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Getting started

I am not an artist, neither a photographer.... how I wish I am but I've got  myself a new camera ! It's not as professional as you expected but I am happy to explore with my new baby. I really wanted to get one when DSLR started to break the world. According to my research, it began year 1999 when Nikon started it all with the D1 of 1999 and continues in 2008 with the D40. But it was too expensive for me, so I have waited many years to get one. Today, I take the pleasure to scrutinize this new tool.  

I didn't really buy one but I have used my grocery shop's fidelity card which is potentially beneficial to me. I've been gaining points in my card every groceries I make which is equivalent to euros. In which an allotment of points are saved and could be used for my future purchases. I have accumulated and reached almost 300€ in it so I only added some euros to have this camera. So I have decided to buy a DSLR Camera since I started to get interested in photography. My…