Thursday, January 31, 2013

head scratcher

One night, during our family dinner I have announced to my kids that I found a job and  will be working part time. I will only be working every Mondays but with long hours from 9 in the morning until 10 in the evening. My employers need me during Mondays only. So I grabbed the opportunity right away since I still have my youngest with me. It's a good compromise as husband gets to change his day off from Wednesday to Monday. Working 13 hour straight will be definitely exhausting but I am happy to work and to finally re-gain experience. Besides, I will work one day a week and the rest of the week will be my rest day. Where can you find a job like that ?!! I still have ample time to look after the family. Eleven years of being a SAHM is great, really great !!!......but I miss working so I am using this as an opportunity to better MYSELF ! Re-enter the workforce can be daunting, exciting, overwhelming rolled into one. Sometimes, I fell unconfident that I wouldn't be able to cope up. But hey, my positivity has always been my number one tool to overcome everything. Keeping in mind that I’ve also developed skills in my time when I was working before I got married. 

To make the story short, the kids are worried not because I will this was the picture during that famous dinner  :

Me : Okay kids, Maman will be working every Mondays so I will go home very late. Papa will be the one to take care of everything. 

Mayumi : Hhhmmm, I can already feel that we will eat pasta every Monday's dinner ! (finger tapping under her chin)

Sébastien : What are we going to eat when you're at work ? Papa doesn't know how to cook !

Papa : Don't worry kids what are Pizza, KFC, Quick and Mcdo deliveries are for ??? 

Kids : Yippe !!  That is so cool !!!

And so everyone laughed and giggled, husband told the kids they will also eat Goubi-boulga ! Of course, they will not opt for take away foods. I will need to be more organize and prepare lunch and dinner before I go to work, obviously !