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shades of comfort

It seems that spring is just playing hide and seek !  Then, I  heard the birds let out a high pitched squeak  Sprouting all new colors and flowers are blooming in the spring.  The nature is full of magical things, waiting patiently and then, Oh well, I understand why I am waiting.....Spring is here once again !


Happy birthday to A True Positive Mind, this is my 201 post since September of  2005.  I am glad to have maintained my blog until this time. Even though, I couldn't write more articles like before but I try to manage to update this once a month. Life is very busy but it's unfortunate to neglect this blog. It's a part of my life, YOU are a part of my life, some people became my virtual friends, others became an enemy (maybe) but I am still thankful because I have learned many things from your blogs. And I have shared a little part of me and if I have touched your heart in some way I am glad to have put a smile on your face during the toughest situation in your life !