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ready to fly high ....

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Family is flying back home once again for a month. I will be absent for quite sometime, we will surely enjoy and profit our stay in the Philippines to see my family, relatives and friends that I've been longing to see impatiently. Though time is short but we will do the maximum.

Now, you see that since last week Mayumi has her own passport already....yes..... and my son S├ębastien too (he has his own last 2003 he was barely 10 mos. old then ) Now look at him, he has changed a lot and I wonder if they will still recognize him in the Airport. Babies have their own passport, while I had my own when I was 29. lol hi hi hi....Will not keep this post too long because I must finish packing (hand carries na lang naman po). Well, see you then, and eventhough I am on vacation, I will keep you all posted and will visit your site for sure. Bye for the moment....:-).

am I a weirdo ?

This is my 3rd blog assignment; I was tagged byAnalyse. Sorry it took me sometime to think about my "WEIRD HABITS" but here they are:

We usually just let our children play with their toys even though it's such a mess. They seem to prefer playing to eating and sleeping! (Those of you taking care of kids agree?) Well, my first weird habit is, everytime my children play with all their toys, I can’t stop myself from putting the toys back inside the toy box even if they aren't finished playing yet! When I see a toy lying around, my reflex is to put it away.

My second weird habit is I can’t sleep with any lights on if it's not my room and bed.

Third, I always get sick in all sorts of transportation - car, airplane, boat, anything, name it!!! According to my husband, I just don't get sick when I am riding a bicycle :-(. I need to take Nautamine (brandname in france) or Bonamine (brandname in Pinas) when I travel to avoid any catastrophe. Otherwise, oh never mind, I spa…