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Giant Virus

The world has been debating about the vaccine for H1N1. The virus which is extremely increasing in which lot of people are against it ,others are for, some are confused. I belong to the confused one. I am not against vaccines but I need further explanation, I call for more proof, I require assurance especially that I am 5 months on the way. After exchanging conversations with friends, moms from school and a lot or reading thru surfing from the internet I have decided to get vaccinated. I have also received a go signal from all our doctors (Gynecologist, Generalist, and Pediatrician). Without their consent, I am probably perplex until this very moment.

How it happened :

Saturday, I have received a letter from the Social Security for a free vaccination of H1N1. The letter says that vaccination will take place in order of priority and a predetermined schedule. The priority populations are those persons 2 to 64 years with high risk factors, pregnant women, people close to infants under 6 m…

A miracle, an accident, a blessing, whatever you call it

Eight years had passed when my Gynecologist told me that I have the risk of not having a baby. It tore my heart apart and I started imagining things. WHAT IF ? That is the big question I have had most of the time. During the day, I found myself alone mulling over whether I will be a mother someday or not at all. Then we’ve waited and never lose hope. We have lived the life of a newly wed couple. Visiting Marseille was the first thing we did. Going to cinema almost every week, inviting friends over for dinner, organizing a party, hiking, doing sports and we did everything that interest us. I have also concentrated on studying French Language as a part of my integration in France to be occupied with something useful.

I almost forgot the sad scenario of my life. My husband has been supportive and I am really grateful for that. He once told me that “Life of a couple doesn’t evolve to being a parent. Having kids is not an obligation, it’s by choice and life should continue” ! He continued …