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My Koh-Lanta experience

My first thoughts concerning the labour included an epidural no doubt ! Five days before the supposed expected delivery, after a long push with extreme pain and no anesthesia I finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl on April 12. I couldn’t believe myself that I can go all natural with the birth as I had epidural for my two previous pregnancies. Scared that I might not be able to deal with the pain but I did or because I didn’t have a choice. It was too late to get an epidural as the baby was ready to come out. One thing for sure I pushed myself to the maximum limit. I ended up crying and screaming that signifies a “point-of-no-return” ! Good thing, my husband gave me the strength and supported me from A to Z. The medical group were extremely efficient in dealing during the delivery. Though, husband had an inkling that it was a forced labour when they saw it was a big baby of 4.640 kilos and measures 51 cm. It has been said that whether a woman carrying a big baby should undergo ce…