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Thank You 2009.... Cheers to 2010

Back then, I used to have a list of resolutions every coming of the New Year. Looking back from the past and and more importantly contemplating and moving forward to changes. Honestly, I did a lot of change but sadly some of these resolutions remained unchanged. Tough right, sometimes skeptical of even making the effort. That was long time ago and I haven't thought to make a list since then. Having a New Year's Resolutions is not at all useless. It's good though somewhat disappointing if ever I may not achieve all of them. Especially after having promised myself to do every changes. It really sucks !

Now, I go for spontaneity and be realistic !I live each day, tries to correct all these wrong actions, I don't aim higher or lower neither perfection but just enough for me to reach them. I still have a long way to go, but each day I endeavour to amass more courage and conviction. I am thankful for 2009 even though it's been both the best of times and worst of…