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a party with a heart.....

Last Saturday (December 17) we have celebrated our Filipino Christmas Party administered by the Couple's for Christ in Marseille Region, this Christmas Party was open to eveyone even non Christian were embraced. That day it was not just one of those second rate scene but it was an exceptional & remarkable occassion for everyone especially to our Kababayans back home. The CFC (Couple's For Christ) Gawad Kalinga made a TOMBOLA project ( 2 euro / ticket ) there were prizes at stake. A fund consecrated for the poor to finance a small house for every family who cannot afford to have one. Once again, Filipinos working abroad have summoned all together to lend a hand even we are separated by thousands of miles from our country we only have one intention or purpose in share the Good Spirit of Christmas. Our two cents worth !!!

First Prize : Television Set
Second Prize : Mini Hi-Fi Chain Stereo
Third Prize : MicrowaveGrill 2 in one
Lots of Consolation Prizes

Every group prep…

wishes granted

I've been living here in France for almost 5 years (precisely by June 2006) and it's been my long envie that I would like to have a CHRISTMAS TREE at home. I remember when I was a child my Mom used to decorate the house with a christmas tree made of dried branches of small tree, cotton, cartons & aluminum foil (we always dreamed of a white christmas) with the holy family beside and a little parol (lantern). Wondering how it feels to have a white Christmas with a snowman as part of the house christmas decorations. Now that I live in France and have the chance to experience white Christmas, I thought it would be something joyful and more meaningful but to my surprise Christmas in the Philippines is incomparable.

This is my first Christmas tree, at wish is granted !!! please do not laugh because I am not artistic neither imaginative, just simply giving a pleasure for my husband & children. My concern to transfer this wonderful traditions to them!

In the Philippin…

5th day

Sleepless nights, yes, this is my fifth exhausting day because my son is sick. It is ardous when someone is sick in the family especially our children. My son cannot express how he feels because he's just merely starting to verbalize. It was Monday afternoon, I was on my way to pick up my son from school when the teacher approached me saying that they can't figured out why my son doesn't stop crying. They've already questioned Sébastien if someone from his colleagues tried to hurt him (which was the case the last time I picked him up & the teacher explained to me it wasn't intentional... hoping it was not the cause). Unsuccessfully, they have got no response from my son....Sébastien just cried.

We arrived at home, I asked my son " Où tu as mal ? Quest-ce que tu as ? Are you hurt, where? What do you have? I was desperate because he cannot totally express how he feels. But then, it was a mother instinct that came out within me....I hurriedly check his tempera…