Friday, December 23, 2005

a party with a heart.....

Last Saturday (December 17) we have celebrated our Filipino Christmas Party administered by the Couple's for Christ in Marseille Region, this Christmas Party was open to eveyone even non Christian were embraced. That day it was not just one of those second rate scene but it was an exceptional & remarkable occassion for everyone especially to our Kababayans back home. The CFC (Couple's For Christ) Gawad Kalinga made a TOMBOLA project ( 2 euro / ticket ) there were prizes at stake. A fund consecrated for the poor to finance a small house for every family who cannot afford to have one. Once again, Filipinos working abroad have summoned all together to lend a hand even we are separated by thousands of miles from our country we only have one intention or purpose in share the Good Spirit of Christmas. Our two cents worth !!!

First Prize : Television Set
Second Prize : Mini Hi-Fi Chain Stereo
Third Prize : MicrowaveGrill 2 in one
Lots of Consolation Prizes

Every group prepared a number to be presented ( including me 2nd to the right ) even the kids were whole heartedly participated, I guess even the most timidiest kid contributed during that night. Unfortunately, I didn't have many shots because I was too busy looking after my kids. I'll ask my friends and will post it later on.

There was also Santa Claus who generously passed by and distributed gifts for the children. As you see, that boy is my eldest and I was so happy because it was only my first time to see him dancing with other kids. Now what I am sure of that putting him at school at an early age contributes a lot in his everyday socialization......happy though because he wasn't like this before he will just stand up there and continue looking at the others.

Ambiance was perfect, I would say. It was really something ! Partying at the same time helping those people who are in need. There was really a feeling of fact it was my first time to attend Filipinos Christmas Party (we're always out of Marseille to go to my husband's family or be it in the Philippines). But that night, I saw Christmas in another pace, it's not just celebrating it habitually as we always do. Party here & party there, exchanging gifts and the likes. But that moment it is tempo wherein oneness was present, egoism didn't exist, smile in every people's faces! Seeing everyone who have given all their effort hand in hand for the project. It was successful in every angle you look at. Christian catholic or non catholic have forgathered for this project, without everyone this will not be a success. Thank God we did it....

Have a Merriest CHRISTmas to all !

Saturday, December 10, 2005

wishes granted

I've been living here in France for almost 5 years (precisely by June 2006) and it's been my long envie that I would like to have a CHRISTMAS TREE at home. I remember when I was a child my Mom used to decorate the house with a christmas tree made of dried branches of small tree, cotton, cartons & aluminum foil (we always dreamed of a white christmas) with the holy family beside and a little parol (lantern). Wondering how it feels to have a white Christmas with a snowman as part of the house christmas decorations. Now that I live in France and have the chance to experience white Christmas, I thought it would be something joyful and more meaningful but to my surprise Christmas in the Philippines is incomparable.

This is my first Christmas tree, at wish is granted !!! please do not laugh because I am not artistic neither imaginative, just simply giving a pleasure for my husband & children. My concern to transfer this wonderful traditions to them!

In the Philippines Christmas is the most anticipated occassion ever and is celebrated accordingly. For us Filipinos, it is a time for sharing, giving, forgiving and most especially family reunions and the likes. It is true that there is no winter therefore, there is no snow and no white Christmas at all, no pine tress (except in Baguio wherein temperature is colder than normal) but there is always the meaning of a true Christmas. Early September, christmas songs is in the air, people are starting to decorate their houses with parols made out of bamboo (star lanterns), chistmas trees, brightly colored streamers, christmas lights and the holy family. You will see carollers, with their improvised musical instruments made of empty can, sticks, plastic etc. Shoppers doing their panic buying for their sangkatutak na inaanak. Malls are full and crowded with all these promotions and affordable prices.

Parols made of bamboo.

There is also the Simbang Gabi ( Midnight Mass or Misa de Gallo) the bells in every churches would be ringing by 3:00 in the morning to encourage Filipinos to attend the mass. The Simbang Gabi starts on the night of December 15. Some says that if we are able to complete nine days of the Simbang Gabi before Christmas Eve wishes or panata will be granted, I don't know if it's true in any case we are just trying to meet up and celebrate with HIM before his birthday comes. After the Simbang Gabi, outside the church you will see vendors of puto bumbong and bibingka which are two native holiday delicasies during every Christmas.

Well, there are a lot things to say about Philippine Christmas.... whether we celebrate it in the Philippines or somewhere else depends on us how we will be able to make it merrier, joyful and successful. Of course, we always prefer to celebrate it with our family and relatives back home but we also have our family and friends to celebrate it here. Anyway Christmas is everywhere it is just a matter on how we would appreciate it.

Have a joyful Christmas to all of you !!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

5th day

Sleepless nights, yes, this is my fifth exhausting day because my son is sick. It is ardous when someone is sick in the family especially our children. My son cannot express how he feels because he's just merely starting to verbalize. It was Monday afternoon, I was on my way to pick up my son from school when the teacher approached me saying that they can't figured out why my son doesn't stop crying. They've already questioned Sébastien if someone from his colleagues tried to hurt him (which was the case the last time I picked him up & the teacher explained to me it wasn't intentional... hoping it was not the cause). Unsuccessfully, they have got no response from my son....Sébastien just cried.

We arrived at home, I asked my son " Où tu as mal ? Quest-ce que tu as ? Are you hurt, where? What do you have? I was desperate because he cannot totally express how he feels. But then, it was a mother instinct that came out within me....I hurriedly check his temperature and found out that he has a fever of 38%. Without hesitation I gave him paracetamol so fever will not persist. Believing that fever will shove off I waited for 2 days unfortunately, fever is tenacious. I called our general doctor to come and check up Sébastien. Around 10AM, the doctor arrived and examined my son. He told me that he has
RHINOPHARYNGITE AIGUË - Rhinopharyngitis then he prescribed all the necessary medicines except antibiotics...according to him it's worthless. The next day, fever was still highly present ! My husband was there to help me knowing that next morning he needs to wake up early to go to work, he did not let me to face this situation all alone. He shared with me those sleepless nights. I am still into breastfeeding with our baby girl which also exiges my delicate attention . Doing two things at the same time is laborious....breastfeeding while the other one is sick. Lucky enough that I have my husband's full support on this.

Wednesday morning my husband sent Sébastien to the hospital because the fever persisted 'til 39.9% and it worries us more, meaning the medicines prescribed were not effective. After the long wait from the hospital, they've found out that he has also "
Angines - Tout sur les angines - Doctissimo (Angina). My poor son, he got two in a row, now he is under Antibiotics to eliminate all these viruses caused by the radical changes of temperature..... he's been absent from the school since Tuesday, he doesn't have the appetite, he cries for little things etc. I am completely wear down by all these and I think I am beginning to dislike WINTER....... it's the cause why people are often sick ! I just hope that baby girl will not be contaminated by the virus but I am sure that she will because Angine & Rhynopharingitis are contagious. Nevertheless, she'll also receive the same medications except antibiotics and I am getting ready for that day. Eventhough, I would still spend sleepless nights I don't give a darn care as long as they will be cured completely.......I will always be there .

P.S. Posted December 04, 2005 12:30NN

Again !!! my husband just left 10 minutes ago & is on his way going to the hospital for our baby girl Mayumi....she's already contaminated...yesterday night she has a fever of 39.6% . Gave her paracetamol as well but I think she needs more than that because she vomits. I wish I have a magic wand to change everything. Our children suffer so much during this season so to you all reading this post, cover yourself especially the children when going out or better stay at home and profit the time with your children.....not bad to stay at home, play with the kids or enjoy sharing bowls of chocolate milk and good cookies beside while watching your favorite film. Take care everyone and do the necessary precautions ! Have a wonderful Sunday !