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Welcome transition

I would say that 2013 was very fruitful for the family and yet challenging. Fruitful because my kids did well with their studies especially Sébastien. He graduated from primary school with flying colors. Well, in Europe, there are no medals for that only appreciations from teachers. On the other hand, it was challenging and quite difficult to find a school to enter into the secondary education. We have inquired to at least 6 private schools because we were not sure if he will be accepted because of the demands. It's quite tough to choose a school wherein it will be easy for us logistically. Finally, there was a school who called us for an appointment and asked Sébastien for an interview. We were so grateful as the interview went great. 

The time we knew that he was accepted, we get as much information about school. It will give us a better concept of the school. After the interview they asked us to submit all the documents like credentials from last 2 years of schooling, appreciati…

Parole d'une mère : Goûter au bonheur

Nous enfants vont dans une petite école privée familiale. Ils sont scolarisés dans le privé pour qu’ils soit plus encadrées, suivez et qu’ils acquièrent le goût du travail et de l’effort.. Bien entendu, je n'ai rien contre les écoles publiques mais nous habitons dans une ville assez populaire.Donc, nous avons préféré le privé et de ne prendre aucun risque car les écoles près de chez nous ont des mauvaises réputations. D'ailleurs il y avait beaucoup des parents qui nous a fortement déconseillé les écoles à côté. Jusqu’à maintenant nous sommes heureux car l'école nous apporte entière satisfaction. 

Cette année ça sera la dernière année en primaire de mon fils aîné donc nous avons commencé de l’inscrire parce qu'il rentre au collège au 6éme. Nous n'avons jamais imaginer la difficulté pour l'inscription car il fallait commencer des Novembre 2013. Il est préférable de s'y prendre à l'avance pour avoir une place dans l'école de notre choix. J'avoue c&#…

A year of work...I''ve suddenly reached the end

Finally, I am able to find time to update you and would be able to stay at home more often as I am unemployed. Yes, you heard me right, unemployed ! You will all probably thinking why while I just started working beginning of last year. Unfortunately, the restaurant I was working with have closed effectively 31 of December last year. It was quite tough for the owner to close the restaurant because we have a good team as we all just get along. We avoid conflicts, we compromise, we help each other, we share loads, we give in a a lot of our time which is very rare between colleagues. We're not only co-workers but we all became friends. Plus, the restaurant is not bad at all as we have many clients coming in.

The reason why they needed to close is they have opened other business near their place and will be working with all the family members. Plus, they would not rent the commercial place because they own it. Besides, they couldn't assure to manage 2 restaurants at the same time.…