Sunday, February 05, 2012

paint the town white

Snow is very rare in the South of France. Husband told me his first snow experience was on February 1987. And in my 11 years in Marseille, mine was January 2008 wherein the city got paralyzed because locals are not used to it. That year was really a heavy snow as hubby went to the office which is one and one half hour drive and this blanket of frigid powder has started to enveloped the city. He passed thru the tunnel and get trapped for 6 hours, while me and the kids went out to make a snowman and enjoying the powdery stuff. Some teenagers went to the hills to try snowboarding, it was just fantastic! Although snow is beautiful but it could be catastrophic at some point especially when you need to go to work, school or do errands and cannot go back home because you are stuck somewhere, that really sucks !

It's been two consecutive nights snowing in the South of France. Here we go again a very rare vision of my city under a big white blanket. Snow is like magic and as I watched my Chiara gaze at a dusting snowy white makes her definitely excited. As you could see the snow is not particularly thick as it started to gradually disappear especially today with the sun helping us out to clear the way. Good thing, I wouldn't get to shovel them off the ground. I hope it will stop snowing because tomorrow is Monday so almost everybody needs to go out working, schooling, errands and because I don't know how drive in the snow...the fear !

macro shot of laurel plant

My laurel tree

My garden

the football field just behind the house

the other side of the football field view from my bathroom

entrance gate

My frozen Yuka plant