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learning to be in whatever state

One Monday, I found myself cutting 30 kilos of white chicken and beef, peeling 30 kilos of carrots, onions, bell peppers of any colours. In between, serving clients and washing dishes and kitchen stuffs (of course with the use of machine) manual washing would be impossible. Plus, cashiering on the side...quite a tough job to do everything at the same time. Good thing, being a Mom of three have trained me through the years to learn multitasking and to be well organized. Accordingly, my 2 months experience helping a friend in her restaurant business have contributed a lot to my daily learning since I am not trained for this. It's something different I used to do in my past life. Even though the last 7 years I was working in the hotel industry I never had the chance to work in the F & B Department. 

During my first years in France, I had interviews but I had my first baby, so working right away in France didn't materialised. Then had my 2 daughters in the following years after…