere…